Something in the Air - Season 1

ABC1 (ended 2002)


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  • Through The Hoops
    Through The Hoops
    Episode 18
    Emu Springs is a pressure cooker. Joe is frustrated by the non-performing ram who won't reproduce. Harry has been asked to write an essay on his life but nothing's coming. After the death of his dad, his life seems empty. He looks to inspiration from Helen , but she is too busy dealing with the war between Tom and Dr Eva. He goes to Len for help and inadvertently becomes party to an act of betrayal. The footy team has decided, because of Len's ill health, to drop him as coach. Outwardly Len takes the news with courage and anger but he is devastated. Harry tries to cheer him up with some of Dr Eva's healing oils. Despite the writ Dr Eva has issued against Tom, he continues informing his listeners about Eva's absence of qualifications. Dr Eva is concerned her patients will lose confidence in her. But when Len collapses it is Dr Eva who Mon turns to for help.moreless
  • Forces Of Nature
    Forces Of Nature
    Episode 19
    Tom continues his persecution of Dr Eva. Mon takes matters into her own hands by trying to enforce his pedestrian mode of transport. Dr Eva finally comes clean and shows Helen her registration papers. Joe and Sally try alternative methods to inspire Gary the ram, but to no avail. Julia is forced by public attention to swap the rams. Harry is caught up with the problems of life and goal umpiring, whilst Stuart and Ryan are sheepish about their involvement in getting Len sent to hospital with an attack.moreless
  • Renaissance Man
    Renaissance Man
    Episode 134
  • The Big Picture
    The Big Picture
    Episode 11
    Len finds solace in the bottle as he struggles to cope with the news that he is dying. Mon seeks to mend the rift between Len and their absent son, Wayne. Stuart is being mysterious about plans for the pub. Tom digs his heels in about keeping the new announcers' chair which forces Helen's hand and she hatches a scheme to teach him a valuable lesson. There's war in the Sabatini household over Joe's decision to invest in fine wool sheep.moreless
  • Gettin' To Know You
    As Doug and the media shy Julia prepares for an interview with Stephanie Bennett, a city-based journalist, Megan manages to gain an attachment to the crew. Sally discovers that the journalist everyone is talking about is in fact an old friend from University and she volunteers to show Stephanie and cameraman, Jerry, around town. While Joe relishes the opportunity to highlight the struggle of life on the land, Len and Mon take the mickey out of their city cousins. When Stephanie arrives at the radio staiton, Tom Dooley escapes and avoids exposure by adopting a new persona.moreless
  • The Spiders And The Fly
    Unhappy with the direction his breakfast show is taking and fearing professional embarrassment, Tom reclaims his breakfast spot. As Stephanie and Jerry prepare to leave town, their attention is drawn to his voice on the radio. Driven by her scoop mentality, Stephanie heads over to 3ES for an exclusive interview with the banished king of radio.moreless
  • Is That The Best You Can Do ?
  • Commitment Is A Many Lettered Word
    Sally is relieved to discover the unusually high drop-out rate in her class isn't linked to the 'vendetta'. However Joe's problems are not as simple, especially when a bit of detective work reveals the person is implementing a campaign of terror against them. Ryan feels he's losing ground at the station when Megan tries spreading her wings over his territory. But with a little help from an unlikely source, Jeff comes to understand Ryan's need to return to the only job he finds completely fulfilling. Megan's curiosity is piqued when she again catches Stuart carefully wrapping gifts for his mystery woman; but he's giving nothing away...yet. Helen wonders how much longer she can avboid 'the talk' when she notices Harry and Alicia getting closer.moreless
  • Comfort Zones
    Comfort Zones
    Episode 57
    The district is buzzing with talk of The Kissing Bandit on the run in the area. Some are titillated but Tom speaks out strongly against the young punk being turned into a folk hero. Stuart, still keeping the identity of his romantic attachment from Megan, receives a voucher for weekend at a Health Spa. He is offended as he believes Eva, the sender, is referring to his weight and lack of fitness. He is quickly mollified when he realises Eva has planned this as a romantic weekend for two. Fr. Brian gets hauled in front of the Bishop for appearing to speak out, on air, against the Pope's directive on women in the Priesthood. He is forced to quit the Fess Up program. Julia and Mon discover the local Emu has laid eggs in town - a sure sign a "happy event" is not far away.moreless
  • Clash of The Titans
    Clash of The Titans
    Episode 58
    Ryan and Megan take over the night spot left vacant by the suspension of Father Brian. The Kissing Bandit continues to be the main topic of the show until Helen puts her foot down. Tom, at a loose end, traps Stuart into a late night card game causing him to miss a hot date with Dr Eva. After Stuart and Fr. Brian disagree over the best way to handle the Bandit, Fr. Brian gets Ryan to put him back on air in an effort to talk the boy into giving himself up. Sally thinks she might be pregnant. Joe is delighted. But they are both disappointed when it turns out to be a false alarm.moreless
  • We'll Talk About It In The Morning
    Matt Bateman returns to the delight of the inhabitants of Tale Farm who are excited that now it will start happening for them. Tom, his nose out of joint at Matt's popularity, is less enthused and remains sniffy to the end. Father Brian is still anxious to help the Kissing Bandit but Stuart cautions him against getting involved. When Fr. Brian is back in studio, while Megan conducts Fess Up, a young girl Sharon comes in saying she is the ex-girlfriend of the Bandit. The girl he kissed. She tells Fr. Brian the whole story revealing that his hunch about the Bandit being misunderstood was correct. Stuart is not happy when he hears Fr. Brian on air with Sharon encouraging the Bandit to call. He hurries to the studio in time to hear the Bandit on air with Sharon being brilliantly counseled by Fr. Brain who succeeds in getting the boy to give himself up.moreless
  • Forgiveness And Ratings
    Mon has decided to go for her licence but is clearly nervous about the outcome. It takes support from Julia who continues teaching while maintaining her fitness campaign by running alongside Mon's slow moving vehicle. Mon is rewarded. She gets her P-plates. Dr Eva and Stuart enjoy their luxuriant weekend at the Spa but Eva still makes him agree to keep their liason secret. Tom interviews Matt on air and gives the MapleCo rep a very hard time. Matt looks after himself and is apparently unphased. Helen however is furious at Tom's behaviour but he maintains he is just doing his job. Joe is not so forgiving and gets stuck into an unrepentant Tom. Tom then has a drink with Matt, on the surface, no hard feelings. But he then tells the Tale farmers he is pulling out of the MapleCo deal. They are on their own and the deal is in jeopardy. Helen challenges Tom that he has done it out of jealousy of Matt's attitude to her.moreless
  • Summer Madness
    Summer Madness
    Episode 61
    As Emu Springs experiences a bout of summer madness, Harry's hormones start rising along with the temperature. Stuart cops nothing but trouble as he attempts to enforce a healthy new menu upon his recalcitrant clientele. Ron Thomas, a charmer with a shady past, encourages Mon to make a killing selling chips, just to get up Stuart's nose. Dr Eva and Matt are feeling the worst of the heat. Julia is the only resident who doesn't seem to be affected. Dr Eva's reprise from the heat comes in the form of an ingenious surprise from Stuart.moreless
  • Friday Night Fever
    Friday Night Fever
    Episode 62
    While the heatwave continues, Tom reveals his intention to escape in air conditioned comfort to Sydney. Meanwhile, Helen is carrying the added burden of knowing about Tom's decision to pull out of the MapleCo deal. Helen's guilt is worsened when Matt comes into the station to record his MapleCo commercial. At the pub, Stuart's troubles continue, despite the joys of his clandestine relationship with Dr Eva. The new menu draws even more complaints and Megan seems to have taken a liking to Ron, despite Stuart's warnings. Megan learns she is no where near as grown up as she thinks she is, as events take a frightening turn.moreless
  • Time Of Reckoning
    Time Of Reckoning
    Episode 55
    In the aftermath of the crash Joe and Sally react to the implication of their loss. The ram has been deliberately let out on the road, the fence wire cut. When a further series of mishaps occur, Joe suspects someone has a vendetta against him... but who? Ryan grapples with his feelings of loyalty to his father and a burning desire to return to his first Stuart is strangely melancholy these days. Megan deduces it must be love... if only she could find out who the mystery woman is. Helen spreads herself thin when the station experiences a temporary mass exodus of employees. However, she is surprised when Megan comes to her aid with a deftness and maturity she hasn't seen before.moreless
  • Rats And Drains
    Rats And Drains
    Episode 54
    Helen has to make a choice between the family unit and her own interests. When Jeff volunteers to help L-plate Mon with her first delivery he gets a bit more than he bargained. Mon crashes the car, killing Joe's prize fine wool Merino and leaving Jeff incapacitated and unable to work for a few days. Wanting to help his father out, Ryan volunteers to take over the family business while his dad recovers from the injuries. Jeff is proud of his son's loyalty. He also begins to wonder if Ryan might be keen to take over the business one day. Meanwhile Stuart attempts to begin a courtship with a well-loved figure in town.moreless
  • Fools And Amateurs
    Fools And Amateurs
    Episode 53
    A series of somewhat dubious incidents leaves Joe to wonder if he is being specifically targeted. At the risk of being considered paranoid, he keeps his ideas close to his chest but events snowball as he exhausts more of his energies on the MapleCo deal. Tom decides he wants more of a stake in his Langs Ridge investment, only adding to Joe's growing anxieties. Julia's concern for her mental health is temporarily soothed by Dr Eva.moreless
  • Acts of Faith
    Acts of Faith
    Episode 46
    Ryan loses his confidence to defend his title as Dart champion of the Bullandra district when he can't find his lucky darts. Everyone pulls together to restore his winning edge. Even Doug and Julia have a go. Julia is more thrown by her martial crisis than she realises, particularly when she creates havoc with her resignation from the station. When Father Brian is called in to mediate between Doug and Julia, he discovers neither party is coming out with the real truth... until he finally pushes Doug into a startling confession.moreless
  • Omens and Portents
    Omens and Portents
    Episode 47
    When Julia fails to show for Rural Roundup, Ryan is thrust into the breach. But his performance is way below par as his anxiety over the darts tournament builds. Stuart is also feeling the pressure as a coach- he doesn't want to let down Len's memory. Mon has things on her mind when Matt suggests big changes could be in store for Emu Springs. Meanwhile, Matt's positive thinking rubs off on Harry who uses it to ask Helen for a new pair of the latest runners. Tom puts his newly developed gift to the test when he attempts to organise an interview with Bill Clinton. The results don't quite go as planned.moreless
  • Analyze This
    Analyze This
    Episode 48
    Tom is pillored on air following the Bill Clinton schemozzle. But Helen has other things on her mind when Julia show's up for work a day late and then struggles to get through her program. Doug is convinced Julia's problem stems from his cross-dressing and confides in Father Brian about his dilemma. Stuart tries to get Ryan revved up for the darts tournament. Both are worried they'll let the memory of Len down, but in the end it is Mon and Megan who find just the right source of inspiration to bring Ryan back to form. Harry finds his brand new runners are feeling more like a torturous fashion statement.moreless
  • Covetous Acts
    Covetous Acts
    Episode 49
    Julia is refusing to submit to the blood tests which will confirm her menopausal state. When questioned by Dr Eva she reveals an even deeper fear her symptoms may unveil a more serious illness. Doug makes a decisison to quit politics and devote himself to Julia and the farm. At the radio station, Tom is brooding about the country and its effects on him. His restless mood gets Helen thinking about her place in Emu Springs as well. She feels she is in the way at Tale Farm.moreless
  • Pyramids, Profits And Puberty
    Stuart's younger brother Neville arrives in town and bases himself at the pub. Neville has a new and somewhat dubious venture to push. Stuart is happy to take him in, but the seeds of conflict are planted when Neville takes an interest in Dr Eva. At Tale Farm Harry seems to be stinking the place out, much to Helen's distress. Joe puts it down to puberty, but the real culprit is Harry's new pet - a ferret. Doug helps Julia at home and work as part of their new arrangement... Julia decides Doug had better stay a politician after all. Tom has been making plans to buy Langs Ridge and enter the Frontier foods scheme. He is furious to discover Helen has already made an offer on the property.moreless
  • No Worries
    No Worries
    Episode 51
    Mon conjures up a unique plan to finance possible extensions to her shop. Joe and Sally feel left out of the equation when they learn Helen plans to move out of Tale Farm. Harry busily prepares for a rabbiting expedition. Stuart's frustrations continues with the visit of his brother, Nev, is particularly in relation to Dr Eva. Nev recruits Ryan into his perfume scheme. When Ryan breaks the rules of the radio station, he comes under fire from Helen. Helen is intrigued by Tom's offer to buy Langs Ridge.moreless
  • Sweet Smell Of Success
    Ryan embraces Nev's perfume business, but has second thoughts when Sally tells him he may lose all his friends. Dr Eva tries to persuade Stuart there is a more sensitive side to Nev, but Stuart remains sceptical. When money is missing from the till, it seems Nev is the culprit. Ryan and Megan come under the spell of Nev's perfume. With the help of his pet ferret, Harry catches several rabbits, but faces a dilmma about their fate.moreless
  • Heatwave
    Episode 63
    Heatwave conditions are melting eveyone in Emu Springs and to cap it all off, there's a power failure. As Ryan keeps the radio station going on a wing and a prayer, Mon worries about her stock. Matt collapses from sunstroke when his car breaks down, subjecting himself and Harry to the elements. Meanwhile Tom's off to Sydney, leaving Helen furious because he hasn't told Joe and Sally about MapleCo. Tom doesn't know it, but he is about to receive an offer he can't refuse.moreless
  • Cool Change
    Cool Change
    Episode 64
    The heatwave continues.Doug and Julia are faced with totally unexpected news when Dr Eva calls them in for new test results. The reason for Julia's health problems is finally explained. Helen loses her cool when she sacks Tom and throws him out of the station... along with all his belongings. How long can he last exposed to the elements...? Everyone's taking bets at the pub.moreless
  • Spirit Matters
    Spirit Matters
    Episode 65
    It's Friendship Week, in honour of a visit Ava Gardner once made to Emu Springs. Tom is at his cyncical best, while Helen supports the goodwill it creates among the townspeople. But it reminds Mon of the loss of her best friend, Len. Julia and Doug try to come to terms with her pregnancy. As an escape valve, Julia throws herself into a committee meeting for the ball. It's decided a sponsor is needed and Matt is the prime target. Sally and Stuart are assigned the task of putting the committee's proposition to him.moreless
  • La Dolce Vita
    La Dolce Vita
    Episode 76
    Far from backing down on Megan's challenge for them both to enter the Queen of the Springs contest, Ryan gets into it with gusto, challenging Megan on the finer points of grooming. Tom, determined to play down his panic attack, is back on air with vengeance. Having shown Helen his vulnerability he is aggressive and challenging with her, finally provoking an amazing string of Italian invective. Joe persuades Sally to abandon her mock holiday and come back to him at the house. But instead of the romantic night for two Joe envisaged, Sally throws a birthday party for Matt.moreless
  • The False Prophet
    The False Prophet
    Episode 77
    A contest to see who will be Queen of Emu Springs brings out conflicting emotions in the locals. Julia is thriving on the organisational challenge while Kerri-Anne is desperate to become the Queen, like her beloved mother before her. Ryan has entered to make a point that the Queen does not have to be female in these non-sexist times and Megan, the city slicker, thinks the whole thing is outdated. Julia's big job is not made any easier when Tom Dooley decides to become an astrologer and predicts that Cancerians (Mon's star sign) will have a bad day. Mon closes shop and Julia's vital supplies are threatened. While everyone else is preoccupied with the contest, Sally has more private concerns. Has she got her professional and her personal lines blurred? Her feelings are thrown into more confusion when it becomes necessary to accompany Matt on an overnight trip. Should she go or stay at home?moreless
  • Rumours
    Episode 78
    The Queen of the Springs Contest causes ructions in the Emu Springs community as Megan refuses to take it seriously and Kerri-Anne sees her attitude as a slight on her own, sincere aspirations. Kerri-Anne's resolve to stay in the contest is further shaken when Tom continues with his zodiac readings and warns all Saggitarians to refrain from competing. Ryan succeeds talking Kerri-Anne into staying in the competition and is not impressed when he discovers the source of Tom's predictions. At Tale farm,Joe is missing Sally who has gone away on a business trip with Matt.moreless
  • Looking For Signs
    Looking For Signs
    Episode 79
    Sally and Matt return from their business trip. Tom's horoscope prowess is becoming too great a burden. The Spring ball preparations take their toll on everyone. Kerri-Anne's losing it while some of the local lads are engaging in covert activities...
  • A Disturbance In The Cosmos
    Everyone frocks up for the Springs Ball. A night of soul searching, revelations and farewells...The Queen of the Springs contestants exploit their five seconds in the spotlight. Kerri-Anne struggles with a very public moment of truth. Cultural standards are under attack when some local men unleash hidden talents. Joe and Sally reach a turning point when Sally makes a decision.moreless
  • Secrets And Lies
    Secrets And Lies
    Episode 81
  • Alternative Arrangements
  • Confessions Of A Bull Artist
    Tom returns sheepishly from hospital and tries to make light of his collapse, but Helen probes and gets him to admit it was a panic attack. He confesses to a past trauma which may have brought it on. Mon is astonished when Cedric proposes they "go steady", but he is in no hurry - she's got five years to make up her mind. Julia, Doug and Mon, each in their own way, try to convince Megan to re-enter the Queen of the Springs contest. Megan becomes more and more determined not to, finally challenging Ryan; she'll only go in for it if he will. To her amazement he takes up the dare.moreless
  • Many Shades Of Red
    Many Shades Of Red
    Episode 74
    Ryan sets up Megan to enter her in the Queen of the Springs contest. Megan is determined to withdraw but is faced with Julia's fierce opposition. An old friend of Len's, arrives to stay at the pub and Cedric is determined to paint the town red. This includes seeing his old mate Len. When he finds out Len has passed on, he makes the most of the situation and invites Mon out to dinner. Despite her misgivings of being on a date, she has more fun than she's had in a good while.moreless
  • Away From It All
    Away From It All
    Episode 73
    Helen is preparing for a glorious week alone immersing herself in all things Italian, while Joe, Sally and Harry prepare to head for the coast in the caravan. Just after signing their first joint document as partners, Joe and Tom discover problems on Tale farm. Joe cancels the holiday and a disappointed Sally holidays by herself on the hill, in the caravan. Tom inveigles his way to dinner with Helen and Harry, and is struck by what looks like a heart attack. Dr Eva becomes melancholic about her homeland after Stuart sends her a little gift but is cheered by Megan's unbridled optimism and daring. In the course of helping Tom, Eva is reminded of her purpose in life.moreless
  • Going For It
    Going For It
    Episode 66
    Matt rejects the idea of MapleCo sponsoring the ball. Sally enlists Tom's support in trying to change Matt's mind - but he is the worst person for the job. Doug continues to feel shut out by Julia. Ryan offers his support to a troubled Megan. With Harry and Megan's help, Mon tries to contact Len in the afterlife.moreless
  • Demanding Times
    Demanding Times
    Episode 67
    As Frienship Week gets into full swing, Tom throws a spanner in the works by announcing on air that Ava Gardner said Emu Springs was even more of a dump than Melbourne. Meanwhile Mon is convinced that Len is sending her messages from beyond the grave. Julia and Doug steel themselves for the inevitable reactions to Julia's pregnancy. Sally comes up with a novel way of convincing Matt to sponsor the Midsummer Ball.moreless
  • Natural Outcomes
    Natural Outcomes
    Episode 68
    Tom tries to prove that he understands friendship, but Helen's had enough of his games and dismisses his efforts as just another ploy. Tom's lost without his sparring partner. Harry and Fr Brian are concerned about Mon's desperate belief that Len is sending her messages. They hatch a plot to turn things around for her. Julia and Doug create a stir when Julia announces on-air that they are expecting a baby.moreless
  • Corporate Ways
    Corporate Ways
    Episode 69
    It's Fire Awareness Week and Tom creates controversy on air launching into a debate about the benefits of a volunteer fire service versus a professional one. Ryan, Joe and Jeff Cassidy were caught in the bushfire the previous year when two young men died. The Coroner is still to hand down his findings. When Tom interviews Jeff on air everyone is amazed when Jeff says that it is his fault the men died. Matt offers Joe one of his two tickets to the Test Match so Joe sets about teaching a bemused Matt the extremely complicated rules of cricket. Harry is moved by the candle tribute to the dead fighters and begins probing Fr. Brian about death and God.moreless
  • Soul Food
    Soul Food
    Episode 70
    Ryan can't reach his father who has become withdrawn since taking blame publicly for the death of his mates in the fire. Joe is also affected and when he confronts Jeff, the latter breaks swinging a punch at Joe but knocking out Fr Brian in the process. Matt gives up on cricket when he realises a Test Match takes five days and gives the tickets to Tom who sees the chance for a giveaway promotion on 3ES. Harry continues his exploration of religion coming to the startling conclusion that he wants to become a priest. The Ball committee is in disarray owing to Julia's inability to lock up a band for the evening.moreless
  • Role Changes
    Role Changes
    Episode 71
    Ryan's concern for his father continues to grow as it becomes increasingly apparent Jeff is determined to blame himself for the accidental death of his fellow CFA volunteers in the fire last summer. Helen's concern about Harry's interest in the priesthood puts her at loggerheads with Fr Brian, forcing her to face her prejudices about the Church, and her expectations of her son. Stuart and Dr Eva's attraction deepens but they struggle to find time to explore their new feelings for one another. Stuart organises a surprise rendezvous that gives them some time alone and shows just what an incurable romantic he really is. Mon scours Emu Springs in a bid to find someone to play "Eddie the Emu" the much-loved CFA mascot traditionally brought to life by Len.moreless
  • Back On The Horses
    Back On The Horses
    Episode 72
    Jeff hits rock bottom when he's engulfed by the guilt he's feeling about the accidental deaths of his fire-fighting mates. Ryan and Fr Brian hope the Coronial inquiry will help Jeff deal with the tragedy. Megan prompts Stuart to think about his relationship with Eva in a new and more serious light. Julia finds herself having to swallow her pride in order to win a favour from Tom. And Mon's last minute search for a new "Eddie the Emu" bears unexpected fruit.moreless
  • Man and Superman
    Man and Superman
    Episode 45
    Doug returns to Merinda to celebrate his and Julia's wedding anniversary, but Julia has completely forgotten. Doug becomes increasingly concerned for his wife's welfare, especially when she starts planning a trekking adventure to the Himalayas and creates havoc by resigning from 3ES. Tom is not thrilled to have a rival in Matt,although he is preoccupied with the amazing gift he seems to have developed of late... being able to read people's mind. Tom puts his newly developed gift to the test when he attempts to organise an interview with Bill Clinton. The results don't go as planned.moreless
  • A Tide In The Affairs of Women
    Megan's Womens Sports hour is under threat until she lands the lascivious Ralph Dewey as a sponsor on the promise of him meeting some glamorous female athletes. Mon is more and more concerned about Julia's condition, fearing the menopause. Only after Julia breaks down in front of her is she able to convince her to see Dr Eva. Julia in repayment gets Mon out on the Merinda paddocks for a successful driving lesson. And Tom is forced to accept Mon as his driver! Helen brings her suspicions about Matt out in the open. He is forced to admit he has not been absolutely straight with them. He works for a giant International food conglomerate who can do big things for Emu Springs and Joe and Sally's farm! Julia rejoins Father Brian choir and sings happily along with Sally and Matt. The tone deaf Joe now a silent audience.moreless
  • Skeleton In The Closet
    Helen, Harry, Len and Mon each have a different perspective on the discovery of the gold and bones, and each has trouble keeping the find to themselves. It's not long before the news spreads and Dr Eva reveals the bones aren't human. The feud between Tom and Stuart hots up when Tom announces on air that he's been ripped off. Bonnie reveals her presence during Father Brian's show 'Fess Up' - and an intriguing conversation develops, culminating in her taking flight.moreless
  • Gold In Them There Hills
    Julia and Mon continue to argue over the gold, while Harry maintains possession and dreams of all the cool things he could possibly buy with it. Helen can't get through to him, but a talk with Father Brian propels him towards more sensible measures - and a very Harry solution. But the process involves its own investigation - who should Harry believe? Julia? Mon? Meanwhile, the adults aren't setting the best of examples around them - Tom feuding with Stuart, and Mon and Julia starting World War Three. Harry finally draws his own conclusions and takes appropriate measures. Meanwhile, Bonnie's unexpected arrival causes some soul searching on Father Brian's behalf, and her conversations with him hint at a tension that has, up until now, lain dormant in his soul. Bending under financial and moral pressures (and some heckling from his friends and enemies) Stuart finally gets rid of the Pokies.moreless
  • Cross Roads
    Cross Roads
    Episode 17
    After Tom narrowly avoids colliding with Dr Eva's rail trolley, he uses the airways to vent his road rage. He challenges her right to use the line and her professional approach as a doctor. Dr Eva comes to the station to confront him over this. Instead of the apology he's expecting, Tom gets an insult. The war is on. Tom goes out of his way to check up on her professional credentials. And what he finds out surprises him. She doesn't seem to have any. When he broadcasts this fact to Emu Springs, the small town becomes divided. Meanwhile things in Helen's home life are also pressing; Harry is evasive of work at school and Joe is obsessed with his new stud ram who refuses to mate with his ewes. Just what is the problem?moreless
  • Chalk It Up
    Chalk It Up
    Episode 20
    Tom apologizes on air to Dr Eva sporting a rooster peck. He has to swallow his pride and present himself to her for an injection before lockjaw sets in. Joe and Sally are delighted, the new ram's a beauty. They share with Julia a drunken long celebratory lunch. Helen has a visit from Harry's teacher about his inspired cartoon work, and Harry ends up doing the dance of his father with his mother - the tango.moreless
  • Opportunity Knocks
    Opportunity Knocks
    Episode 21
    With advertising revenue up at 3ES and ratings soaring, Doug presents his staff with a bonus. Ryan puts a deposit down on a new car, while Megan sees it as an opportunity to have her own late night music show. Glowing with its current success, 3ES captures the attention of a major FM station. A proposition is put forward, which Doug, together with the Station board, accepts.moreless
  • Can't Buy Me Love
    Can't Buy Me Love
    Episode 22
    When Doug announces the sales of 3ES to the staff, they are divided, leaving Helen to take some drastic action in a last ditch effort to impede the sale. Meanwhile, Megan commences her late night music show, adopting much of Tom's 'intimate' style, and is flattered when she attracts the attention of Sean, one of her listeners.moreless
  • Return To Sender
    Return To Sender
    Episode 23
    As a last ditch effort to avoid the sales of 3ES, Helen takes some drastic action. Julia also voices her disapproval and Doug is left between a rock and a hard place. Sean's pestering continues but Megan devises her own creative solution. Joe is out of action due to a football injury, which increases Sally's workload, while Julia offers her assistance in running the general store, which allows Mon to visit Len without losing business.moreless
  • Gold Fever
    Gold Fever
    Episode 14
    Mon's grandfather, Arthur Donnelly, disappeared on the night the Crawford Horseshoe nugget went missing. A reward was posted. When Harry finds gold, Len thinks the body should be there as well. They secretly prepare to fossick and find the bones. Father Brian gets a call from a troubled teenager. Tom discovers all that glitters isn't a win. Helen and Mon catch Harry and Len out.moreless
  • Great Expections
    Great Expections
    Episode 13
    Harry stuffs up as goal umpire. Emu Springs loses another match and sponsor switches support to the victorious Stockton Stingers. The Poppet Head is removed and Len tells Harry the story of an unsolved murder. Harry explores the mystery and finds the fabled Crawford Horseshoe. Tom seeks to prove himself a winner on the pokies. Father Brian begins his late night talk back show 'Fess Up'. All the listeners want to do is talk about the football. To boost audience interest in the show, Megan and Ryan become his anonymous first callers.moreless
  • Resistance Is Futile
    There are winners and losers when Stuart introduces the pokies to Emu Springs. It's payback time for the recalcitrant Tom over the chair issue. Len surrenders to Mon's gentle persuasion and agrees to co-operate in the treatment of his condition. Although the question of their son, Wayne, remains unresolved. Joe and Sally reconcile over the investment opportunity debacle. Harry and Jason further their advertising careers.moreless
  • Aftershock
    Episode 2
    Emu Springs is in a flurry after the collapse of the Poppet Head - the beloved and long-standing symbol of the district's mining past, throwing into doubt major planned events. A power struggle ensues as Julia tries to keep tradition whileSally looks to wield a new broom. When Helen learns the stranger in town is Tom Dooley - recalcitrant talk-back king in exile from Sydney - she offers him the breakfast spot on 3ES. Tom declines, leaving Helen feeling deflated. And what is Doug Rutherford, Senator and co-owner of 3ES, doing in a dress?moreless
  • This Is The Thruth
    This Is The Thruth
    Episode 3
    3ES receives a surprise visitor, Tom Dooley, and even more surprising is his acceptance of Helen's job offer. On his terms of course. Stuart smooths things over with Julia while Harry discovers he has something of a soul-mate in the old storekeeper, Len Taylor. They are both fans of early Oz Rock. When Tom hits the airwaves Helen's reservations about him are confirmed as he lauches into a salacious questioning of Doug Rutherford's private life. Does Tom know about Doug's secret wardrobe?moreless
  • Puff of Smoke
    Puff of Smoke
    Episode 4
    Harry sacks Tom, but the damage has been done. Doug thinks he has been exposed, but when it's revealed that the people of Emu Springs are none the wiser about his private life, he instructs Helen to get Tom back. He's good for business. Tom then wrongly identifies Helen as an ally and says he won't work without her. Helen accepts the challenge. When Harry learns that Len has 'spun a yarn' about early Oz Rock, he is not concerned. He's found a new friend in Emu Springs.moreless
  • A Blot On The Landscape
    As an attraction between Stuart and Stephanie develops, Sally begins to feel physically inadequate against her professionally polished friend. Helen however manages to deflect Stephanie's loaded questions, and wonders whether there is more to Stephanie than meets the eye. As Tom finds it increasingly difficult to avoid the television crew, he devises a strategy using Ryan's talent for mimic whereby Tom 's breakfast show is relayed, without Tom having to turn up for work. Megan is confronted with some evidence that could harm Emu Springs forever.moreless
  • Siege Radio
    Siege Radio
    Episode 8
    Tom and Stephanie continue their Mexican stand-off while Len backs a horse SP with Stuart and hopes the siege ends so the race can be relayed. Much to Helen and Doug's delight, advertisers continue to jam the 3ES phones and Tom is inspired to up the ante with Stephanie. He invites her into the booth - has she just become shark bait? Stephanie hammers Tom with damning accusations, but Tom regains ground by hailing the praises of life in the country. But it's evidence uncovered by Megan which allows Tom to deliver his coup-de-grace. Len and Stuart, however, soon put Tom's moment of glory into perspective.moreless
  • The Best Of Intensions
    Inspired by Tom's rhetoric, and with his father's blessing, Joe decides to take a risk on a new investment strategy for the farm by changing to fine wool production. The trouble is, he neglects to inform Sally of his grand plans. While Mon tries to convince a reluctant Len to visit Dr Eva . Humiliated by having to have immunisation shots, Harry is bullied by Ryan's brother Jason. Sally is disgruntled over her husband's inability to confide in her. Meanwhile, Tom and Helen are sparring over the delivery of a new announcers chair, which forces Helen's hand into devising a scheme to teach him a lesson.moreless
  • Everybody Has Their Ups And Downs
    Sally and Joe's relationship is on a communication roller coaster ride with Sally's disillusionment over her husband's inability to confide in her and Joe's disappointment at his wife's lack of trust in his judgement. Harry and Ryan's brother, Jason, continue their conflict until a mutual interest brings an uneasy peace. Len's stuborn reluctance to address his ill health forces Mon to the brink. Len finally succumbs to the pressure and is confronted with the dismal truth about his condition. Despite Helen's instruction to the contrary, Tom has gone ahead and arranged delivery of a new announcer's chair.moreless
  • Wheelin' N' Dealin'
    Wheelin' N' Dealin'
    Episode 24
    The football team are rocked by Len's strange behaviour, and like the rest of the town are further devastated by his latest announcement. Sean confronts Megan about her 'public and private face', while Sally makes a small confession to Joe.
  • Salvation Jane
    Salvation Jane
    Episode 25
    Len's special honey is back on the shelves, and the good people of Emu Springs are finding they feel just a little bit funny. Except for Tom, who sinuses and sleep patterns have been upset by several days of aerial spraying in the district. Meanwhile, Len wants to pass on the secrets of bee-keeping to Harry, trouble is that he can't bring himself to tell Harry he's sick. A little bit of matchmaking is in the air as Joe and Sally organise a dinner party for Helen and the crop duster Cameron.moreless
  • Unexpected Proposal
    Unexpected Proposal
    Episode 26
    Harry, racked by grief he is unable to express, takes off in the ute, leading to a frantic search. Len blames himself and knows that if he had the guts to tell Harry he was sick, this would not have happened. In the pub cellar, Stuart comes across a box of love letters, sent thirty years ago to an unnamed woman, by somebody called Richard. After Stuart reads them he hands them over to Helen and Sally thinking they may be able to identify them, but the letters end up confronting the sisters with an unexpected shock. After waking from his deep sleep, Tom is hanging out for a decent meal. When Julia invites him for dinner the outcome is surprising.moreless
  • The Things We Do
    The Things We Do
    Episode 37
    Mon's loneliness over the loss of Len, is compounded with the imminent departure of Wayne. He too feels the weight of responsibility on his shoulders - a duty he can't fulfil from a prison cell. Meanwhile, Wayne is trying to compensate by re-merchandising the store. Joe is frustrated by the lack of attention Emu Springs is receiving from the government - roads are archaic, bordering on dangerous. When Julia lures Joe on air he discovers a natural aptitude for political speak and a passion to improve the plight of farmers in the area. Because of Tom's drawing power, 3ES get the opportunity to vie for a lucrative new advertising client.moreless
  • The Best Man
    The Best Man
    Episode 38
    Joe's foray into the political arena develops when he accepts the nomination for President of the Springs Farmers Association, and is elected unexpectedly. Tom's visitor is revealed as Jennifer Leveson, a lawyer in town to untangle some of the mess he made in Sydney. As one of Tom's ex-lovers, Jennifer is also keen to uncover when Tom left town... and her, so hastily. Meanwhile, Wayne's time has come to leave Emu Springs.moreless
  • Different Drums
    Different Drums
    Episode 39
    Joe is learning the hard way that there's more to politics than pure idealism. Losing his temper during some verbal jousting with Doug leaves him wondering if he's really cut out for life as a politician. Helen's plans to turn around the radio station's fortunes with a big budget client are thrown into doubt when Jennifer strongly suggests Tom resign. Tom's priority shifts from business to pleasure when he plans a romantic seduction at Langs Ridge.moreless
  • It's Over
    It's Over
    Episode 40
    A bewildered Tom confronts Jennifer about her sudden departure from their romantic evening, only to be met with some hard truths. While Doug and Joe debate politics on Tom's breakfast program and discover their individual approaches may be complimentary, if they find a way to work together. Despite the efforts of Julia and Fr Brian, Mon continues to cut herself off from her friends as she continues to struggle with Len's death. But it is the unconventional wisdom of Dr Eva that eventually helps Mon see there's light at the end of the tunnel.moreless
  • Fishers of Men
    Fishers of Men
    Episode 41
    After several unpleasing experiences hitching with the locals, Tom manages to finesse his way into a contra deal for a brand new car from Ralph Dewey at Dewey Motors. There's only one obstacle, he can't drive, not that he'd ever let anyone else know that. Ryan is enamoured of the magnificent new vehicle and Tom offers him use of the car in exchange for some 'light' chauffeuring duties. The deal becomes complicated when Helen refuses to censor a news item about Ralph Dewey's drink driving conviction, jeapordising Tom's cosy arrangement and station revenue. Helen and Sally are intrigued when a surprise package falls from the sky.moreless
  • End of Season Blues
    End of Season Blues
    Episode 42
    Sally and Helen bring Matt home and have Dr Eva give him a thorough examination. Miraculously, there's barely a scratch on him but it is decided he will stay at Tale Farm for a few days. Matt has a significant impact on everyone in town. He charms all the locals and even manages to teach a tone deaf Joe how to carry a tune. The only person who doesn't like Matt is Julia, who is in particularly foul humour of late after walking out of a Rural Roundup interview only to then be usurped by Matt at choir practice. It should be obvious to Julia that hormones are responsible for her fevers and forgetfulness, but Julia fears a much more devastating ailment. If only she could remember what it was called!moreless
  • Dropping The Line
    Dropping The Line
    Episode 43
    Ryan continues to try and teach Mon to drive but ends up being fired by her for his 'inexperience'. Stuart reluctantly takes her on with similar disastrous results. Mon's driving is scary! Meanwhile, Julia makes valiant attempts to put up a tent in the paddocks at Merinda. And succeeds. And sits and meditates. Helen and Ryan come up with an on air Auto Mart to counteract the loss of the car dealers' advertising. Matt goes fishing with Harry but appears to be after more than trout when he surreptitiously takes water samples from the creek.moreless
  • We Will Remember Them
    The town is in mourning for Len on this, the day of the funeral. Wayne is trying to shepherd his mother through her grieving, but Mon is very much in denial, even to the extent that she determinedly opens the store. Finally, after an outburst with Father Brian, she and Wayne have an authentic conversation about Wayne's relationship with his Dad. Harry and Helen, too, begin to face Warwick's death; Helen for the first time acknowledging the positives of her relationship with Warwick. Tom and Megan hold the fort at the station during the wake, and Tom bluffs his way through a detailed agricultural conversation - by the skin of his teeth. At Len's wake, Harry surprises everyone by playing a tape that Len made just before his death, while Helen slips home and makes her own, private peace with Warwick. Finally, Mon is alone, and it finally hits her. The morning finds her still sitting on the porch, wrapped in a blanket, wondering how on earth she's going to face the day.moreless
  • The Big Match
    The Big Match
    Episode 35
    When Mon tells Wayne that Len has emphysema, the need to make up with his father is brought into sharp focus, but made difficult by the fact that these two men are peas in a pod. Eventually, in their own way, they reconcile.
  • Return of The Prodigal
    Mon and Len's son Wayne returns home to a less than enthusiastic welcome from his father. However, after Wayne stands his ground, Len finally relents and allows him to train with the Emus, where he reveals his awesome prowess as a footballer - impressing everyone, especially Megan.
  • Flight Of The Bumble Bee
    Stuart finds in the pub cellar, romantic love letters from a past era which provide great entertainment for Helen and Sally. But the letters end up confronting the sisters with an unexpected shock. Meanwhile, Helen becomes attracted to Cameron, the suave crop duster. Ryan and Megan are secretly amused when Tom, hung-over from his dinner with Julia, is stung by a bee, and members of the foot club vote to re-instate Len as coach.moreless
  • No Regrets
    No Regrets
    Episode 28
    Creeping closer to a real awareness that his mortality is limited, Len seeks guidance from Dr Eva and Father Brian. But it's Helen who puts the brakes on his growing despair when she reminds him his life has had a positive impact on the community. Helen and Sally try to come to terms with their mother's past passionate affair. Sally panics, thinking she may not be her father's child. Meanwhile, Helen puts a stop to her growing infatuation with Cameron.moreless
  • The Last Straw
    The Last Straw
    Episode 29
    Tom lectures his fellow townsfolk about embracing a time of change. And it isn't long before changes begin to add a new and uncomfortable dimension to life in Emu springs. A dramatic drop in the bore water level threatens the local farms, and has Joe talking of conspiracies by the Bullandra farmers. Men's Health Week is on the agenda, promoted heavily by the radio station. Tom finds himself caught between the common-sense of the idea, and his natural resentment towards bureaucratic lecturing. Nothing is a bigger surprise than the sudden decision of popular local chemist Russell Redlich to shut up shop, and leave town. Russell is the third generation of his family to run the local chemist shop, so his unexpected plans to depart arouse nostalgia, and memories of others who have left.moreless
  • Country Races
    Country Races
    Episode 30
    When Tom is personally affected by the impending departure of the chemist, he launches a campaign to keep him in town, thoughtlessly sparking a feud with the neighbouring town of Bullandra. There are signs that a bug of some kind is affecting the town's health, even Tom is not immune. Until the source of the viral epidemic is revealed, Stuart's pub falls under suspicion. Conspiracy theories abound, when the health crisis, the water crisis, and the Russell crisis seem linked in a Bullandra plot to destroy Emu springs. Len has been focussed on his own health throughout.....especially the fact that, against the odds, he feels so well at the moment. It is a shock when it is Mon, not Len, who collapses in the general store.moreless
  • Lateral Thoughts
    Lateral Thoughts
    Episode 31
    Mon succumbs as the water crisis in town escalates. Meanwhile, Doug uses his resources to solve the bore water deficit and Helen has a brainwave to help Russell from leaving town. Tom interviews Hoppy on Men's Health Week, and by the powers of suggestion - starts doubting his own libido.
  • Rising To The Occasion
    Through Stuart's investigative work, it is revealed that Hoppy's pig farm is the cause for the contamination of the town's water. Helen has been busy brainstorming a way to keep Russell in Emu Springs. A brilliant solution is created by opening a combined chemist and stock and station agency - thereby solving the Bullandra monopoly. Tom is so confused by Men's Health Week, that he becomes obsessed about his libido.moreless
  • Rotten Eggs
    Rotten Eggs
    Episode 33
    Tom initiates an anti-football crusade just as the season is about to end in a blaze of glory for the once Mighty long suffering Emus. Among other things this triggers a name dropping war with Helen who is having her own doubts about her role as a mother, especially given Harry's weird inquiries into the afterlife. Helen is also struggling with her own inability to put some closure on Warwick's untimely death. Meanwhile, Mon plots with Stuart to get her son Wayne home in time for a reconciliation with his father in the face of Len's worsening emphysema. Stuart, alarmed at Megan's clubbing lifestyle resolves to teach her some basic self defence moves - and finds a sting in the tail.moreless
  • Detours
    Episode 83
  • Deviations
    Episode 84
  • Stand By Your Dog
    Stand By Your Dog
    Episode 136
  • Aliens
    Episode 137
  • Sirens And The Seer
    Sirens And The Seer
    Episode 138
  • Winds Of Change
    Winds Of Change
    Episode 139
  • The Toughest Opposition
  • Message In A Bottle
    Message In A Bottle
    Episode 141
  • Undercurrents
    Episode 142
  • You Left Me Crying In The Kennel
  • Feeling Snakey
    Feeling Snakey
    Episode 133
  • The Man Who Sconed Liberty Mon
  • Day Of Reckoning
    Day Of Reckoning
    Episode 125
  • Old School Ties
    Old School Ties
    Episode 126
  • The Art Of Politics
    The Art Of Politics
    Episode 127
  • Noughts And Cross Dressers
  • The Young And The Breathless
  • Songbirds And Drains
    Songbirds And Drains
    Episode 130
  • The Magic Of Radio
    The Magic Of Radio
    Episode 131
  • Mysteries Of The Deep
    Mysteries Of The Deep
    Episode 143
  • Chairman Of The Board
    Chairman Of The Board
    Episode 144
  • Knowing When To Go
    Knowing When To Go
    Episode 145
  • Things That Go Away In The Dark
  • Housekeeping
    Episode 157
  • A Cat Called Guiness
    A Cat Called Guiness
    Episode 158
  • The Grapes Of Hope
    The Grapes Of Hope
    Episode 159
  • Movers and Shakers
    Movers and Shakers
    Episode 1
    A stranger arrives in Emu Springs. Who is he? Whoever he is, it's clear he's not impressed with the local radio station 3ES where Ryan is in the chair and station manager Helen Virtue is enchanted with the rhythms of the Tango. Julia Rutherford tries to organise a forthcoming ball but her committee members are more interested in the arrogant new arrival. It's Ryan and the ambitious Megan McGregor who finally put a name to the face and a voice to the man. It's Golden Tonsils himself, Tom Dooley.moreless
  • The Ghost Of Post Offices Past
  • Who's Been Eating My Porridge?
  • Phantoms And Ghosts
    Phantoms And Ghosts
    Episode 153
  • Digging Up The Past
    Digging Up The Past
    Episode 146
  • Sign Language
    Sign Language
    Episode 147
  • Secrets And Dreams
    Secrets And Dreams
    Episode 148
  • Love And War
    Love And War
    Episode 149
  • The Children's Crusade
  • A Long Way From Home
    A Long Way From Home
    Episode 151
  • Football And Other Religions
  • Up Close And Dangerous
  • Not Quite Living, But Kicking
  • Love and Taxes
    Love and Taxes
    Episode 95
  • No!
    Episode 96
  • The Absence Of Lies
    The Absence Of Lies
    Episode 97
  • Wish You Were Here
    Wish You Were Here
    Episode 98
  • Radical Solutions
    Radical Solutions
    Episode 100
  • Shaky Foundation
    Shaky Foundation
    Episode 101
  • Motherhood
    Episode 102
  • It's a Boy! It's a Boy!
  • Revisiting My Fair Lady
  • Lust & Consequence
    Lust & Consequence
    Episode 92
  • Learning To Breathe
    Learning To Breathe
    Episode 85
  • The Anchovy
    The Anchovy
    Episode 86
  • Wandering In The Wilderness
  • The Gift
    The Gift
    Episode 88
  • Private Lies
    Private Lies
    Episode 89
  • Only The Lonely
    Only The Lonely
    Episode 90
  • Extenuating Circumstances
  • The Envelope
    The Envelope
    Episode 103
  • Navelectomy
    Episode 104
  • The African Gumboot Fly
  • Bitter Sweet Harves
    Bitter Sweet Harves
    Episode 116
  • Good Omen
    Good Omen
    Episode 117
  • The Bush Strikes Back
    The Bush Strikes Back
    Episode 118
  • Debt To Society
    Debt To Society
    Episode 119
  • And Emus Can Fly
    And Emus Can Fly
    Episode 120
  • Why Am I Here?
    Why Am I Here?
    Episode 121
  • Jumping The Tracks
    Jumping The Tracks
    Episode 122
  • I've Got A Crush On You
  • The Taste Of Love Is Sweet
  • My Way
    My Way
    Episode 113
  • Dooley's Gooley's
    Dooley's Gooley's
    Episode 106
  • A Hard Mate
    A Hard Mate
    Episode 107
  • Everything Old Is New Again
  • Home Brew
    Home Brew
    Episode 109
  • Hidden Truths
    Hidden Truths
    Episode 110
  • Give Me The Story And I'll Give You The War
  • Carrying Torches
    Carrying Torches
    Episode 112
  • From Little Things, Big Things Grow