Some Mothers Do 'Ave 'Em - Season 2

BBC (ended 1978)




Episode Guide

  • Christmas '75 - Learning to Drive
    Frank has managed to land himself a job as a pixie in the enchanted grotto of a large store's toy fair. After being sacked, Frank decides to try for his driving license to increase his career prospects.
  • Christmas '74 - Jessica's First Christmas
    Frank is experiencing his first Christmas as a father, and he is determined that it will be an eventful one for Jessica. Fortunately, his pride and joy is not always present to see the chaos he creates, especially when he gets involved in the Christmas Nativity Play in the local church.moreless
  • The Baby Arrives
    The Baby Arrives
    Episode 6
    It's the moment that Frank has been waiting for as Betty gives birth to his daughter... but the usual bedlam remains...
  • Fathers' Clinic
    Fathers' Clinic
    Episode 5
    When Frank goes to the Fathers' Clinic, his usual bad luck causes absolute mayhem!!
  • Frank and Marvin
    Frank and Marvin
    Episode 4
    Betty is delighted when she learns that she is pregnant, but is worried about how she should break the news to Frank. Frank has once again lost his job, and if is to support a new addition to their family, he will need a good, secure job, so he applies for a job at a holiday camp as an entertainer. He can sing, dance, do a stand-up comedy routine, swim competently, has a First Aid certificate and can even be a swim instructor and lifegueard - at least that's what his CV states! Frank goes along to the interview, with his headline ventriloquist act, and his special "Mount Vesuvius." How will it all end? Not well if Frank has anything to do with it...moreless
  • The Public Relations Course
    Frank once again sees himself unemployed, and while searching the paper for jobs, Betty finds an advertisement for a Public Relations course. This could be just the executive job that Betty wished Frank to have.

    Once there, in typical Frank Spencer tradition, trouble ensues, from getting his head around the most up-to-date cafeteria to an incident revolving around a hot water bottle to a role-play exercise. No matter the venue, you know that disaster is only a second away when Frank is around!moreless
  • The RAF Reunion
    The RAF Reunion
    Episode 2
    Today, Frank attends his RAF reunion & the hidden story of his short but eventful spell in the service unfolds in flashback - of how the massed forces of the RAF were mobilized to get him out!
  • Cliffhanger
    Episode 1
    Disaster-prone Frank manages to secure a job as a salesman for farm products, and with the job comes the company car. Only, the thing is Frank is still only on his learner's permit. Betty goes with him to pick out the car, saying she will help him learn to drive. And what better way to do that, then for the two of them to take a lovely drive to the country, parking right on the cliff-top...moreless