Sol Bianca: The Legacy

Season 1 Episode 1

The Emblem

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Apr 06, 2004 on AZN TV
The Emblem
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Four centuries ago was conquered of the earth out of the galaxy. It had passed the happy and flourishing time of the expansion, in the mean time a long time and was forgotten, exactly like the earth itself. Yet the worlds populated by persons exist yet everywhere, and one finds also traces and remainders of this large time yet at many places. Over these times, April thinks about while it floats in the room suit through a ruins field, that a war has leave behind some years ago. It assumes, died are that also its parents in this war, in any case it grew at an aunt to. When this died, it left behind possesses April as most precious an antique duel pistol of the earth that is enormously valuable. To this time, April learned also the stories over a legendary spaceship, the Sol Bianca, and it succeeded its to find it and to bring at itself. And therewith its large adventure began. * Somewhere, on a distant planet. The young Meiyo hikes at the beach along. It is already night. Over the sky, the tail of a spaceship pulls, apparently a rarity in this world, for as it home zurückläuft and it its aunt Katie tells, believes that it no word. It scolds is too late Meiyo instead of its, because it again much, and that sets abruptly the night over before the door. Meiyo runs away crying. The Sol Bianca landed on the nameless planet and hid itself. Planet is to be sure unimportant, but on it, a very important auction takes place. Will auction the gold calm pistol that was stolen April recently of a Mafia-syndicate, and that it naturally back have wants. And how that for an orderly pirate belongs itself, with force. To be sure the area has hold a many leisure amenities, and April colleague the use sooner for a vacation. Jun is in the bathing, Jani practices itself at the Schießstand, and Feb amuses itself in the city. Gradually the pirates spin again on. Accidentally Meiyo Jun observed how it draws-off at the bank one its tricks, before it on board back call becomes, and follows its unobserved. When she slinks herself finally into the ambush of the Sol Bianca, arrived the four already away, and it finally on board - without its Teddy to be sure. After April found out the details over the auction of its pistol, they make itself with Jun, Feb and Jani on the way. Shortly on that that four reach make themselves heavily armed the auction house, a pikfeines hotel by the name of "el Escorial", and it first once cozily. Meanwhile the salesmen expect another very important guest by the name of Gyunter that something was late itself and just with its spaceship on suspense. It should how one hears, how the devils are behind this pistol of the earth here and pay each price. Just yet on time it arrives and draws-off a large show. It is how short time turns out later, namely of the earth and claims the pistol for itself. It announces the present, let the auction be illegally (what probably agrees), lets engage its soldiers and wants to take the pistol simply at itself. Yet there it made the calculation without April and its nobly-pirates. Rather drunter goes and about that, and the four women with the pistol to its Gleiter finally escape. Gyunter makes itself with its spaceship at the pursuit, and now it comes to one of the strangest room battle, that I ever saw; it mixes itself also yet the Auktionator with telekinetischen powers on, and the entire thing passes rather confusing. (Nevertheless can here the computergenerierte animation its strengths finish, the scenes are perfectly animates.) At the end, the Sol Bianca produces escape another gigantic Hologramm that shoots down Gyunters ship (Gyunter itself survives it to be sure), the four - relation wise five, for on board discover it Meiyo. The girl is first of all not very talkative, grasps however then yet confidence in the four women, especially to Jun, and tells them that its parents come of the earth, what want to believe the four not at all. But perhaps it agrees yet. April finds that very interestingly.moreless

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