Son of the Beach

Season 3 Episode 1

Penetration Island

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Jun 18, 2002 on FX

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  • Notch and his SPF crew head to the island of Bulemia for a new reality program. The team hopes that as a group, at least one of them will win the prize money to help save the poor children of the "Notch Johnson Home for Retards".

    In a television world where so called "reality" has taken over, the SOTB writers have come up with a doozy. There is so much parody in this hour episode that you need to watch it several times to get all of the humor and one liners. It's nice to see so many "pioneering stars of reality" able to make fun of themselves and what television had become at the time this episode airs. It's a perfect opportunity for the behind the scenes crew of a "real" television show to strike back and reveal all of the silliness and irony of the so-called reality world. Bravo to the writers, producers, and director for making such well deserved mockery of reality television. Even with the unassuming script of Penetration Island, it is obvious that scripted television is much more likable than what reality producers piece together, making a script of their own, and passing it off as "real".