Sofia the First

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Episode Guide

  • Season 4
    • 10/27/17
    • Pirated Away
      Episode 13

      Amber wants to see the Minotaur Meteor Shower, but Enchancia is full of clouds. She and Sofia decide to sail out to the Cloudless Sea but only if Miranda joins them. During the journey, Miranda takes the girls to save a band of pirates who are really bad sailors. With the royals' ship sunken, they climb aboard the pirate ship, and now they have to help the pirates look for the Golden Maiden. But the pirates aren't very good sailors, and they can't find the locations they're looking for because they've mixed up the lyrics in their song. Miranda and Sofia decide to help, but Amber wants to see the Meteor Shower so badly that she tries to ditch the pirates and causes trouble.

    • Too Cute to Spook
      Episode 12
    • Ivy's True Colors
      Episode 11

      Something weird is going on: the animals of Enchancia are catching a mysterious magical ailment called the Deep Sleeps. At the same time, Sofia's amulet summons her to help a princess...who turns out to be Princess Ivy! Sofia doesn't know how to help her, and Ivy doesn't think she should be involved in what problem Sofia has. On Ivy's island prison, it turns out Miss Nettle is created the Wake-Upsy Daisy to cure the Deep Sleeps, but she needs Ivy's butterflies to get the flowers to survive. How can Sofia help Ivy?

    • Princess Jade
      Episode 10

      It's School Swap Day, which means one student from Royal Prep will switch places with another student from Dunwiddie School. Amber is the Swap Student at Dunwiddie School, and Jade will be at Royal Prep! Sofia is happy since she hasn't gone to school with Jade since the former became a princess. During the tour, Sofia realizes that Jade looks just like a princess named Frederika Assemblia, and that could mean that Jade is a princess! Jade is excited about being a princess and going to Royal Prep full time, until she learns that she'll miss her friends at Dunwiddie. She wants to tell Sofia that she doesn't want to switch schools, but she doesn't know how. Meanwhile, Amber doesn't know how to do anything at Dunwiddie School since it's different from Royal Prep. She's afraid of making a mistake and everyone laughing at her. Can Amber take a chance to try something new? Will Jade tell Sofia the truth before it's too late?

    • Through the Looking Back Glass

      Cedric's sister Cordelia and niece Calista are staying in Enchancia Castle while theirs is being renovated. Cedric and Cordelia don't get along very well, and Sofia and Calista decide to help them. But then they see Cordelia with a hideous green hairdo, which has to do with an accident at her sorceress ball and broke her bond with Cedric. Can Sofia and Calista help the latter's mother and uncle get along? If that incident wasn't Cedric's fault, then how did it happen in the first place?

    • The Royal Dragon
      The Royal Dragon
      Episode 7

      Crackle has been invited to the annual Roast n Toast, a special event for dragons from every kingdom. Crackle really wants to go, but she needs a dragon buddy to take with her, and she doesn't have one. Luckily, Sofia uses her amulet to turn herself into a dragon to tag along. Crackle and Sofia arrive at the Roast n Toast in Brazendell, and Crackle's attempts to make friends are ruined by her childhood rival, Sizzle, who's quite the showoff. In order to make friends, Crackle lies about Sofia being the Royal Dragon of Enchancia. Because of this, almost all the other dragons swoon over Sofia, unaware that she's not a real dragon. Crackle also lies about having done amazing things that never really happened. Meanwhile, Sofia's old foe, Sir Oliver, has returned, and now he seeks revenge on the dragons for his banishment! What will happen?

    • The time has come for Sofia to train to be a protector of the Ever Realm, and her trainer is Chrysta, a feisty crystal fairy. Once Sofia proves she has what it takes to be a protector, she'll earn her Enchantlet. But there's only one problem: Chrysta is really feisty, and she's not very patient with Sofia. She thinks Sofia doesn't have what it takes to be a protector just because she's a princess. Can Sofia prove Chrysta wrong? Will Chrysta learn how wrong it is to judge Sofia before getting to know her?

    • The Mystic Isles
      Episode 5

      Amber has found another secret passageway that leads to the Secret Library! When she finds out about Sofia's role as storykeeper, she wants to join Sofia on her mission to the Mystic Isles to stop an evil Crystalmaster. But during the mission, Amber has become jealous that Sofia has a magical amulet, and she wants one too. Amber's selfish desire for what Sofia has isn't making the mission easy. What will happen?

    • Pin the Blame on the Genie
      Kazeem the genie is accused of wreaking havoc in Tangu, so Sofia sets out to prove his innocence.
    • 5/12/17

      The Festival of Plenty is tonight, and Sofia is celebrating by growing Clover his own garden. Plus, this year, Sofia is going to be the Princess of Plenty, which means she gets to wear the Crown of Blossoms, which was found by her great-grandmother in a faraway kingdom. Amber is going to help her get ready, but she's being really pushy by blowing her whistle at her. Three seeds fall out of the Crown, and instead of giving them back, Clover greedily uses these seeds to make his garden grow tons of veggies! To top it off, he won't share his veggies with his friends. Just as things can't get any worse, Gnomes have come to take Sofia's Crown! Why do the Gnomes want the Crown so badly? And will Clover learn how to share?

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