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  • Soap was truly a very original take on one of the staples of TV.

    I couldn't believe it when I first watched this show when it was in prime time: somebody finally got a respectable satire of the TV warhorse, the soap opera, on in prime time.

    Susan Harris was a genius. She wrote the bulk of the episodes and really had a command of her material. The outrageous plot lines gave us critics of soap operas something to cheer about: somebody finally understood what we had been saying all along and by God the creator and chief writer was a woman too boot.

    Beyond the writing was the cast who week after week brought these zany characters to life. My favorites were Richard Mulligan (Bert Campbell), who was a master of physical comedy and one of the very few I would dare to compare with Art Carney, Robert Guillaume (Benson DuBois), who made the catch praise "Do you want me to answer that?" sing out in offices everywhere and last, but certainly not least, Katherine Helmond (Jessica Tate) who was brilliant as the ditsy matriarch of the Tate clan. This was one show I truly enjoyed watching after a grinding day at work. If you have never seen this show, by all means catch it if it pops up on the tube or seek out the DVDs and give them a look. If you like screwball comedy, you won't be disappointed.