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Soldier Soldier

ITV (ended 1997)



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Soldier Soldier Fan Reviews (5)

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  • An old friend, the lives of Paddy, Dave and Tone made great TV!

    The show that began my Robson Green obsession. SInce then I think I have seen every TV show he's made! I remember watching the first episode under protest, my older brother won the TV battle that night, but how glad I was he did! For me Soldier Soldier, will always be Dave, Paddy and Tone! Tony's death is my first real recollection of a TV show making me cry! Watching the heartbreak of his best friends after his death made for tough viewing. Series 1 and 2 will always be my favourites, the happier times. The Australian epsiodes were a high point for me. And who can forget the launch of Robson and Jerome the musical career! :D It always saddened me how the show went downhill after the main three had left. It was almost a relief when it ended. As much as I would love to see it back, it could never work unless both Robson Green and Jerome Flynn were willing to go back and I can't see that happening. I guess it will always have to remain a happy memory.
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