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When a Blast Fall demolishes a town and leaves few survivors, bounty hunter Roy Revant must learn to function in a city of half-human, half-robot beings. By a miracle, young Solty enters his life. Can they save each other?
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  • Very touching Sci-fi/Cyber anime.

    I first picked this series up because I thought the artwork looked really nice. Then I started watching the series and found out it has a GREAT story, if you're in it for the mecha, then this really doesn't use gargantuan machines tearing into each other. There are a few but not as much as something like, Gundam or Burst Angel. What you'll mostly find here are cyborgs and the reason why such things exist as well as the beautiful relationship that develops between a father looking for his missing daughter, a cyborg that is actually 100% machine, and what it truly means to love your family. There are going to be many moments when you WILL tear up it will be that touching. Character design is beautiful, animation is very well done, and a story worth watching from beginning to end. I own the entire series on DVD, and to this day its one of my tops in my anime collection.moreless
  • Not bad, some confusing elements but has verve and good artwork.

    This series presents a unique environment: a future world in which cyborgs coexist with humans, and machines as well as humans dominate the world. A very strange detective agency of sorts tracks down wanted people, pets and objects, for a very modest fee-- just look out they don't get killed in the process. Welcome to Solty Rei. The story has elements of "Blade Runner," with the search for renegade human-electronic hybrids called resembles. When the androids step in to save human lives, however, the plot really gets going. Who belongs in this world? It's an adventure that touches on some classic themes of science fiction. Makes a good show to watch on a weekend afternoon.moreless
  • A small girl without a memory, who wields a power unlike any other and a man who has forgotten how to love; can these two people help each other find what they are looking for?moreless

    I have one disc left in the series and I am hooked! Roy, a bounty hunter, is saved by a small girl who doesn’t know who or what she is but for some reason she is attracted to him. Not on a romantic level but on a father daughter level. Roy unknowing also becomes attached to the girl, who he names Solty, in the same manor. From what I have seen so far these two characters will help each other discover their humanity and much more. Already I have seen the begins of a friendship develop between the two and I have seen a want to protect each other. I am truly looking forward to the conclusion of the series. Disc 6 should answer alot of questions but like anything else I am sure it will ask new ones. Pick it up!moreless

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battle for earth, post apocalyptic, robot uprising, saving the world, large scale destruction