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  • Brilliant, far ahead of it's time and most importantly--it's funny. Tremendously funny. Cerebral humor, slap stick humor, great dialogue, hilarious body language & facial expressions, running gags---this cast and writing crew could do, and did, it all.

    What a cast! All of them could pull off comedy and drama better than any cast of any show ever.(Sorry cast of MASH, but the cast of SOAP does indeed edge you out in that category.) Waaaay ahead of it's time. Just thinking about Chuck & Bob, Bert & Danny, Jessica,Benson,The Major...brilliant. My only regret is that they didn't make a movie to give it closure while the cast were still all living. If you enjoyed SOAP, I highly recommend the show 'Arrested Development'. It's much like SOAP, just a faster pace (as everything else seems to be these days)and has more subtle humor to go along with the outlandish and outrageous humor, but it's gloriously over the top brilliant just the same. I could watch SOAP all day and night and still laugh until I cry watching such talented people do what they do best--entertain. As great as the 'main' cast was, all the supporting players that had brief or occasional recurring roles on the show are all STRONG, TALENTED ACTORS. One of the funnist tv shows in history, no doubt about it. My life has been enriched because of SOAP and all of it's ridiculous, bombastic glory. Who could have ever guessed that a simple story about two sisters...It was simply...SOAP!