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(ended 1988)

What if Solid Gold is on past 1988?

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    What if Solid Gold is on past 1988?, Here's My Dancer Lineup as of today for Season 30, because the dance troupe is all female since Midway in Season 8 [February 1988]

    Allie Cohen

    Allison Holker

    Alicia Gilley

    Ashley Galvan

    Aubree Storm

    Averie DelGrosso

    Brittany Stewart

    Brea Renee

    Cara Horibe

    Heidi Groskreutz

    Jennifer Hamilton

    Joy Spears

    Karen Chuang

    Katrina Norman

    Kimberly Morrow

    Lauren Gottlieb

    Linda Cevallos

    Lindsey Blaufarb

    Mariah Perkins

    Melissa Vella

    Michelle Barkowski

    Monique Cash

    Penelope Abrantes

    Raquel Goodsell

    Sabrina Song

    Samantha Zweben

    Sarah Smith

    Shauna Noland

    Staci Flood

    Tarah Paige

    Tia Robinson

    Any ideas and suggestions, please post here.

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