Soap - Season 1

ABC (ended 1981)




Episode Guide

  • Show #48
    Show #48
    Episode 48
    Jessica chooses between Chester and Det. Donohue; Burt is held captive by spacemen; Jodie meets his infant daughter; and Benson visits with some bad news.
  • Show #47
    Show #47
    Episode 47
    Corinne's baby gives the Tates a hard time; Billy is chosen to become a Sunnie; Danny confronts Elaine's murderer, and Jessica brings Chester and Detective Donohue together to announce her decision.
  • Show #46
    Show #46
    Episode 46
    Burt tells Mary he saw a UFO; Benson visits Billy at the Church of the Golden Ray; Jessica tries to choose between Chester and Det. Donohue, and Corinne's baby turns out to be a real little devil.
  • Show #45
    Show #45
    Episode 45
    Donohue comes between Jessica and Chester; Jodie introduces Alice to the Campbells; Chester and Benson have strange encounters with Corinne's baby; Corinne persuades Tim to leave his cave.
  • Show #44
    Show #44
    Episode 44
    It's a time of separation for Donohue and Jessica, reconciliation for Burt and Mary; reincarnation for Billy and his old flame Lisa and devilish mystification for Corinne's new baby.
  • Show #43
    Show #43
    Episode 43
    Sally tells Burt the truth, that they never really had an affair; Jessica finally decides really to have an affair with Donohue; Chester suddenly returns home, not really dead.
  • Show #42
    Show #42
    Episode 42
    Corinne has the baby; Jody and Alice decide to live together; Burt tells Mary that Sally lied to her; Jessica has dinner with Det. Donohue; and Chester starts for home.
  • Show #41
    Show #41
    Episode 41
    Tim leaves Corinne to live in a cave; Dutch is caught by the police; Jodie befriends Alice, who is also gay; Mary leaves Burt and moves in with the Tates and Corinne begins to go into labor.
  • Show #40
    Show #40
    Episode 40
    The Campbells and Tates gather at a party in memory of Chester; Sally tells Mary she's been having an affair with Burt; Carol and tells Jodie that he should never see the baby she is expecting.
  • Show #39
    Show #39
    Episode 39
    Burt agrees to help Danny find Elaine's killers; Benson helps and Dutch and Eunice elude the police; a train wreck helps Chester in an unexpected way.
  • Show #38
    Show #38
    Episode 38
    The Campbells pay Elaine's ransom, not knowing she has escaped; Burt apologizes for his act of adultery, not knowing if he really did it; Jessica has a startling reason for firing Detective Donohue.
  • Show #37
    Show #37
    Episode 37
    While Danny prepares to free Elaine and Jody prepares to marry Carol, Detective Donohue makes a shocking confession to Jessica.
  • Show #36
    Show #36
    Episode 36
    Danny hears from Elaine's kidnappers; Tim hears about Corinne's and pregnancy; a detective starts looking for Chester, and Dennis looks for a way to get Jodie back again.
  • Show #35
    Show #35
    Episode 35
    Eunice elopes with Dutch; Chester disappears, Sally continues and manipulating Burt; a doctor has shocking news for Corinne, and Elaine is kidnapped.
  • Show #34
    Show #34
    Episode 34
    Burt has suspicions about Mary and her professor; Mary has suspicions and about Burt and his secretary; Tim has a tough first day at work; Chester has a new identity.
  • Show #33
    Show #33
    Episode 33
    Chester comes home -- minus his memory; Jodie leaves Dennis with and bitter feelings; Corinne tells Jessica she's pregnant; Burt mistakenly thinks Mary is in love with her professor.
  • Show #32
    Show #32
    Episode 32
    Elaine explains the reason behind her nastiness to Danny and begs him for a second chance. Burt and Mary face a new problem, and Jessica discusses sex with her daughters and sister.
  • Show #31
    Show #31
    Episode 31
    Jody discusses his marriage plans with Dennis while Mary brings her professor home for coffee.
  • Show #30
    Show #30
    Episode 30
    Danny tries to kill Elaine -- with kindness; Tim and Corinne visit and Mrs. Flotsky; Burt and Danny's secretary is up to no good; Chester's doctor has some good news and some bad news for Jessica.
  • Show #28
    Show #28
    Episode 28
    Romance blossoms between Eunice and the gangster who holds her Susan Harris and family hostage; Jodie has troubling news to tell Mary, and an unexpected guest attends the wedding of Tim and Corinne.
  • Show #27
    Show #27
    Episode 27
    Lefkowitz threat to kill the entire Campbell clan and startling announcements by Father Tim and Mr. Mallu are temporarily overshadowed by the return of a verdict in Jessica Tate's murder trial.
  • Episode 25
    Episode 25
    Episode 25
    Lefkowitz threatens to kill the Campbells if Danny runs away. Father Tim tells Corinne that he is leaving the priesthood so they can get married. Carol convinces Jodie that they should live together. Dennis resurfaces, announcing that he wants Jodie back. Jessica admits to Chester that she's scared about what the jury might decide. Mallu tells Jessica that he is in love with her.moreless
  • Episode 24
    Episode 24
    Episode 24
    Jodie finds himself in bed with Carol. Mary forgives Burt. Corinne returns to the Tates. Ingrid vows to destroy the Tates. Sheriff Tinkler arrives to arrest Chester for stock fraud. The jury begins deliberating Jessica's fate. Jodie tells Carol that he won't have sex with her again. Corinne realizes that Jessica is her true mother. Ingrid comes to reconcile with Corinne, but Corinne refuses to go with her.moreless
  • Episode 23
    Episode 23
    Episode 23
    Walter dumps Eunice. Burt tells Mary he killed her first husband. Corinne walks out on Ingrid. Father Tim tells his mother he's leaving the priesthood. Jodie and Carol plan a weekend at the Cape. The prosecution drops a bombshell at Jessica's murder trial. Congressman McCallum dumps Eunice after Marilyn threatens to ruin his political career. Unable to save his sanity any other way, Burt confesses to Mary that he killed her first husband.moreless
  • Episode 22
    Episode 22
    Episode 22
    Carol talks Jodie into going away with her for the weekend, despite his insistence that they can only be friends. Mary commits Burt to the mental hospital. Danny tells Mary he must marry Elaine. Billy runs away from home. Burt checks into the mental hospital. Billy runs away. Danny explains to Mary why he has to marry Elaine. Benson, Chester and Jessica testify at the trial. The prosecutor boasts that his surprise witness will make the jury want to lynch Jessica.moreless
  • Episode 21
    Episode 21
    Episode 21
    Danny brings Elaine home to meet the Campbell family. Corinne tracks down Tim at his mountain retreat. Jodie meets and is immediately propositioned by Carol (Mallu's assistant). Jessica locks herself in the bathroom to avoid going to trial. Jessica's murder trial begins.
  • Episode 20
    Episode 20
    Danny learns he must marry Elaine. Mary tells Burt of her plans to commit him. Jodie confronts Chuck about the nasty notes he's been getting from Bob.Jessica's case looks even more hopeless after she meets the prosecutor and judge. Eunice climbs off the ledge and into a stranger's hotel room. McCallum promises Eunice a new life, but backs out when the courier returns the pictures. Danny tries to break off with Elaine. Mr. Lefkowitz tells Danny that he has to marry Elaine.moreless
  • Episode 19
    Episode 19
    Mr. Mallu interviews the family in a desperate search for character witnesses in Jessica's trial. Dr. Medlow recommends that Burt be committed to a mental hospital. Ingrid poisons Corinne's mind against Jessica. Jessica makes an impassioned plea to Corinne. Congressman McCallum receives compromising pictures from the blackmailer. Eunice climbs out on a ledge to avoid being caught by Marilyn. A courier comes to pick up McCallum's speech and walks off with the pictures instead.moreless
  • Episode 18
    Episode 18
    Father Tim tells Corinne that he's going on a religious retreat so he can forget about her. Burt tells Mary he can make himself invisible. Chester hires high-priced attorney E. Ronald Mallu to defend Jessica. Jessica decides to skip bail and head to Rio but Benson talks her out of it. Mary confronts Burt about his emotional problems. Burt tells Mary that he can make himself invisible.moreless
  • Episode 17
    Episode 17
    Jessica is booked into jail and Ingrid gloats at the fact. The Campbells are worried about Burt's obsessive behavior. Elaine introduces Danny to her father. A blackmailer threatens to publish photos of Walter and Eunice. Chester hires al awyer to defend Jessica. Jessica admits that the gun that killed Peter does belong to her.moreless
  • Episode 16
    Episode 16
    Corrine learns the truth about her mother and she is devastated. Ingrid hires an investigator to clear Corrine. Mary explains about Randolph and Ingrid. Burt becomes obsessed with finding Peter's killer. Jessica blames herself for all the family's problems. Jessica is arrested. Danny is no longer in disguise.
  • Episode 15
    Episode 15
    Corrine goes to jail for killing Peter. Billy is the last to know about Corinne's arrest. Burt launches his own investigation. Danny decides to surprise the Godfather but must get past his sex-starved daughter, Elaine, first. Ingrid Svenson arrives in Dunn's River, claiming to be Corrine's real mother. Mary gives Jodie advice about rebuilding his life.moreless
  • Episode 14
    Episode 14
    Chester and Jessica discuss her affair with Peter. The Tates and Campbells wonder who among them is a murderer. Eunice and Congressman McCallum meet up in an airplane lavatory and she tells him that he is her alibi for the night of the murder. McCallum's alcoholic wife Marilyn almost catches him in the bathroom with Eunice. Chief Tinkler arrests Corrine.moreless
  • Episode 13
    Episode 13
    Burt and Mary finally get their sex life going again. Burt finds Peter dead in the shower. "Piece of Chelief" Tinkler questions the Tates and Campbells, all of whom are suspects in Peter's grisly murder. Jodie reveals that he didn't go out with Nurse Nancy after all.
  • Episode 12
    Episode 12
    Jessica stayed out all night and returns home in the morning, she also warns Chester that she won't tolerate any further infidelity. Jodie checks out of the hospital. but before he can "run away", Nurse Nancy forces Jodie into going on a date. Jessica threatens to kill Peter after he found out he cheated on Corinne. Corrine checks into the Pussy Cat Motel and has Father Tim meet her there. Someone murders Peter.moreless
  • Episode 11
    Episode 11
    Burt and Mary are both nervous about their first sexual encounter in six months.Their night is interrupted by news that Jodie has attempted suicide. Jodie promises that he won't try it again, and abandons the sex change operation. Corrine warns Peter. Jessica confronts Chester on his infidelity. Corinne tells Peter that she'll kill him if she ever catches him cheating. Jessica confronts Chester about his affair with Claire. When Chester won't take her seriously, Jessica admits to having had an affair of her own.moreless
  • Episode 10
    Episode 10
    Danny, dressed as a rabbi, has a near run-in with the Godfather. Father Tim appeals to God for help. Dennis dumps Jodie, who tries to kill himself. Barney tries to cheer Jodie up with his views on the unpredictability of happiness. Jessica concludes that there's a curse on the family. Now that Burt is no longer impotent, Mary is too overwhelmed by the family's other problems to get "in the mood". Father Tim asks God what he should do about Corinne.moreless
  • Episode 9
    Episode 9
    Jodie checks into the hospital for his sex-change operation, where he meets Barney Gerber, a heart patient in the next bed. Nurse Nancy offers to cure Jodie of his desire to be a woman. Dr. Medlow helps Burt overcome his guilt and his impotence. At lunch with Mary, Jessica spots Chester kissing Claire.moreless
  • Episode 8
    Episode 8
    Unable to kill Burt as ordered, Danny goes on the run as a "spy" but not before finally accepting Jodie's homosexuality and bidding a tearful goodbye to Mary. Mary has trouble accommodating Chuck and Bob at breakfast. At a dinner party for Chuck and Bob, Danny shows up in disguise, but the mob takes a shot at him anyway.moreless
  • Episode 7
    Episode 7
    The Major terrorizes the neighbors as he makes a "Nazi" prisoner out of one neighbor. Chuck and Bob arrive and promptly offend the Campbells. Claire tells Jessica of her affair with Chester, but Jessica doesn't believe her. Danny invites Burt to the cabin in the woods and when the are alone Danny points a gun at Burt's head.moreless
  • Episode 6
    Episode 6
    Corrine moves in with Peter, leaving Chester angry and Jessica heartbroken. Burt receives word that Chuck and Bob are on their way from Hawaii. The Godfather gives Danny one last chance to kill Burt, this time at a cabin in the woods. Corinne tells Eunice about Jessica and Peter. Jessica tries to apologize to Corinne. Having failed to tempt him away from his vow of chastity, Corinne tells Father Tim that she is going to move in with Peter.moreless
  • Episode 5
    Episode 5
    Eunice and Jodie discuss their man troubles. Burt and Mary visit a sex therapist. Corrine gives Tim one last chance before moving in with Peter, then catches Jessica kissing Peter.Danny continues trying to kill Burt. Chester fakes being sick so he can sneak out to see Claire. Jodie and Dennis run into Eunice and Congressman McCallum at a restaurant.moreless
  • Episode 4
    Episode 4
    Jessica and Corrine run into one another at Peter's apartment. Jodie tells Dennis of his plans for a sex change. Billy has girl trouble. Chester is caught cheating on his mistress. Jessica tries to say goodbye to Peter, only to end up in bed with him again. Jodie learns that his boyfriend, Dennis the quarterback, has been dating a woman to protect his media image. Jodie tells Dennis that he plans to solve the problem by becoming a woman. Danny gets nowhere in his attempts to kill Burt but he is more clumsy than lethal.moreless
  • Episode 3
    Episode 3
    Mary is unable to convince Jessica that Chester has been unfaithful. Jessica tries to confess to Chester about her affair with Peter. Danny makes peace with Burt, only to learn that he has to kill Burt in order to escape the mob. Mary confronts Burt about their sexual problems.
  • Episode 2
    Episode 2
    Jodie tells Mary that he's planning to do a sex change. Burt finds his long-lost son.Mary finds out that Jessica is having an affair, but not with whom. The Godfather Tells Danny that he will let him leave the mob if Danny executes his father's killer. Burt's long-lost son turns out to be Peter, the tennis pro.moreless
  • Episode 1
    Episode 1
    This begins the story of two sisters, Jessica Tate and Mary Campbell. As the Tates and their butler, Benson, prepare for a dinner party with the Campbells, Jessica walks in on her husband, Chester, while he makes plans for a romantic rendezvous with another woman. Jessica's son, Billy has a pimple on the night of his first date, and his uptight sister, Eunice, while ignoring the insane antics of their veteran grandfather, The Major. Jessica goes for a tennis lesson with Peter, the Tennis Pro, and winds up in bed with him. She leaves Peter just as his next "appointment"--with Jessica's other daughter, Corinne--arrives. Meanwhile, at the Campbells', Mary breaks up a food fight between her mobster son, Danny, and her second husband, Burt. Tensions flare again when Mary's other son, Jodie, a homosexual, joins them at breakfast. Alone at last, Mary confronts Burt about his recent impotence, which, we learn, stems from guilt he feels after having killed Mary's first husband (officially ruled a "suicide").moreless