Season 4 Episode 12

Episode 81

Aired Unknown Mar 09, 1981 on ABC



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    • Danny: Chester is my father? The man I respect least in the world has my chromotons.

    • Godfather: I know I speak for all of us when I extend my sympathy for the passing of Vito Hirsch, whose heart unfortunately gave out moments after his throat was cut.

    • (Jessica finds El Puerco with a prostitute)
      El Puerco: Jessica, marry me, and I'll stop all this disgusting stuff I do with other women and do it only with you.

    • (Dutch wants to have sex, but Eunice doesn't)
      Dutch: Eunice, it's been two weeks, and I got all these little genes running around inside my body. You had them thinking they were leaving tonight. You can't just cancel their trip.
      Eunice: Maybe tomorrow, sweetie.
      Dutch: They're already packed!

  • Notes

    • After yanking Soap from its schedule during the all-important February sweeps period (a sure sign a show is in trouble), ABC decided to burn off the remaining ten "Soap" episodes as quickly as possible by combining them into five hour-long episodes (#81-#85). In syndication, the episodes are re-edited into half-hour shows. Strangely, many scenes within these episodes are re-ordered, and some are cut totally, not just trimmed as all episodes are for syndication. Not much is lost really, but the changes are noticeable, especially when episodes end with entirely different cliffhangers.

    • This episode was one hour long.

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