Some of My Best Friends

CBS (ended 2001)


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  • Frankie, a struggling hetero Italian actor, unwittingly becomes a roommate to Warren, a gay writer, and they become TV's next odd couple.

    Afer seeing the movie, "Kiss Me Guido", I was anxious to see this TV adaptation of it. Although the show wasn't quite as good as the movie (I mean Danny Nucci's cute, but he's no Nick Scotti), I think the show was actually very entertaining. However, I think the show went unnoticed by most people. I remember watching the first two episodes when the show originally aired and then it seemed the show just disappeared. Actually, CBS moved its timeslot around so much that I couldn't find it. So it was a joy to watch the episodes I missed being rerun on LOGO. I actually enjoyed this show and found it to be quite funny with some very humorous storyines and situations. I'm assuming it was yanked due to poor ratings, but I think it deserved a shot to survive based on its 7 episodes. Maybe if it had been given a chance, it could've gone on to become the next "Will and Grace."