Son of the Beach

Season 1 Episode 1

With Sex You Get Eggroll

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Mar 14, 2000 on FX

Episode Recap

A new member joins the Shore Patrol Force 30 unit, Kimberlee Clark. Kimberlee is actually a spy for Mayor Massengil; she's wearing a pin with a hidden camera that transmits directly to the mayor's office. The mayor wants to run for congress, but feels that Notch Johnson, leader of the unit and "The World's Greatest Lifeguard", gets too much attention. "No matter what I do, people just love Johnson," the mayor explains to her son, Kody as they watch the video feed hoping to catch Notch in a compromising situation.

While chatting on the beach, Notch and Kimberlee see a young Asian lady adrift on the ocean. They rescue her and take her to SPF 30 headquarters, and the multi-talented Notch interviews her in a Cambodian dialect. The young lady's name is Sum Pi; she and her four sisters had been offered a job in an American sweatshop, but it turns out that they were actually sold as prostitutes by a Mr. X. Notch and his unit agree the help Sum free her sisters from Mr. X's bordello. Of course, Mayor Massengil is watching all of this, and is looking forward to having film of Notch visiting a bordello.

Mayor Massengil summons Notch and gives him a beach permit that he has been asking for. Notch and the unit plan to give a group of sick kids a lifeguard show. Kody doesn't understand why she gave him the permit so easily. "Surely the camera will capture the faces of those pitiful children," she explains. "When I tell them their hero Notch Johnson can't be at the show because he is visiting a house of prostitution!"

Notch takes his newest unit member along to bust the bordello. They bluff their way inside the building, posing as customers. Notch isn't recognized because of his disguise, but Kimberlee's hidden camera sets off an alarm, blowing their cover. They're shackled in the bondage room, where Kimberlee confesses to Notch that she is a spy for Mayor Massengil. Notch is sympathetic after hearing how the mayor blackmailed her into doing the job by threatening to evict her grandmother.

Notch has a plan to escape, but knocks himself unconcious doing it. Kimberlee's idea to seduce the guard works much better, and soon they make their escape, freeing the Pi sisters as well. Mr. X flees the bordello, with Notch in pursuit, utilizing scooters, rickshaws, and Jet-Skiis.

Meanwhile, the lifeguard show for the sick kids is underway, and everyone is wondering where Notch is. Mayor Massengil announces that Notch is absent because of his prostitute addiction. Everyone is about to believe her story, but just then, Mr. X runs his Jet-Ski onto the beach with Notch close behind. Chip grabs Mr. X and the SPF 30 unit gives him a beating, capped off with Notch's body slam. The Pi sisters are totally free now, Notch is a hero again, and the mayor leaves the show in disappointment.