Son of the Beach

FX (ended 2002)





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  • Not funny!!!

    this show is not funny . A big waste of time I don't even know why I watched it. The most stupid show in this world. Even the most silly person won't watch it. It is suppose to be a comedy show but I didn't see or hear something funny in it. Change the channel quickly...
  • funny ass show

    This was one of the best shows on was a dawn shame it went of the air.Notch Johnson was to funny.B.j was hot even when she was pregnant.i like how they just say anything and it could sound like a dirty joke.The episode witness to the Prositution was a fine example of a 30 minute dirty joke.Funny how Notchsays hes 30 years old when you can clearly see he's in his late forties.i most of like Jamiaca and how she sounds all ghetto and gang bang additude.on the last note thank FX for cancelling this entertaining show you morons.
  • "Son of the Beach" follows the misadventures of famous head lifeguard Notch Johnson (Timothy Stack) and the members of his scintillating unit SPF-30.

    "Son of the Beach" follows the outrageous misadventures of famous head lifeguard Notch Johnson (Timothy Stack) and the members of his scintillating unit SPF-30. Notch Johnson and his well-endowed misfits protect the sunny beaches of Malibu Adjacent from countless dangers including sinister cult leaders, dangerous mobsters, greedy developers and evil terrorists. "Son of the Beach" is the side-splitting "Baywatch" parody that premiered on the FX Network in the spring of 2000. If you like mindless entertainment and scantily-clad women, then you're going to enjoy "Son of the Beach". The comedy series won't win any awards for its silly stories and lame acting but does offer an abundance of silly clichés, bawdy sex jokes, skimpy eye candy and great low-brow humor. The series features special appearances by actors and celebrities such as Mark Hamill, Erik Estrada, Gary Coleman, John Salley, Joey Buttafuoco, Adam Carolla, Jerry Springer and Hank the Angry Drunken Dwarf.
  • Totaly hilarious!!

    I really miss this show, it brought some serious raunch into my other wise bland childhood! Regardless I loved how it mocked Hasslehoff and Pam Anderson, who couldn't deserve it more... Props to Howard Steern!

    My favorite character was firebush, she was Notch's Native-American cousin who wore "traditional" clothing and road a horse on the beach.