Sol Bianca: The Legacy

Season 1 Episode 3


Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Apr 20, 2004 on AZN TV
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Somewhere in a futuristic city, a man (Booster) sits and hears projected one on a large screen campaign speech to. How we later learn, it that candidate to murder plans. Over it, the Sol Bianca sinks to itself the room harbor. It escaped after a hard use of the Terraforce, and the women want now only one: sleep - after they graduated the entry formalities. Jani to be sure has apparently already from sleep and makes itself ready to an excursion into the city. Previously Jun Meiyo sends however yet into the virtual school. It found out that probably pirates attack the ship of Meiyos parents and killed it. To the final clarification, the girl should remain in any case with them. * In the streets of the city, Jani meets a man who just attack and became from robbery. With the security on planet, it is not ordered just to the best, also if the president (and renewed candidate) Kate McDaniel squeezes the people taxes high for police etc. It is therefore very unpopular, what does however its chances for the re-election apparently no discontinuance. Jani lands finally at a weapons dealer and can be shown a weapon of the type Voltecs F310, that alone a half army is replaced and is driven with thought command. Accidentally is reported just in the messages about the fact that a terrorist would have attack and occupied by the name of Booster the Sol Bianca. Shortly buys decided Jani the Voltecs and makes itself up, its ship zurückzuerobern. Booster surprised, caught and tied up the women remained on board in the sleep. Then it appears turns in Ji,, and it to the strange (feminine) board computer of the Sol Bianca / it off. Therewith also Meiyos goes out holographic school, and instead of its Booster stands now before its. Booster controls telepathic and hypnotic powers, what makes it very powerfully and dangerously. That gets Jani, that clears itself just with force its way through the rows of the private police to its ship, to sense soon. When it stands finally before the Sol Bianca, it encounters a strange man by the name of Gwen that maintains, without it, it would be able to have no success against Booster. That agitates both to the greeting a gigantic battle robot on the neck. Yet Gwen seems to know its opponent well and has the suitable weapon at the same time. Jani makes itself with the battle suit, that belongs to the Voltecs, invisibly, but because Booster can read its thoughts, utilizes its that nothing. It cannot read Gwens thought to be sure so that the one decisive advantage has. Kate McDaniel proceeds itself to a campaign organization, and for Booster, that is the signal. It starts the Sol Bianca. Jani and Gwen shoot down some of Boosters robots until they directly stand in opposition finally in the Holodeck to it. There Booster receives the thought inspection of the Voltecs and catches herumzuballern at uncontrolled. Gwen will must withdraw angeschossen, and both. At least also Meiyo can escape. They weave to the women caught in the stay room. Jun, that controls itself capacities telepathic certainly, comes on an idea. Also Gwen has proceeds itself a plan, and with Jani to Ji in order to bring the ship again under its inspection. Where normally Jis Hologramm stands, Booster in the air floats suddenly. Gwen shoots on it, but Booster holds the ball in the air on and lets fall it ineffectually to ground. How turns out, Booster Gwens is younger brother. It has a psychopathischen hate on certain women as well as about Kate McDaniel because its mother left it and Gwen long time ago. Then Gwen falls itself on Booster. The rammt it a knife between the rib and lets fall it into the depth. Booster was not able to read Gwens thought because its brain is expanded with various electronics part. Gwen lies in the dying, but nevertheless he can combine with Ji. He projects himself as a gigantic Hologramm and holds Booster firmly. Meiyo does not appear knows this weapon with April of antique pistol out of sequence 1st Booster, therefore it cannot influence it. And now Jani finally can shoot it. Jani is very sad over Gwens death. Both fighted deeply connected with full use together, and that it. The Sol Bianca however is rescued.moreless

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