Sonic the Hedgehog

Season 1 Episode 8

Hooked on Sonics

Aired Unknown Nov 06, 1993 on ABC



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    • Sonic: This walking stuff draws major wind.

    • Bunnie: It must have been just a horrible experience facing that awful Robotnik.
      Sonic: Yeah it was, but…
      Antoine: It was terrible. There I was, Robotnik on the one side of my side, ten thousand of Swat Bots on the other.
      Tails: Wow, ten thousand?!
      Antoine: Well, maybe perhaps five thousand, if you were counting, give or take.
      Tails: Weren't you afraid?
      Antoine: Moi, afraid? But of course not! I am never afraid!

    • Dr. Robotnik: Do you have it?
      Antoine (holding a power ring): But of course.
      Dr. Robotnik: Tell me, why do you betray your friends?
      Antoine: Take this and you will understand.
      (Dr. Robotnik moves forward and falls into a pit)

    • Rotor: What's up Antoine?
      Antoine: Nothing is up, it is what is down here that is so terrible.
      Rotor: Like what?
      Antoine: Like the love of my life is crazy for a fool.
      Rotor: A fuel?
      Antoine: Yes, a fool! A fool! Why is this world so difficulting to understand? A fool is a stupid person.
      Rotor: Oh, you mean a fool.
      Antoine: This is what I said!

    • Sally: Sonic… (Sally rushes up to Sonic and kisses him twice on the cheek) You were great.
      (Sonic begins to swoon, he falls over)
      Antoine: Oh brothers!
      Sally: Sonic?
      Sonic: Just kidding Sal, kiss wasn't that great.
      Sally: Oh really?
      Sonic: Really.
      Sally: I suppose you can do better?
      Sonic: Is grass green? Is water wet?
      (Sonic gives Sally a big hug, kissing her on the lips)
      Tails: Yuck! (the kiss continues for several seconds) Ew, gross!

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