Season 1 Episode 4

Episode Four

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Dec 06, 2007 on ITV

Episode Recap

It's the Colubrine's night out. It's a brainstorming session. The company needs some new ideas to grow.

Back in the office, Mel and Danny have clients looking for a five bedroom house. The couple plans to start a family, but are only looking until she gets pregnant. Mel doesn't want to waste any time with them, so Danny handles them.

Mr. Colubrine calls and asks Matt about how his idea from the other night is progressing: so he now has to find a place to tear down or some other land to build on.

So Phoebe and Jonty go out to look at a 10 bedroom place - they think for reconstruction. They go and check it out. In the garden some strange stone animals are placed.

Phoebe thinks she could turn this place into 20 flats. A man still lives there who warns them about the ghost "Lucy".

Danny shows the couple a place for sale. Apparently it's the place he used to grow up in. He didn't know it was up for sale. His memory distracts him from his job.

In the office Mel tries to convince Matt of some other business ideas. Mel gets an upset call, from Danny's clients - apparently he walked out on them.

Danny is looking at his father's grave, apparently the graveyard is now a construction site and he's upset.

Jonty is in the old house talking to its resident Jack. Jonty is a bit freaked by the fact that there's a ghost and apparently Lucy starts to haunt him, so he tries to flee, but fails to. Jack has to save him.

In the office Jonty is still upset and tells Phoebe he's scared.

Danny is furious when he gets off the phone as apparently a company called "Heidelberg Properties" wants to build on his dad's grave. Matt takes notes and Danny takes off.

Danny goes to see his mother, in a bar. She's drunk, and they apparently don't get along very well. He wants to know how much she's getting for giving up his father's grave. She tells him, when he died, she was left with no money; she even had to leave Danny in a children's home.

He wants to pay her the same amount of money, but she refuses the offer.

Matt visits the cemetery, to meet the guy who is planning the rebuilding project. Matt offers to take over everything and leaves with that offer on the table.

Back in the office, Danny's client is upset and wants another tour. Danny isn't in the mood, but he's still not convinced. They set a date for the next day.

Jonty and Phoebe are measuring the old house, when both are hit by Lucy and they are both a bit freaked out.

Matt tries to talk to Danny about the grave situation; Matt pretends to help out to change her mind (of course he wants to put pressure behind his offer to take over the project). Danny just takes off.

Matt meets with Danny's mother. He convinces her that she could make a lot more money out of the grave. He tells her to withdraw her permission and she agrees.

Back in the office Matt tells Mel the good news that he now has his foot in the entire project with Danny's mother on his side.

Danny's mobile phone rings and Mel knocks on Danny's door, but he doesn't want to respond. When he finally opens the door, she finds his place to be a mess. He tells her that he doesn't care about his clients, so she takes them over.

Meanwhile Matt meets with some guy who does exhumations. While he's in the meeting, Jonty and Phoebe come in and tell them, the house is haunted. Matt's guest offers his help for that thing too.

While Mel shows her clients around, both are busy on their phones and not looking at the place: after a phone call, the woman starts to cry, but puts on a brave face as soon as her husband enters.

At the chapel Matt wants to turn into private property, the guy for exhumations explains there might be a few problems if the burial ground was once used during the plague. Matt gets a call and tells the guy they will soon be in business.

So the guy planning the entire project now turns to Colubrine for their local partner as they need that permission to build.

Matt is happy as he thinks he will make big money.

Mel's viewing continues when Danny storms in and once again upsets the clients. The woman can't get pregnant as her husband wishes, but she can't tell him. So things once again go south from that point.

Matt meets again with Danny's mother: he tells her he's now in charge of everything.

Mel is upset and talks to Danny, who explains the house was once his home. He shows her his old room and his memories come back up. He also tells her what happened: his parents couldn't afford the place in the end and that he hates his mother. Mel feels sorry when she sees Danny and how much he hates his mother. Mel takes off.

The exorcism goes wrong when Jonty interferes and so everyone is at risk to be now possessed by Lucy.

In the office Jonty is acting strangely and looking at cat websites.

Matt meets Danny at the grave: turns out when Matt declares it a plague site, he has full control over the place. Danny throws money at Matt and is upset. Matt explains he doesn't care: he wants to make money, and he'll make a lot of it and Danny can't do anything to stop him.

At the office, Matt is searching for a working stapler, when Mel asks him about Danny's mother. It got her to think: she's a "twofaced manipulative bitch" herself: just like Danny's mum - and Danny's mum is pretty much a loser all the way down.

At the cemetery Danny looks on as the workers start to pull the place apart. Apparently Matt went on with his plan.

Back at the office Mel tells him he'll need to take care of the third viewing. He isn't happy.

At the haunted house: Jonty tries to get rid of Lucy with staying the night at the place. Jonty feels himself haunted again, only to find that Jack is behind all the haunting. He has nowhere else to go and so tried to protect his place. Phoebe catches him and enjoys playing with Jonty's fears as well.

Danny is out thinking and afterwards sells the place to his clients.

Phoebe and Jonty help Jack to move out. Jack gets one of the new places. So that place is sold as well.

At the Colubrine's night out, Mel tells Matt to stop the graveyard project or she'll sleep with Danny. She plays Matt with all she's got. He's torn apart by the fear of Mr. Colubrine killing him, if he blows off that deal, and the fear of not ever getting over Mel sleeping with Danny.

At the graveyard Danny takes along his dad's ashes. Mel waits for him and tells him, Matt didn't even stop after her ultimatum. They leave for his place. His place is still a mess, when they almost kiss, he takes off to bury his dad's ashes again, this time in the river - on the boat he once made with his dad. Mel comes along. The burning wooden ship floats down the river and Mel grabs Danny's hand, as they watch the small ship slowly sink.