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  • what can I say? I came into this room and three men dressed in tuxedoes are pointing guns in my face and demanding the keys to my Ferrari that I don't have!! I think something fishy is going on!

    Once upon a time a strange rectangular object took over planet Earth and multiplied itself millions of times over.It took up dominion in most houses in the world and emitted strange beams of light that hypnotised the poor Earthling into sitting zombie -like for hours and hours on end. This should have made for mass panic and caused the governments of the world to mobilise great armies of resistance, but it seems all the worlds leaders were in the trance as well, and couldn't wait to have their images and their speeches projected by the strange evil hypno-boxes in most houses of the planet. Soon, there would come out of the feral mountains a group of unwashed lazy scuzz-buckets who could not afford the evil hypno-boxes in their homes. The ferals took great pleasure in never watching the mind numbing trash from the hypno-boxes and even had their own opinions, which is a very naughty thing to do, I'm sure you're aware. So If you see these ferals who do not watch the compulsary six hours of television every day , report them to your nearset mind correction unit hidden in the remote control of your blessed television. You will be allowed extra time in the bliss of forgetting and zombie heaven of ultimate non-existance, praise be the almighty drool of the snazz-bot fliminity jiggy!!! Let us all bow down in worship to the royal fog !