Monday 12:00 AM on FOX Reality Channel Premiered Jun 05, 2006 Between Seasons


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  • that awesome

    how do u get on solitary
  • I like this show... am I sick?

    Oh, these poor fools.

    Solitary 2.0 is a show that claims that contestants do not compete against each other... they compete against themselves. Whether it is a task to set up countless dominoes, jump a huge rope, stand on a plank covered in wooden dowels, or sit in a large chair while drooling all over themselves through a ball gag, it's quite sadistic. It's horrible. It's disgusting to watch and I'm certain that it rots the very core of my soul.

    And I love it.

    It's amazing to see what some people will do for a measly 50,000 dollars. Sleep deprivation, a lack of food, total torture and complete isolation with a token sum of money as the brass ring... and there they are, chatting up VAL in hopes that they'll win barely enough money to catch up on credit card bills.

    Personally, I find it discomforting that I find joy in such things.

    Does that make me sick?
  • Solitary puts nine people into Pods and takes them away with the outside world. Their only contact Val, puts them threw tests and treatment for a grand price of $50,000.

    Nine humans are renamed a number from 1-9. They are put into a Pod and their only contact is a super computer named Val. They each face of against 8 other people, but they never see them. They compete in tests and treatments. A test can get you out of the next treatment. The first person to push thier red button and quit a treatment, is elimated. Even though they each got to bring three items, Val controls when they get them. Who will beat the others in the ultimate reality show in which they are deprived of sleep, pratically starved, and only get a bed sometimes. Whoever wins, will get $50,000.
  • The channel with only reality tv tries to make a series they can call their own.

    Fox Reality Channel attempts to make a show for themselves, rather than just re-run other shows. The idea was not too bad and the execution of the isolation was interesting. The tests at first seem kinda cool and you begin to wonder what you would do in such a situation.

    But at about the halfway point of the season, it just seems old. The treatments become routine and the personalities of the contestants becomes flat.

    In other reality shows, I think the viewer interest lies with learning about players through their interaction within the game's rules and other players. Here, there is no player interaction, obviously. In place of that, we learn about our players via question directly asked from VAL. I guess that is just too straight forward.