Solid Gold

Season 6 Episode 40

Dionne #1 Singles

Aired Unknown Aug 30, 1986 on

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  • Dionne Warwick was the host and the show introduced the dancers at the beginning wearing gold and purple bikini outfits. John Parr sang the opening song St. Elmo's Fire while the dancers appeared and disappeared throughout the performance.

    I remember this episode. I loved Pam and Darcel and they looked unbelievable on this episode. The intro had them in these gold and purple bikini outfits - very hot! I can't believe how perfect those dancers' bodies were - their abs were tight, the legs were toned and muscular and the arms/shoulders were well developed. What kind of diet/exercise regimen were they on ? Pam Rossi(Turner) was definitely the hottest of these followed by Darcel, Deborah and Nicole IMHO. There was also a routine done on an airplane to "Living in America" by James Brown that was very hot! To this day, I've never seen a finer woman than Pam back in '86. Incidentally, I believe she was on the show from 1980-1986 and originally had the last name Turner. I just wish Pam would have had some solo dances - she never really had any like Darcel did. I guess she didn't want to do that. I know she was the "featured" dancer in several segments but that was as close as she got to solo.