Son of the Beach - Season 2

FX (ended 2002)




Episode Guide

  • Booger Nights
    Booger Nights
    Episode 15
    Chip's sister, Eva Rommel, is forced into becoming an adult-film star by Vinnie Fellachio, and Notch goes undercover to rescue her. Also, Mayor Massengil hires Chippie to escort her to the governor's party.
  • Area 69
    Area 69
    Episode 14
    After B.J. is impregnated and abducted, Notch's old Vietnam/F.B.I. buddy Captain Enteneille warns him to stay off B.J.'s case. Notch heads to the famous secret desert installation, Area 69, to find the truth. Back in Malibu Adjacent, Chip and Professor Milosevic enter a local talent contest and are signed by a TV network executive to star in a situation comedy.moreless
  • Grand Prix
    Grand Prix
    Episode 13
    Notch must defend the honor of America in a three-quarter midget car race vs. a man from France. The Frenchman, who goes by the nickname "The Frenchman", is married to Notch's old flame, a beautiful French maiden named Nicorette. After her reappearance on the scene, Notch realizes she's a hard habit to break. Meanwhile, B.J. and Jamiaca help save a lesbian bar from going under.moreless
  • The Sexorcist
    The Sexorcist
    Episode 12
    Jamaica returns from her vacation with gifts, including a strange bottle. After B.J. is given the bottle, she becomes possessed by a demon. It's up to Notch to exorcise B.J., despite his past failures in casting out evil spirits. Meanwhile, the mayor's sexual harassment of Chip threatens her career when an uptight reporter, with political aspirations of her own, gets wind.moreless
  • The Island of Dr. Merlot
    B.J. and Notch find themselves trapped on the Island of Dr. Merlot after a plane crash. Meanwhile, Mayor Massengil declares Kody as the new head lifeguard.

  • It's Showtime at the Apollo 13!
    Jamaica is chosen as the first black lifeguard in space aboard the shuttle Catastrophe; Notch goes undercover at the Robert Downey, Jr. Senior High School when a student hacks into the shuttle computer and endangers the mission.
  • It's a Nude, Nude, Nude, Nude World
    The Nude-lympics come to Malibu Adjacent, and someone is killing the beautiful, naked women. The mayor wants to cover up the story, but SPF-30 tries cracking the case. Meanwhile, Kimberlee is unaware that her new date is actually the murderer.
  • A Tale of Two Johnsons
    When an evil crime syndicate clones an operative to look like Notch, the Gang is suddenly seeing double. The real Notch Johnson must stop "Evil Notch" from wreaking havoc in Malibu Adjacent. Can Notch beat himself? Also, Kimberlee's old boyfriend, a musician, comes to town and tries to get Kimberlee to come back to him.moreless
  • Chip's a Goy
    Chip's a Goy
    Episode 7
    SPF-30 heads to the Middle East for a vacation. Their visit with Notch's Israeli counterpart, Noccus Johnstein, is cut short, however, when evil terrorist group HUMMUS kidnaps Notch. Meanwhile, Chip falls in love with Noccus' daughter, Chcch, and agrees to convert to Judaism. He soon finds this means giving up much more than he bargained for.moreless
  • Light My Firebush
    Light My Firebush
    Episode 6
    Notch hires Firebush as a life guard. Also, B.J. is reunited with her mother, Ima Cummings, but her stepdad has evil plans for them both.
  • Queefer Madness
    Queefer Madness
    Episode 5
    The beach is terrorized by a gang of bad boys.
  • Rod Strikes Back
    Rod Strikes Back
    Episode 4
    The Divine Rod escapes from prison and wants his revenge on everyone. Also, Chip's dog swims from Germany to Malibu Adjacent and challenges Steve.
  • Remember Her Titans
    Jamaica's boyfriend has a problem with gambling, and his leg is broken after a bookie asks him to throw a rigged football game. Notch decides that he will fill in for him at the game. Meanwhile, Kody's father comes to Malibu Adjacent from the U.K. to ask Kody to go back and live with him.moreless
  • From Russia with Johnson
    Notch and his unit must stop a Russian terrorist.
  • B.J. Blue Hawaii
    B.J. Blue Hawaii
    Episode 1
    Notch and the gang go to Hawaii to be honored by the Hawaiian Tropic company. Notch meets up with an old friend and discovers that his daughter is a drug lord, so he and Kimberlee team up to stop her. Meanwhile, Jamaica and B.J. enter the Miss Hawaiian Tropic Contest. Also, Chip pretends that he is gay so that the mayor will stop her advances.moreless