Season 4 Episode 16

Episode 85

Aired Unknown Apr 20, 1981 on ABC



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    • Jessica: (in a final plea to God before her execution) I want to stay with my children. But you know that. Take care of them, please. Watch over them all. I know they look big and grown-up. They're still my babies. I guess all I want is all I've ever really wanted--for them to be healthy and happy. If you could promise that, I really wouldn't mind going at all.

    • Annie: Danny, do you think we're falling in love?
      Danny: There's more to sex than love.

    • Saunders: It would seem fairly difficult to attack an entire country with six people.
      Dutch: We'll spread out!

  • Notes

    • This marks the last episode of the series as it was cancelled after this episode.

    • It was revealed on a talk show that had Soap not been cancelled, Jessica would have survived because her family arrived to save her and put blanks in all the guns. Still, ending the show with no real resolution except for the appearance later on "Benson" in September of 1983, where it was revealed that Jessica was "definitely not dead" but "in a coma somewhere in South America".

    • For its fourth and final season, Soap earned four major Emmy nominations: Best Comedy Series, Best Actress (Cathryn Damon and Katherine Helmond), and Best Actor (Richard Mulligan).

    • Soap's sudden cancellation left fans wanting resolution to this episode's cliffhangers. All they got was a single murky, disappointing episode of Benson (Episode 93, "God, I Need This Job") featuring Katherine Helmondas an other-worldly Jessica, who explains to Benson that she may or may not be dead somewhere in South America.

    • Susan Harris reportedly was furious that ABC pulled the plug on "Soap" despite still-respectable ratings. Rumors flew that ABC couldn't bear the heat from skittish advertisers. However, "Soap" had ceased being controversial by Season Two. Reports have circulated for years that Harris had already plotted Season Five and had planned to get the show back on track after stepping away from it in Year Four. But it wasn't meant to be, and Soap went out with a bang (literally) and left audiences with questions that would not be answered in the next episode of Soap.

      Meanwhile, Harris managed to overcome her bitterness towards ABC. She went on to create "It Takes Two" for ABC in 1982, "Hail to the Chief" in 1985, "Good & Evil" in 1991, and "The Secret Lives of Men" in 1998. All four shows flopped. Perhaps she got her revenge by doing her best work ("Golden Girls," "Empty Nest") at rival network NBC.

    • This is an hour long episode.

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