Some of My Best Friends

CBS (ended 2001)


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  • Season 1
    • Scenes from an Italian Party
      When Frankie is looking for the perfect gift for his parents' 25 th anniversary, Warren suggests that a big elaborate party would be perfect. Frankie thinks pizza and beer would suit his folks better, but finally Warren wins out and arranges an over-the-top anniversary bash. Unfortunately, everything that can go wrong does, but each of the mishaps that occurs can be swept under the rug -- except for the fight that breaks out between the happy couple when Warren insists that the guests of honor toast each other. Meanwhile, Pino goes out of his way to woo Maryl, unaware that she has a crush on Frankie.moreless
    • The Marriage Counselor
      When Connie confides to Warren and Pino that she fears her husband is bored with her in the boudoir, Warren convinces her that she has nothing to worry about if she uses a sexy technique called "the boomerang." But when Connie's new bedroom move makes her husband suspicious that she's been seeing someone on the side, Frankie is beside himself with fear that his parents are going to break up.moreless
    • Shaggy Dog Story
      Shaggy Dog Story
      Episode 5
      Warren hesitantly agrees to adopt a lost puppy so that Frankie can impress an attractive new tenant in their building. Frankie, however, doesn't realize that the object of his affection thinks that the roommates are actually an adorable "couple" out walking their dog together. Meanwhile, Pino gets up the nerve to ask Meryl out on a date, but his face and arms swell up from his severe allergy to the dog.moreless
    • A Brief Encounter
      Vern suspects that Frankie may be gay, while Pino thinks Warren has a crush on Frankie. When Pino and Vern insist to Frankie and Warren that all signs point to Frankie being gay and to Warren having a crush on him, the roommates begin to read new meaning into every conversation they have as they dance around the issue. But when Frankie finds some of his expensive underwear missing, he decides it's time to confront Warren.moreless
    • Blah, Blah, Blah
      Blah, Blah, Blah
      Episode 3
      Frankie is dating a woman whom he is very attracted to, but isn't really interested in what she has to say. Whenever she begins to discuss her feelings, all Frankie hears is "blah, blah, blah." Warren, on the other hand, really enjoys talking with her and sharing emotions. Together, Frankie and Warren make the perfect guy and they decide to split the duties of a boyfriend. Warren gets the deep conversation and Frankie gets to enjoy the "pillow talk."moreless
    • Fight Night
      Fight Night
      Episode 2
      Worried that his friends will give him a hard time for having a gay roommate, Frankie attempts to hide the fact by making the apartment look more masculine when his friends come over to watch the fight. He asked Warren to act more heterosexual, Warren doesn't like it but, after meeting Frankie's scary friends, grudgingly agrees.moreless
    • Pilot
      Episode 1
      Warren Fairbanks, a writer just dumped by his boyfriend, decides, with the help of his flamboyant best friend, Vern, to put an ad in the paper, "GWM seeks roommate." Frankie Zito, a macho guy from the Bronx who, against the wishes of his parents, Joe and Connie, wants to move out of their house, responds to Warren's ad. Along with his dim-witted best friend, Pino, Frankie assumes GWM means "Guy with Money." Frankie moves in, and worlds collide.moreless
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