Something Else

Disney Channel (ended 2004)


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Something Else

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Think of the oddest mix of characters, music and adventures you can imagine and you’ll still be surprised by the off-beat fun of this wacky animated series. Based on the award-winning book "Something Else" by Kathryn Cave and Chris Riddell, Something Else the TV series tells the story of two totally inseparable friends who couldn't be more different from each other - and everybody else. There’s the small, blue, furry Something Else (a.k.a. SE) and his pal the orange, furry, long-nosed Something. Who could possibly predict what will happen when these two characters get together? Besides being blue and furry, "Something Else" is neat and tidy – in fact you might say a little compulsive. On the other paw there’s his hairy orange friend "Something", who lives for the moment and is always ready for adventure (but not the consequences.) Like 'The Odd Couple', they bring out the best and the worst in each other in the whimsical Land of Elsewhere. With an emphasis on fun and humour, combined with sky's-the-limit visuals and plenty of action, these child-friendly stories are about relationships, and how two good friends stay good friends in spite of themselves. In a land where anything can happen, the tone is always upbeat - never serious. Add to the mix Something's compulsion for inventing strange contraptions, and the scene is set for unlimited adventure. It’s big, bold, quirky, and bouncing along to a salsa cum samba slash rumba beat. Boy, now that's Something Else!moreless