Season 1 Episode 9

Episode 9

Aired Unknown Nov 15, 1977 on ABC

Episode Recap

Burt and Mary check Jodie into the hospital for his sex change. We are introduced to Jodie's roommate Barney Gerber, an elderly gentleman. Jodie and Barney become fast friends. Nurse Nancy Darwin thinks she can convert Jodie into a heterosexual.

Burt goes back to Dr. Medlow's office. He finally tells the truth about the murder of Mary's first husband, Johnny. But Dr. Medlow says that Burt was only acting in self-defense because Johnny was trying to kill Burt. Johnny fell to his death. Because he finally confessed the truth Burt's impotence is solved.

Dennis visits Jodie in the hospital with news that he's engaged. Jodie can't believe it. When Corrine and Eunice come to visit they swap secrets about their love lives. Barney is having a hard time believing everything that he's hearing. Benson stops by bringing food and hears that Jodie and Dennis are lovers. Danny stops by diguised as a nurse.

Jessica and Mary meet at a restaurant for lunch where Chester and Claire are also eating. Jessica sees them kissing and she realizes that Chester really has been cheating on her. She's deeply hurt.
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