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Why do I think there must be more Soap episodes than on the DVD?

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    I've just rewatched the entire series ofSoap, not having seen these episodes since they first aired in Australia. I have this strong memory that there were episodes of Soap where David Hyde Pierce plays a suicidal psychiatrist (who is in love with Jessica like everyone else). I have a distinct memory of a very funny scene where David Hyde Pierce threatens to kill himself and stands on a couch and tries to strangle himself with the curtain cord. When I first saw DHP in Frasier I thought "that's the guy who was so hilarious in Soap". Am I completely nuts? Are there lost Season 5 Soap episodes out there? If it wasn't in Soap then what the hell was this scene in? Why am I suffering the delusion that DHP played a suicidal psychiatrist in Soap over a number of episodes? According to reliable sources there is no 5th season of Soap and DHPwas never a regular on Soap or any other TV series of that vintage. I've watched most of Frasier (not every episode) but I can't recall any scene like that in Frasier. It's a mystery and I've joined this website to try to find the answer.
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    I know this is a very old post, but I just saw it. I recognized what you're speaking of. It's not Soap. DHP was on a TV show called "The Powers That Be". He was the son-in-law of John Forsythe (who played Senator Powers) and Holland Taylor (currently the mom of Charlie Sheen and Jon Cryer on Two-and-a-half Men. He was married to Valarie Mahaffey (who I always thought would have made an excellent Maris on Frasier. On this sitcom, he hated his life and was very depressed and was constantly trying to kill himself. I don't remember a scene on a couch with him trying to hang himself, but that was very typical of his behavior on this show. Hope this helps.
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