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PBS (ended 1988)


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Solve It is an educational math television series specially designed for sixth grade mathematics curriculum. It is a complementary series that uses dramatization and animations to help students understand various mathematical concepts such as mental computation, interpreting tables and diagrams, and precise estimation strategies. Each series covers topics that ranges from multiplication, division, subtracting mixed numbers, percentage, fractions, and decimals. The latter part of the program contains several advanced topics such as gathering and interpreting data to be used statistics for the sampling and computation of mean, median, and mode. It teaches how to determine whether an statistical sample is biased, simplify a problem by breaking it into into smaller sets, or use the guess-revise-check strategy for solving more complex equations. The program also includes instructions on how to draw accurate scale models or representations. Solve It contains various mathematical concepts and skills, and shows how these are applicable in real-life situations.