Sol Bianca: The Legacy

AZN TV (ended 2004)


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  • Season 1
    • Vessel of the Sun
      The admiral commands its people to raise the Sol Bianca. Percy, April and the other can clear themselves just yet its way on board before the little Gleiter finally is shot down. To be sure Rudolph becomes at the same time rather geschrottet. Jani and Meiyo bring Jun into the sick station, however cannot rouse it. The Sol Bianca penetrates further the sphere in that in before, is attacked there of the Terraforce-ships and damages. Because Jun are and G except combat, the pirates also can hardly defend themselves. The admiral takes astonishingly few consideration on that that it actually wants to conquer and not destroy the ship. The bizarre trip descends further, always deeper until they see finally the earth itself. Gyunter flies the Sol Bianca afterwards, holds however further a large interval and observes only. Rammy sees is actual is appalled the earth now for the first time so, how it, and. Gyunter means somewhat cynical, let the Terraforce be an army that has to protect nothing at all. Then it watchs how the fleet of the admiral the Sol Bianca attacks and tries again to force it to the capitulation. The Sol Bianca devices into an energy ray and will devastate at the same time quite. Also Percy catches it. For the first time, April sees it without its strange sunglasses. One of its eyes is there and through a suns stone replaced, that it gives its now. Then it dies. Feb is so shake of the fate of the Sol Bianca, return would become that it Gyunter klarmacht, that it now there, also if it would be only a burning wreck. Yet until it its plan into the deed transferred can, lasts it something else. The Sol Bianca is at the end: zusammengeschossen and of the ships of the admiral on circle. Yet there the sheet turns itself surprisingly. Jun awakes again and receives the battle against mother. Then it directs Meiyo to get itself the gepanzerten room suit. It has a specially-mission for it. The gigantic ship of the admiral approaches the Sol Bianca and demands the delivery. Instead of its it gets entirely something other, namely a load rocket of Gyunter. Its ship endures that, but mother greased through. Now also Jun can receive appears sticks the entire inspection over the Sol Bianca, and now, what kind of super technology in it. You regeneriert itself again, removes all damages, replaces the shot down parts and floats so looks then like freshly out of the room cover over the earth, umschwebt of its Hologramm, that like a Greek God. And engages floats of G the Hologramm of Jun in the central hall now and drives the ship. The Terraforce attacks again, has however no more chance. The Sol Bianca shoots down most hostile ships including that of the admiral and forces the remaining to the task. Meiyo leaves the Sol Bianca, around Feb aufzusammeln. After that is cleared everything, they land finally on the earth. They encounter there Rammy and Gyunter that escaped only tightly the annihilation. The earth is really only a desert, covers with sand and ruins. The old dream is ignition. Gyunter gives April its antique pistol. It was to be killed once ready for that, but now it has no more meaning for it. April gives it Meiyo. Gyunter and Rammy remain back while April with its girls goes again on board of the Sol Bianca and flies contrary to new adventures. April and Feb believe in again itself and its future. As a symbol for that sail Feb's Tarot-cards out of the ship into the depth.moreless
    • The Earth
      The Earth
      Episode 5
      The Sol Bianca is in the approach on the earth. Meiyo hopes to find there finally its parents. Also Percy, that with its Kampfgleiter always yet angedockt is, is happy on that to see the legendary homeland planet finally once. And perhaps it gives there also yet what to get. What our heros get to see then however, surprises and shocks it very powerfully. Also Gyunter and Feb arrived. The earth is included into a shell, that has 384,400 km of radius. (That corresponds exactly the moon train.) Gyunter explained would echo would be Feb, this (or the city on its surface) Lotus, constructed in order to protect the holy earth. Lotus is not only the homeland of the presently genes persons, but rather also the headquarters of the Terraforce. One says, can forget who reaches Lotus, all its problems. How that is to be understood exactly, we learn later yet. The admiral of the Terraforce is happy that Gyunter is again there and brought along it a pretty gift: the Sol Bianca, one of the legendary ships out of the pioneer time. The admiral means, it could answer on mothers of calls perhaps. After Jun explained the other, what found out it, they fly with Percys Gleiter to Lotus over; only April remains back and broods before itself there. They do not know find, what is exactly in the interior of the metal hall,, but perhaps it it out. Jani is armed like usually heavily. Underway funkt Percy April on. They converse over Feb and the life as a pirate. April is depressed rather. Somehow it has believe in that and the future lost itself. G gets visit in form of a further, rather uncannily from tendon Hologramms that before it emerges: mother. Also Feb and Gyunter have problems with itself. It shows its in a projection the earth, a blue jewel in that all. Feb is carried away of its beauty. Then it shows looks its, like the earth now in reality: a brown, crater strewn, dead desert. Therefore he himself has all dreams and illusions lost. The persons in Lotus become away deceit with artificial memories over the truth. And the metal hall serves in addition to conceal the disaster before the remainder of the universe. Also April, Jani and Percy emerged in Gyunter in order to bring Feb again. Yet somehow Feb does not bring it over itself. Gyunter drops must escape itself, and April and the other before the advancing security forces. Meiyos relatives found Meiyo and Jun. But its parents, and what became exact out of them, does not say no. But to all appearances, one can regard it as dead, also if Meiyo refuses to believe that. Jun takes leave heavy heart of Meiyo. It promises its if it wanted become always yet pirate in five years to bring it again, and lets it a Kommunikator there. Then it goes again, but it does not come far. As you know Jun connected somehow mentally with G. And there G just by mother attacked becomes, encounters it also Jun. A strange Hologramm emerges before its, and it collapses unconscious. And after mother has now Jun, belongs its also the Sol Bianca. Probable it is would err, but can it fly the ship yet flawlessly. After a wild pursuit hunt can April, Jani and Percy in the Gleiter drop itself and can gather also yet Meiyo and the unconscious Jun. How it looks, Meiyo will have to wait no five years in order to be allowed to live again with the pirates. Percys Gleiter is pursued again, but it creates it, at which Sol Bianca on cover. How it looks, mother is controlled of the admiral. It opens stacked in Lotus one, that leads directly down to the earth, and the Sol Bianca drives in. Then it goes on board of its gigantic ship and sets also the remainder of the Terraforce in march in order to catch the Sol Bianca. Of its ship out of Gyunter pursues that of all. Surprisingly Feb emerges with it in the headquarters.moreless
    • The Move
      The Move
      Episode 4
      April and Feb violently fought themselves. Now April has a bad conscience because it went at the same time yet a little to far. * Jun and Meiyo converse over a classes comrade virtual by Meiyos by the name of Chris on which Meiyo threw apparently an eye. Jun burdens itself that it never would get in the life, that leads it, probably a friend. Feb put Tarotkarten and warns should consider Meiyo, it it well before it would begin a friendship with this boy. The Sol Bianca actuates a type space-Disneyland. To be sure ducks, mice and other jagbares do not run around there wildly, but rather pirate, under that even some real. After the Sol Bianca angedockt has, the women go amusing themselves. Many of the people that encounter they know and admire it. April bandelt with a pirate (or so what similar) by the name of Percy on, that together with its people and a strange robot by the name of Rudolf, that could be springen directly out of "Perry Rhodan", in a dim bar around cliff. Among one another the pirates speak by the way Spanish. Outside there is some fireworks, and April and Percy come themselves slowly more closely. Meanwhile Jun visit and Jani with Meiyo the amusement park. Meiyo have disguises it as a pirate, what somewhat foolishly finds Jani. It means, let Meiyo be anyway no pirate and would be able to remain not for always with them. Percy loads April to a flight over the city a (without airplane; apparently can one the gravity there as required disengage). April finds that very romantically and lets would proceed itself finally gladly - it means would be to be sure, without gravitation it yet a little difficult. That does the joy however apparently no discontinuance. Also Feb landed at a man, but for it, it becomes less pleasant, and so skin it off after it became its too much. * Jun, Meiyo and Jani turn late in the night (if it in the space so what gives) into the Sol Bianca back and are thought about has witnesses of the violent dispute between Feb and April, over that this at the beginning of this sequence (d. h of. that everything was a back orifice plate). It becomes not so entirely clear, over which both fight itself (somehow concerns it its life as a pirate), for that it goes however rather at the canned. Finally Feb packs its things and goes. On board, a rather oppressed disposition rules thereupon, and April concludes at the end, Feb zurückzuholen. Yet that proves to be rather difficult. Gyunter emerged namely once again and snatched itself Feb, that has stockbesoffen in a bar around cliff,, abducted. One should not believe it, but he apparently fell in love with it. April makes itself with the Sol Bianca at the pursuit, and Percy with its people helps its at the same time. Yet in the Hyperraum, they overtake Gyunters ship. Percy have a half dozen of little room hunters, and with which he, its people, Rudolf fall itself and April on Gyunters ship, break on and begin itself against the soldiers the Terraforce through fight. Yet the against defense is too strong. April reaches Feb finally even, but that cannot bring it over itself to go again with its although it spills about that hot tears. Feb believes in simply no longer dream April. Gyunter comforts it. Also it was able to be no pirate, its dream was destroyed. Feb is surprised logical manner very, calculated so what to hear by Gyunter. Gyunters people kill finally all of Percys pirate. Only Percy, Rudolf and April can escape. Gyunter and Feb fly to the earth.moreless
    • Adjustment
      Episode 3
      Somewhere in a futuristic city, a man (Booster) sits and hears projected one on a large screen campaign speech to. How we later learn, it that candidate to murder plans. Over it, the Sol Bianca sinks to itself the room harbor. It escaped after a hard use of the Terraforce, and the women want now only one: sleep - after they graduated the entry formalities. Jani to be sure has apparently already from sleep and makes itself ready to an excursion into the city. Previously Jun Meiyo sends however yet into the virtual school. It found out that probably pirates attack the ship of Meiyos parents and killed it. To the final clarification, the girl should remain in any case with them. * In the streets of the city, Jani meets a man who just attack and became from robbery. With the security on planet, it is not ordered just to the best, also if the president (and renewed candidate) Kate McDaniel squeezes the people taxes high for police etc. It is therefore very unpopular, what does however its chances for the re-election apparently no discontinuance. Jani lands finally at a weapons dealer and can be shown a weapon of the type Voltecs F310, that alone a half army is replaced and is driven with thought command. Accidentally is reported just in the messages about the fact that a terrorist would have attack and occupied by the name of Booster the Sol Bianca. Shortly buys decided Jani the Voltecs and makes itself up, its ship zurückzuerobern. Booster surprised, caught and tied up the women remained on board in the sleep. Then it appears turns in Ji,, and it to the strange (feminine) board computer of the Sol Bianca / it off. Therewith also Meiyos goes out holographic school, and instead of its Booster stands now before its. Booster controls telepathic and hypnotic powers, what makes it very powerfully and dangerously. That gets Jani, that clears itself just with force its way through the rows of the private police to its ship, to sense soon. When it stands finally before the Sol Bianca, it encounters a strange man by the name of Gwen that maintains, without it, it would be able to have no success against Booster. That agitates both to the greeting a gigantic battle robot on the neck. Yet Gwen seems to know its opponent well and has the suitable weapon at the same time. Jani makes itself with the battle suit, that belongs to the Voltecs, invisibly, but because Booster can read its thoughts, utilizes its that nothing. It cannot read Gwens thought to be sure so that the one decisive advantage has. Kate McDaniel proceeds itself to a campaign organization, and for Booster, that is the signal. It starts the Sol Bianca. Jani and Gwen shoot down some of Boosters robots until they directly stand in opposition finally in the Holodeck to it. There Booster receives the thought inspection of the Voltecs and catches herumzuballern at uncontrolled. Gwen will must withdraw angeschossen, and both. At least also Meiyo can escape. They weave to the women caught in the stay room. Jun, that controls itself capacities telepathic certainly, comes on an idea. Also Gwen has proceeds itself a plan, and with Jani to Ji in order to bring the ship again under its inspection. Where normally Jis Hologramm stands, Booster in the air floats suddenly. Gwen shoots on it, but Booster holds the ball in the air on and lets fall it ineffectually to ground. How turns out, Booster Gwens is younger brother. It has a psychopathischen hate on certain women as well as about Kate McDaniel because its mother left it and Gwen long time ago. Then Gwen falls itself on Booster. The rammt it a knife between the rib and lets fall it into the depth. Booster was not able to read Gwens thought because its brain is expanded with various electronics part. Gwen lies in the dying, but nevertheless he can combine with Ji. He projects himself as a gigantic Hologramm and holds Booster firmly. Meiyo does not appear knows this weapon with April of antique pistol out of sequence 1st Booster, therefore it cannot influence it. And now Jani finally can shoot it. Jani is very sad over Gwens death. Both fighted deeply connected with full use together, and that it. The Sol Bianca however is rescued.moreless
    • Reminiscence
      Episode 2
      The team of the Sol Bianca searches is now however deserted on a left planet by the name of Consegra, that during the space pioneer time a large roll played,, for old appreciating. April was warned to be sure previously of its informant: there it should be very dangerous is returned, and no that was ever there, living. A curse lies over the ruins. Yet the spornt the pirate first quite on. The approach into the atmosphere formed is itself quite turbulent, but further below the weather again quiet, and the five women can leave the ship and can look around themselves. Jun has one its specialty at the same time, a holographic Dschin by the name of Sancho that will prove in the course of this adventure yet to be extremely useful. Sancho opens a mysterious door, and Meiyo a strange woman sees emerge behind it for short time. It falls in, Jun follows its, and the door closes itself behind both again. Consegra receives this day a further visitor, namely Gyunter, that is here behind April. It found its informants and interrogates and knows therefore where it is. The door, behind the Jun and Meiyo landed are, locked can open itself, and Sancho it no longer. Because they assume however anyway here the treasure, that three make themselves on the way, to explore the area. At the same time they assess that there all Dantes of "divine comedy" is empathized with. It becomes Feb outside too cold and too boring, and it goes into the ship back in order to enjoy a Gläschen wine. Jun would happen already nothing. Jun penetrates more deeply into the vaults and can be enlightened of its Dschin over Dante. The attack is also not harmless, but Jun overcomes more or fewer sovereign a hindrance after the other. Also outside there are difficulties, for Gyunter arrived and lets deploy now its hunters. Yet there they run in Feb just at the correct. Easily angeheitert shoots down would be it a ship after the other, as it nothing. Jun reached in the mean time a type control center. Sancho supports it at the same time to bring the control under its inspection. They get an abstract of the story of the humanity and planet Consegra. Most important participants there were a man by the name of Void and his wife Flor that were responsible for the Terraforming Consegras. There again the woman, who saw Meiyo in the entrance door, appears: the Hologramm of Flor, for the real Flor has been natural for centuries dead. You and Void found a quite tragic end, what last of all the reason is for the curse, that lies over Consegra. Then Void appears and sets that three firmly, but Jun so easily is not to be delayed and finally reached it the Allerheiligste. After Gyunter had to accept sharp losses, it, that area to destroy, in which the Sol Bianca landed completely, concludes. On target finds arrived Jun unfortunately no treasure, but rather only two coffins. Flor reports failed experiments over Voids. At the end, they were put back both alone on Consegra. Void became violent and lost gradually the intellect, and Flor suicide finally committed. Yet Void stuck its spirit (and its also) into the computer so that it cannot die. Therefore it asks now Jun, and that fulfills its wish. Both extinguish peacefully. Then to be sure she must make herself hurriedly on the return, strike the Gyunters rockets already on. To the good fortune, it reaches the Sol Bianca yet on time before all flies into the air. The entire planet is named and everything. Gyunters Strahler were either dimensioned to strongly, or it caught accidentally a large energy source. In any case both ships withdraw again in the space. Only Jun is sadly over Flors end and wishes for, it would have loaded it in Sancho in order to prevent its death. But that is now too late.moreless
    • The Emblem
      The Emblem
      Episode 1
      Four centuries ago was conquered of the earth out of the galaxy. It had passed the happy and flourishing time of the expansion, in the mean time a long time and was forgotten, exactly like the earth itself. Yet the worlds populated by persons exist yet everywhere, and one finds also traces and remainders of this large time yet at many places. Over these times, April thinks about while it floats in the room suit through a ruins field, that a war has leave behind some years ago. It assumes, died are that also its parents in this war, in any case it grew at an aunt to. When this died, it left behind possesses April as most precious an antique duel pistol of the earth that is enormously valuable. To this time, April learned also the stories over a legendary spaceship, the Sol Bianca, and it succeeded its to find it and to bring at itself. And therewith its large adventure began. * Somewhere, on a distant planet. The young Meiyo hikes at the beach along. It is already night. Over the sky, the tail of a spaceship pulls, apparently a rarity in this world, for as it home zurückläuft and it its aunt Katie tells, believes that it no word. It scolds is too late Meiyo instead of its, because it again much, and that sets abruptly the night over before the door. Meiyo runs away crying. The Sol Bianca landed on the nameless planet and hid itself. Planet is to be sure unimportant, but on it, a very important auction takes place. Will auction the gold calm pistol that was stolen April recently of a Mafia-syndicate, and that it naturally back have wants. And how that for an orderly pirate belongs itself, with force. To be sure the area has hold a many leisure amenities, and April colleague the use sooner for a vacation. Jun is in the bathing, Jani practices itself at the Schießstand, and Feb amuses itself in the city. Gradually the pirates spin again on. Accidentally Meiyo Jun observed how it draws-off at the bank one its tricks, before it on board back call becomes, and follows its unobserved. When she slinks herself finally into the ambush of the Sol Bianca, arrived the four already away, and it finally on board - without its Teddy to be sure. After April found out the details over the auction of its pistol, they make itself with Jun, Feb and Jani on the way. Shortly on that that four reach make themselves heavily armed the auction house, a pikfeines hotel by the name of "el Escorial", and it first once cozily. Meanwhile the salesmen expect another very important guest by the name of Gyunter that something was late itself and just with its spaceship on suspense. It should how one hears, how the devils are behind this pistol of the earth here and pay each price. Just yet on time it arrives and draws-off a large show. It is how short time turns out later, namely of the earth and claims the pistol for itself. It announces the present, let the auction be illegally (what probably agrees), lets engage its soldiers and wants to take the pistol simply at itself. Yet there it made the calculation without April and its nobly-pirates. Rather drunter goes and about that, and the four women with the pistol to its Gleiter finally escape. Gyunter makes itself with its spaceship at the pursuit, and now it comes to one of the strangest room battle, that I ever saw; it mixes itself also yet the Auktionator with telekinetischen powers on, and the entire thing passes rather confusing. (Nevertheless can here the computergenerierte animation its strengths finish, the scenes are perfectly animates.) At the end, the Sol Bianca produces escape another gigantic Hologramm that shoots down Gyunters ship (Gyunter itself survives it to be sure), the four - relation wise five, for on board discover it Meiyo. The girl is first of all not very talkative, grasps however then yet confidence in the four women, especially to Jun, and tells them that its parents come of the earth, what want to believe the four not at all. But perhaps it agrees yet. April finds that very interestingly.moreless
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