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  • solider solider

    lets have a reunion of this great classic show sony tv are repeating it at the moment love the show sad but also funny at times donna dave paddy and nancy great x

  • A classic show that should be at least repeated from the beginning

    A story about a Regiment of soldiers and their wives, with all the trials and tribulations that may happen. Following a group of the men from one Platoon, and their officers and wives and girlfriends, through differing countries and barracks, espcially in the beginning with Dave Tucker, and Paddy Garvey. Starting with the boys return from Northern Ireland, where they lost one of their own, through options for change where their Regiment was merged with another, to where they were re-roled to an airborne role, with Jerome Flynn leaving before the last seasons. This is a must for all true fans and should be brought back to our screens.
  • Soldier Soldier follows the Kings Fusiliers through trial and tribulations during their postings to Germany, Bosnia and beyond. Eventually this fictional regiment was almalgamated with another fictional regiment and was renames the Kings Own Fusiliers.

    Soldier Soldier was a series my Family and I instantly took to when we first saw it in 1991.
    My Father was a soldier in the British Army and at the time, we were living in Germany on a Military installation.

    From the get go, Carlton Television seemed to get it right most of the time. There was the odd error when it came to some military jargon or procedure, but those brief moments did not detract from the overall quality of the program.

    Comparing the series to my own experiences of Army life, I can say that Soldier Soldier was very true to life, not only for its military aspect, but from the family one too.
    Life as a civilian following a serving member of the armed forces was not easy. You move every year or two, leaving your friends behind, although occasionally an entire unit would move, its civilians along with it.
    As a result of the constant changes in their environment, “Army wifes” would often be quick to welcome new arrivals to their neighbourhood. A neighbourhood spirit prevailed wherever the civians were settled.

    Soldier Soldier depicts this well, you get to see how the wifes of the main characters help each other in times of need, and ocassionaly plot against someone they despise. Not all too different from normal civilian life I suppose, but the overriding presence of the military could complicate matters, and often did, both in the series and in real life.

    My father told me once that every squadron in every regiment of the Army has characters similar to those of Tucker and Garvey. Mischievous pranksters who are generally good soldiers, but prone to the odd brush with the MPs and/ or their Commanding Officer.

    Soldier Soldier follows the Kings Fusiliers through trial and tribulations during their postings to Germany, Bosnia and beyond. Eventually this fictional regiment was almalgamated with another fictional regiment and was renamed the Kings Own Fusiliers. Again, the series held to its realism with this amalgamation, for at the time the series was running, a great deal of change was happening within the real British Army, including a lot of Regimental amalgamation.

    Ultimately, the show fell victim to success, the success of the two Actors who played the series' main characters, Tucker and Garvey. Robson Green and Jerome Flyn found stardom after performing a rendition of Unchained Melody during an episode. With their rise to fame, the actors simultaneously left Soldier Soldier, taking its ratings with them for Soldier Soldier without Tucker or Garvey was like Disney World without Mickey Mouse.

    In 1997 it was all over, the ratings were so low, Carlton Television axed the series.
    Soldier Soldier had a good innings though, 7 series and 82 episodes. Some much finer examples of British TV never lasted so long.

    If I had to sum the entire series up in one sentence, I'd say;

    Soldier Soldier pretty much hits the nail on the head, depicting Army life from a Soldiers and a Family's point of view.
  • An old friend, the lives of Paddy, Dave and Tone made great TV!

    The show that began my Robson Green obsession. SInce then I think I have seen every TV show he's made! I remember watching the first episode under protest, my older brother won the TV battle that night, but how glad I was he did! For me Soldier Soldier, will always be Dave, Paddy and Tone! Tony's death is my first real recollection of a TV show making me cry! Watching the heartbreak of his best friends after his death made for tough viewing. Series 1 and 2 will always be my favourites, the happier times. The Australian epsiodes were a high point for me. And who can forget the launch of Robson and Jerome the musical career! :D It always saddened me how the show went downhill after the main three had left. It was almost a relief when it ended. As much as I would love to see it back, it could never work unless both Robson Green and Jerome Flynn were willing to go back and I can't see that happening. I guess it will always have to remain a happy memory.
  • i think that soldier soldier is a good show becasue i love soldier soldier and all the stars and i love robson green i think they should bring soldier soldier back for an eight series does any one agree

    i think robson green was the main cast of the show because the producers and the creators had a good plot line for all the episodes of the series and all the series because they did series 7 wich was the final series they started up in 1991 and ended in 1997 the first episode on the 10th of june 1991 and the last episode was aired in 1997