Sol Bianca: The Legacy

AZN TV (ended 2004)


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  • Bored me to tears

    its a very short series (six 25 min episodes). it did a poor job introducing the characters. you never learn where, when, why, or how they met. the characters are very transparent and uninteresting. there's not much to like about them. for the most part, they're not very intelligent at all. a crew of all female pirates... riiiiight. maybe it looked good on paper but i thought the series was horrible. why did i watch it? because a friend of mine recommended it to me although he gave me fair warning that the story wasn't great, he just said it was only worth it for the action scenes, one in particular that involves a sniper rifle. well, it wasn't until after i finished watching this series that i realized that he was talking about the movie that came out in 1990, not this series which came out in 2004 (which i figured out cuz there was no sniping at all in the series). confused, i looked online and thats when i figured out that there was a movie. why didn't i know that? because my initial search was on netflix (which is how i acquired this series) and all they had was the series so naturally i thought this was what my friend was talking about since i didnt know there was a movie (he just said sol bianca).

    well that makes sense. no wonder you didnt know who or what was goin on. hopefully the movie will explain things better but im not really hoping for much. i just want to see the action scenes. for the record, i really felt this was a very cheap knock off of Outlaw Star/Trigun/Cowboy Bebop, all 3 of which were great anime, this however was not (although i have to acknowledge that Sol Bianca: The Legacy did originate from the 1990 movie which predates said great anime series).