Season 2 Episode 9


Aired Weekdays 4:00 PM Sep 01, 1976 on NBC

Episode Recap

David's eyes wander around the kitchen of the Grant home. Every corner seems to hold some private and dear memory. It feels good to be home, but he wishes the reason for his return was a happier one.

David recalls to his family the cause for his sudden departure from Hong Kong. He shows Ellen the note that Lyling left him. It reads: "I must go. I won't be back. Forgive me." "I came home from work one day," David relates, "and found the house deserted. This note was lying on the dresser. I waited around but there was no further correspondence. The last I heard, Lyling and the baby were in Communist China. I didn't know what else to do, so I came home." Ellen's heart breaks for her son, she wishes there were something she could do but she knows it's one of those things that a mother's soft kisses and comfort just won't remedy. Her son will have to resolve the situation himself and she has faith that he can do this.

Ginger is very good by now, at reading her husband and she knows just by the seriousness in his voice and the look of determination in his eyes, that Tony has something very important to tell her. She gets an icy chill down her body as Tony tells her that he wants to set the date for the operation because he doesn't want to wait any longer. He wants to live a full life not a half one. Ginger is afraid but she knows there's nothing she can do to stop her husband from having the operation.

Housewarmings occur everyday, but a housewarming in a penthouse is an event to remember! Dan Brisken's penthouse party is definitely an occaision that will be talked about for weeks. The vibes are warm and good and the residents of Somerset have a high ol' time. It's a time for old lovers to get closer together and new ones to make strides (Luke pursues Ellen; and Vicki, naturally, pursues Julian).

There's not a sound coming from Luke McKenzie's studio. No one answers Ellen and Brian's greetings of "hello." Ellen's a bit surprised and worried, she knows Luke should be there, he wouldn't have forgotten about their picnic. "Lady Ellen" (as Luke calls her) then takes Brian by the hand and enters the room where so many great works of art were born. Ellen utters a gasp when she sees Luke lying on the floor with the boards of what was once a scaffold piled on top of him. She rushes over to Luke's side and removes the wooden planks. Ellen's relieved to find her friend fully conscious. She tells Luke to lie still; she's going to call for an ambulance.

This "lying still" is a bitter pill for Luke to swallow, he tries to get up but the shooting pain he feels makes him realize such movement is impossible. Luke noisily resigns himself to the situation.

Luke is brought to Somerset Hospital and diagnosed as having a broken hip and possible lower back injuries. His attending physician is Jerry Kane, who has the unfortunate task of telling Luke he'll have to remain in the hospital for a while.

Luke is visited frequently by Ellen. This famous artist has very warm feelings for this society matron. Luke later tells his other physician, Stan Kurtz, that he's been entertaining the idea of starting a family with Ellen and Brian.

When a man of Luke McKenzie's fame and notoriety lands in a hospital; that's good copy, the kind of copy the wire services will be sure to pick up on. Steve Slade knows that it will be a feather-in-the-cap for any reporter who writes a by-lined article on the event. Steve chooses to make the assignment his.

He knows the hospital is Carrie's beat, but Steve isn't a team man. He feels all's fair in this game of "get-ahead." Steve writes the story and has it on Julian's desk in record time. Carrie writes the story too, but her speed isn't as quick. By the time she hands in her story, Steve's is already on the way to the printers. This little incident only serves to increase Carrie's animosity towards Steve.

Steve sits slouched in the chair of Lt. Price's office. He chews on a pencil and takes in his surroundings as he waits for the detective to return. Lt. Price's absence gives Steve time to think. What's happening now in Somerset is big, really big. The trial of the two men responsible for Greg's death is scheduled to begin. Julian has assigned him to cover the defense. Coming from a rough background, Steve is well aware of how cold and calculating these men are. Not the ones on trial, they're just ordinary two-bit criminals, but the real culprits, the ones who escaped prosecution, they're the people to worry about. These men (or women) belong to a very special fraternity. They're members of organized crime.

Lt. Price says the prosecution is very confident. They have enough witnesses to guarantee them an airtight case. He says: "Greg's murders are going to be sent where they belong." "Don't be so sure," hints Steve. "The kind of people we're dealing with have been known to make witnesses disappear."

Can it be Steve's prophesy is coming true? Carrie Wheeler is a witness and many strange things have been happening around and to her. She finds a dead bird in her purse and she has the eerie feeling her apartment has been searched even though the only things that point in that direction are a blouse placed in the wrong drawer and a book put back out of sequence.

The Coopers are headed for the West Coast; for a while anyway. Due to an unexpected change of doctors, Tony now has to have his operation in Los Angeles. Tony and his family will be staying with his father until Tony's well enough to return home.

Julian is interviewed on national television. The interviewer is an attractive, efficient, take-charge person who goes by the name of Avis Ryan. Vicki is not thrilled with her.

The underworld takes care of its own and in this case "its own" are the two men soon to go on trial for the murder of Greg Mercer. The DA feels he has an airtight case, "they" want to make sure his case isn't so solid. They have already begun to search his star witness Carrie Wheeler's apartment and they have made another witness (the nurse who was in the room at the time of David Gamage's taped confession to Carrie) disappear. It seems that Steve's prophesy is coming true. The "big boys" have come to the small town. Somerset is turning into quite a mini-metropolis.

It's these very events that are causing Lt. Price great concern. Things were so much simpler when Somerset was just another small town on the map, now..

Lt. Price is very concerned about Carrie. He doesn't want her to meet the same fate as Greg. He places a call to The Register and tells this courageous reporter to come to his office at once, but she's not to tell anyone where she is going. Carrie arrives and Lt. Price gets right to the point. He tells Carrie about the disappearance of the nurse and expresses his fears that "they" may be coming for her next. As he hands Carrie the subpoena, he warns her to be careful, her life may be in danger!

A shiver runs through Carrie's body as her worst fears have been confirmed. The strange events happening around her are not to be ignored. They're definitely pointing in a very frightening direction.

In the confines of Julian's office at The Register, a love affair has blossomed. No, it's not Julian and Vicki having some afternoon fun 'n games, it's the love of another caliber, between man and TV camera, and the sparks ignite when Julian meets the camera's eye. The camera brings out the best in him. He comes across very intelligent, very much in control and very handsome. Avis Ryan is quite impressed. So are the "bosses" at her network. They are so impressed, in fact, that they ask to meet with Julian personally.

Maybe a new career is in the works, for Julian!
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