Sonic the Hedgehog

Season 2 Episode 4

Blast to the Past (1)

Aired Unknown Oct 01, 1994 on ABC

Episode Recap

Sonic creates a diversion so Sally can send in two Freedom Fighters to knock out the power grid for Robotropolis. They knock out the power, but when they are late getting back Sally begins to worry and she starts to look for them through her binoculars. She spots them just as Sonic returns and they have been captured. Sonic speeds off to try and rescue them but gets shut out of the building at the last second and the Freedom Fighters are roboticized.

They get back to Knothole and Sally blames herself and tries to think of ways that it could have gone without anyone getting caught. Sonic and Dulcy try to console her and Dulcy mentions that she knows how they could fix things. She knows where the FLoating Island is that is said to contain the Time Stones. Sally is skeptical and Sonic is excited about the prospect so they hop on Dulcy and fly off to where it should be.

As usual with Dulcy, they wind up crash landing on Floating Island and after dodging a couple of mystical stone guardians, Sonic and Sally enter the temple in search of the stones. They enter a realm that seems endless and Sonic finds a white shining door and he tries to open it and he and Sally are drawn in. They wind up in an area with the Keeper of the Time Stones. He asks them a riddle and Sally tells him the answer. They are granted access to the Time Stones and Sally tells Sonic to concentrate on the date one week before Robotnik took over. Sonic accidentally thinks of a chili dog just before the stones activate and they are taken to the past.

Sally and Sonic spot their younger selves as they are hidden and they decide to go and see Uncle Chuck and explain it to him first. They find and talk to him and explain what has happened and we find out that it was Uncle Chuck who created the Roboticizer to help the elderly live longer lives but it took away their will and Chuck destroyed it but they find that Julian (Robotnik) stole the plans. The young Sonic and Sally come in and they are introduced to the older Sonic and Sally but they are told they are distant cousins.

Chuck leaves the children in the care of Rosie the Nanny while they leave to go see the King. Chuck gets an audience with the King and Sally meets her father. She tells him about what has happened and he doesn't believe her at first until she convinces him that she is his daughter.

The kids sneak away from Rosie and are captured by Robotnik's robots and Robotnik crashes through the palace and introduces himself as the new ruler.

To be continued....
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