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  • Cool show.

  • Everyone dislike it but some not in games

    Thanks to Sega to create useless character from non game series. Don't watch anymore
  • What they say, I don't care.

    I don't care what the critics say about this animation. Abc channel may not have much great shows, but at least this show's a good one for real Sonic fans.
  • That Other Sonic Show.

    my 4th review after that trainwreck called Boohbah.

    Sonic SATam is the other Sonic Cartoon that was broadcast (the other one is Adventures Of Sonic The Hedgehog), it has a pilot and is darker toned than the other one. It features Sally Acorn from the Archie Comics and takes place in Metropolis, However Dr. Robotnik and his sidekick Snively take it over and create SWAT Bots. It is really fun but not as good as that other cartoon, but is good. I Give it an 8/10 with the title of Awesome!
  • This show gears more toward 10 year olds.

    My inside was only a baby at 6 years old (my body was actually 12) when this show first came on. During that time, it had too much action and it was a little too dark for me. Also during that time, I wanted to watch "The Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog", but "NO!", it aired during the stupid school hours. I was so totally peeved every time I miss it (TAOSTH was geared more towards 7 year olds because it had very little action and no darkness). Now since I'm older (referring to the 2000s), I can handle the action and darkness. At lease this is better than "Super Mario World", which ticked me off as a child. But I will have to admit. I love the relationship between Sonic and Sally, which is my favorite part of this series, I don't care how ticked of Sega was.
  • May get into again

    Few ep (96)
  • Bad example for expert writers

    When I look at it, the plots and charatcers are total cliches. I dont even get why the group would just find a way to finish off the One dimensional- super villian when they had the chance. They keep making idiotic flaws in military terms which by my count would have been killed off by now. Bad example for expert development.
  • It's always sad to see shows end in a cliffhanger

    This was a very awesome show in the 90s, same with Swat Kats. The characters were well-developed, the story was dark, but was still able to add humor to it. And it had an environmental message that wasn't shoved in your face. The only downside tothis awesome show was that it had to end on a cliffhanger. I hate it when shows end like that. I was hoping to see more episodes and see how Ixis Nagus was able to escape the void, but NOOOOOOOOOO, they had to end it then and there. But overall, this show was awesome.
  • Best sonic the hedgehog show.

    Compared to the other sonic shows,This show had a better story,new characters and

    the theme song was catchy.Great show for every one.
  • Aimed at more mature audiences, Sonic SatAM delivers a great story, memorable characters, and is arguably the best cartoon based on a game.

    Like many games out there, Sonic the Hedgehog is no stranger when it comes to having a TV show about him. Having 4 shows alone, Sonic is probably the best video game character to be made into a show, and his most powerful show is the dark and mature, Sonic SatAM. The show is based on the Archie comics it came from and centers around Sonic, Tails, Princess Sally, Bunnie Rabbot, and so many more as they fight against Dr. Robotnik and his nephew Snively to free the world. The story while sounding pretty linear actually is done in a way that will actually have you coming back for more. The plots are original and have plenty of twists to them as they go on. The animation is superb in this show, it flows nicely, and the set designs are creative. The show itself has a dark atmosphere to it and you actually feel the depression and apocalyptic feel to the world. The characters are just like their comic book adaptations and each one is given back story and you will actually come to know and love all the characters in the show. If there was one bad thing about this show, it had to be that it ended on a cliffhanger. Eventually though, they explained what happened after the series ended with another comic, but I honestly think that it was a ploy by Archie comics to make kids buy the comics to see what happened after the show. I think it's a cheap way to end the show on a cliffhanger and it should have ended better with no cliffhanger or loose ends. Despite that with its great storytelling ways, complex characters, and a more mature show for Sonic fans, Sonic SatAM is the best of the 4 Sonic shows and arguably the best video game to a show adaptation. Should you have a chance, look up episodes on Youtube and see it for yourself.
  • this is a great show...but one square down cause of robotnik

    love this show but one sqaure is down cause of robotnik...well his arm is roboticized and i cant stand listening to gary chalk at this time grounder was good but why does robotnik need snively?cant he just make some more minions?and whatever happened to grounder and scratch?did they get destroyed?ik in the comics robotnik died but why WHYY is he creeping on sonic cant he just find someone else to creep on???besides robotnik...GREAT SHOW
  • Awesome and 1 thing

    This series is pretty awesome, I wish it had more episodes but other than that this show is the best show ever! Anyways I wish this all led up to the story of the sonic the hedgehog comics then it would be like sonic the hedgehog comics on tv

  • Fast acting Sonic!

    He is quick, adventurous, a neatly designed character... perfect for kids to follow!
  • Well-developed and likeable characters, awesome musical score, excellent voice acting, and great story-telling and writing. Not what one would expect from a video game cartoon.

    The first Sonic cartoon was somewhat fun, but not all that good. This one on the other hand is amazing. While "Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog" wasn't close to the games in any way, this one used the same plot as the first two Sonic games, but expanded on the story and added new characters like Sally, Antoine, Bunnie, Snively, Rotor, Dulcy and King Acorn who would all become major characters in the Sonic comics wich are still being published today. And unlike the characters in the current Sonic games like Amy (obnoxious and annoying), Shadow (gloomy, emo, dark and just plain unlikeable), Big (childish, stupid, annoying voice), Silver (flat, one-dimensional and boring) and Cream (too sickeningly cute) these characters are actually well-developed, likeable and interesting. Sonic was cocky, smart-mouthed, and self-centered, while still being very cool, likeable and heroic. Sally was very smart and even though Sonic got on her nerves, she did really care about him. Dr. Robotnik was evil, sinister, dark, heartless, cruel and everything else a good villain needs to be. What good is a villain that isn't at least menacing anyway? Antoine was cowardly, and a huge cry-baby, but he still managed to be funny and somewhat likeable. I don't care what people say, I actually found Antoine to be quite amusing. Bunnie was kind and good-hearted, but would always be ready to fight and really knew how to kick butt. Snively was hilarious, but he was evil and actually much smarter than Robotnik. Rotor was very intelligent, great with machines and there was just something about him I found very endearing, likeable, and just an all-around great character. Tails was cute, and very brave for a kid his age. Though he was too young to really do anything, he matured throughout the series and became an official freedom fighter, but sadly the series was canceled before we could see him do anything. And Dulcy is the only character I didn't like. She was loud, obnoxious, and irritating (sort of like Amy Rose). Even though she tried to be funny, she failed miserably. However when she was actually being serious she wasn't half-bad. Sadly that didn't happen too often. Also let's not forget that awesome, unforgettable, way past cool theme song.


    -It was close to the games by using the same plot, but it expanded on it, made it much bigger and much better.

    -Not only was the theme song great, but the musical score of the whole show was just awesome.

    -Very likeable, very good characters. Sonic, Sally, Dr. Robotnik, Antoine, Bunnie, Snively, Rotor, Tails (not Dulcy) were great, unforgettable and highly likeable characters. -Amazing writing. Ben Hurst (R.I.P.) was one of the best writers in animation history. And I'm not joking. While "Dulcy", "Ghost Busted / Fed Up With Antoine" and "Ro-Becca / The Odd-Couple" weren't too good, all the rest were just great.

    -Superb voice acting. Jaleel White, Kath Soucie, Jim Cummings, Rob Paulsen, Christine Cavanaugh, Charlie Adler were all fantastic as the always are. I liked Mark Ballou as Rotor a lot too, he should do more voice acting. Not only was it an all-star cast, but they were all great.


    -Dulcy is obnoxious, annoying, loud and overall a bad character. Even though her actress Cree Summer is a good actress, Dulcy is not a good character. Also like a lot of comic relief characters, she tries way too hard to be funny and fails miserably, by using the same joke over and over (I'm okay ma!). If it weren't for her constant trying so hard to be funny, she wouldn't be too bad.

    Who wouldn't love this show? The characters are just great (excluding Dulcy), the voice acting is amazing, the stories are well-written and epic and it's just a great show. Not just for Sonic fans, but for everyone.

    Rating: 98% "Excellent"

    -Cartoon King
  • How to take a two-game series about nothing and turn it into SOMETHING

    Ok, in response to some negative reviews I saw about this show, about it not being close enough to the games, you have to understand that back when this show came out there wasn't much to the games to be close to. Only Sonic 1 and Sonic 2 were out when the show started off. "Sonic, Tails and Robotnik were the only game characters in the show..." That's because those three were the only characters in the games. This was before Knuckles, Shadow, Silver and such were created. "Rotor replaced Tails as the tech-expert..." that's because when the show came out Tails wasn't a tech expert. He wasn't like that until the 3D games expanded on his character.

    All they had to work with was that the planet was being taken over by an evil scientist who turned the animals to robots and Sonic and Tails were the good guys. Now, the writers took that and expanded on it in all the right ways, such as making interesting characters that develop as the story progresses, and actually showing the backgrounds of the animals that got turned to robots. Instead of just pixels on the screen, they're developed and well spoken characters so it actually matters whether or not they're in the robots. You can dislike the show, but you have to give them credit on how they took something relatively plotless and made it deep and complex without really changing anything.

    Besides the improved story and well-developed characters, I found it interesting the way the pulled Sonic off. I mean, he was supposed to be "cool". Just cool. That's all they had to work with, and they made him just that. By providing Jaleel "Urkel" White's awesome voice and timeless but varied slang, they created dialogue that makes the character sound generally cool. Not Hip Hop cool, not Skater cool, not Surfer cool, not Rocker cool, but a mixture of these that made him sound raceless and unfamiliar, but still somehow familiar and still "cool". Plus he balanced this with the skills and speed he was famed for, and they did it in such a way that he can be this cool, cocky self-centered dude, then turn around and think of his friends first, and take place in deep, emotional plot circles, like what happened to his Uncle Chuck. It was an interesting representation of the character that gave him personality, which the games really didn't. Oh, and for those who say X is better, just think of the things X ripped off from this show. I would point out the Power Rings, but that's the obvious ripoff and the X fanboys just sweep it under the rug. So take not of Chris' Uncle from X. From the scientist aspect to his hairstyle he's such an obvious ripoff of Sonic's Uncle Chuck. The way Sonic showed off and messed with his enemies in X was done to mimick the Sonic from this show. Decoe and Bocoe are just bumbling Snivlies. Even Sonic's theme from X is just a slightly mixed ripoff of the main orchestral theme for SatAM. Anyways, the rating for this show is:
    Plot- 10
    Overall-10...Aside from some characters i don't like (coughcough*Antoine*cough).
  • My favourite cartoon series of all time

    Sonic the Hedgehog is one of those series that seems to have been overlooked by all but a small loyal band of fans. The greatest cartoon of its generation in my opinion, that took the age old 'good vs evil' forumla, and made it so much better.

    In a change from most cartoons in this category, the baddie was actually the ruler of the planet, and the goodies were a small group of rebels left over from the war. While Dr Robotnik was a comical villain in most other Sonic games and cartoons, he was genuinely menacing in this one, superbly voiced by Jim Cummings. The tone of the series was always dark, especially in Robotnik's base of operations, Robotropolis, and this dark tone, always gave this series an edge, especially when it gathered pace in the second season.

    In season one, the episodes had no links with each other, but once it got into season two, and each episode followed the previous into a final climactic battle, the series was at its breathtaking best. Every single character introduced into the show had depth, personality and emotions, something all the best cartoons have. Also different from most universes was Sonic's personality, as he is usually a cool dude, who has no time to stop and show his emotions, but one episode actually shows him in tears, something that gave Sonic's character a more personal edge, and got the viewers more involved. For once, there was more to Sonic the Hedgehog than speed.

    The cartoon dealt with some real powerful emotions, and since it showed the characters to be so deeply affected, (thanks in no small part to some of the finest voice actors in the buisness, Charlie Adler, Kath Soucie, Rob Paulsen and Christine Cavanagh) it had the same effect on the viewer. A peaceful planet torn apart by war and taken over by an evil dictator, kids being torn away from family members at a young age, a small group of freedom fighters standing together for what they believe in, love and friendship in the face of adversity, this show was truly inspiring, and I would recommend it to anybody of any age.
  • This whole series should be made an animation classic.

    This whole Sonic series should be proudly entitled with the title "Classic" because back in those days, Sonic The Hedgehog was just a 2D game with no real storyline. This series took what the games had and gave it a story. This was also the first Sonic cartoon in history and deserves to not only be remembered and reprinted but to be named as a Classic in the animation world and the Sonic world.
  • Good

    I like this show alot cause it gives me everything i want to see its very good and something i like to watch this show has good and bad point about it but its ultimatly good entertainment for me and my friends and family it i think its a good show with informative and insightful situations that people can relate to in there own way , This is a show that i caould watch without flipping the station to find what else is on , i recommend anyone to atleast watch it once to see if they like it like i do
  • It definitely is down with moral values.

    I used to watch this show while it was still running during the day, but now I don't know where to find it. Strangely, I did not get into this show because of the video game...I got into it because I liked the characters and the lessons that were taught.
    So, sadly, I have to say I don't know enough about the background of the show to say anything I won't regret. Although, I recommend it for kids that have a need for speed, or kids who like Sonic the Hedgehog!
  • I wish they can show the old Episodes i need to remeber

    Sonic the Hedgehog is one of those series that seems to have been overlooked by all but a small loyal band of fans. The greatest cartoon of its generation in my opinion, that took the age old 'good vs evil' forumla, and made it so much better.

    In a change from most cartoons in this category, the baddie was actually the ruler of the planet, and the goodies were a small group of rebels left over from the war. While Dr Robotnik was a comical villain in most other Sonic games and cartoons, he was genuinely menacing in this one, superbly voiced by Jim Cummings. The tone of the series was always dark, especially in Robotnik's base of operations, Robotropolis, and this dark tone, always gave this series an edge, especially when it gathered pace in the second season.
  • Best Sonic Series!

    This is the Best Sonic The Hedgehog cartoon series! Unlike "The Adventures of Sonic The Hedgehog", It's a much darker and more serious cartoon. It uses more action and adventure than funny and cute. I believe "Sonic X" can't be compared to The SatAm series. It would have been great to see this cartoon continue on into another season!

  • Better than the average Adventure of Sonic the Hedgehog, and LEAUGES better than Sonic Underground.

    Unlike TAoStH this show was much more serious and the characters weren't so stereotype-ish (Antione was the best)

    TAoStH was for younger kids, and SatAm was for those same kids when they got older.

    Along with not being stereotypes, the characters were far from one-sided. They had one episode where Sonic actually cried, very unexpected for the "cool" character he appeared to be, showing how serious the show took itself.

    The central villan, Robotnik, was no longer a slip-up, he was a trully evil being, and since he was the only human character, it makes you wonder it the games and tv shows had some sort of environmental message behind it. There also weren't any three-stooges-type lackeys, just those tall, intimidating Swat-Bots.

    This definitely needs to be brought back.
  • A video game spinoff brought to the small screen? That idea never works...Well while that is usually the case, this show proves that theory wrong. By all accounts this show is able to stand on its own. The fact it stays true to the game is an added bonus.

    A video game spinoff brought to the small screen? That idea never works...Well, while that is usually the case, this show proves that theory wrong. By all accounts, this show is able to stand on its own. The fact it stays true to the game is an added bonus. For those of us that remember the Sonic the Hedgehog video games, this show is brings out numerous memories of fun, memories of frustrating times when we had trouble beating a paticular "boss", and plenty of other memories from our past, yet even if you have never played the games, this show is worth watching. It has all the aspects needed to create a successful cartoon. It has identifiable characters in Sonic and Tails, a bit of comic relief in Dr. Robotnic, solid storylines, great animation, and plenty of action. The sound quality is also an added bonus, as not too many cartoons can boast to have superb music, sound effects and dialogue. These aspects make the show a crowd definate crowd pleaser and an even greater treat if you happen to remember the games.

    My final review: A great cartoon that can easily stand on its own two feet, but the fact that it stays so true to such a classic video game makes it all the more worthwhile.
  • Best Sonic Show Yet!

    Sonic the hedgehog has always been a favourite of mine and I think that this was the best Sonic cartoon made so far.
    The darker quality to it definately helped with the story telling and character development, now I liked the more happy go lucky show that was before it but there was only so far you could take the show.

    Its a shame that the characters introduced in this werent used much after it ended as its hard to get good development in games and unfortunately I never read the comics.

    All in all i think this was a great show which should be known as the best sonic cartoon to date.
  • A more dramatic theme with Sonic the Hedgehog.

    This show was more involved with the original comic book series of Sonic the Hedgehog. Instead of being clumsy and stupid in the first series, Dr. Robotnik had a scarier voice and was smarter. His assistant begrudgingly assits him with his evil schemes and always gets freaked out when Robotnik heard his remark. Some of Sonic's friends, including his uncle Chuck, were robotized by him. The Freedom fighters lived and hided out in the forest away from the ever growing city of Metropolis. Usually one of Robotnik's schemes causes Sonic to speed into action and eliminate the imminent threat, but it was not always easy. Hey even Metal Sonic made an appearance on the show. Good times! Unfortunately, I did not watch the show enough to appreciate it becaused I kept missing it on Saturday mornings.
  • Super cool Sonic cartoon

    I remember when I was young - I watched Sonic the hedgehog every day . I think this cartoon is a classic just like " Tom and Jerry " .

    Now there are other Sonic cartoons , such as " Sonic
    X " and " Sonic Underground " . But the main characters ( Sonic the hedgehog and Tails the fox ) were taken from this show .
  • The best Sonic cartoon around, and one of the best, if not the best, generally.

    This epitomises much of what we love about Sonic, humour and action. Almost every episode had these two factors in the right ammounts. Some may complain that it had little in common with the original sega storyline, but unlike Sonic Underground, did so in a good way. It's by far the most mature of all the Sonic cartoons. The third season never being aired was a true disapointment, and we know only little of what would have come to pass. But from what we do know, it would have been great.

    This show should never have been cancelled, and the full series should have been released on VHS and DVD a long time ago.
  • Sonic is the fastest thing alive like on the opening theme. Sonic and the Freedom Fighters must fight Dr. Robotnik to free Mobius. However, Dr. Robotnik has a powerful weapon: The Robotsizer. Run Sonic Run to save the world.

    Sonic is really the fastest thing alive like on the opening theme. It was funny at some moments but it still has some dramatic moments. I cried when Uncle Chuck was robotizied in the episode Blast to the Past.

    ABC has underrated the series by cancelling it before Season 3 just because Power Rangers had better ratings. Adventures of Sonic, Sonic Underground and Sonic X will not be like Sonic SATAM was.

    A story arc should have done for Season 3. The story arc is in the Archie Comics. It\'s the \"death of Sonic\" of course Sonic never died just teleported into another planet.
  • This is my third review ironicly its also my third Sonic review also. This was above par Sonic at his best after the fall of his first cartoon The Adventures Of Sonic The Hedgehog that was too slapstick for my taste and the worst Sonic cartoon ever!

    The second Sonic cartoon was the best of the four Sonic cartoons with the dark storylines all i can say is that this cartoon was awesome from the villian Dr.Robotnik turning cute furry animals in to death machines and characters with great pesonalitys and great animation to boot i love this Sonic cartoon and the fans of the games will too
  • One word "continuity" something a lot of cartoons lacked... and still do.

    Other than continuity the series also contains quite a bit of character development yet another trait many cartoons of this time lacked, unfortunatly we haven't seen much of this as far as cartoons go. The show centers around Sonic along with some new characters that were introduced to fleshout sonic's then small "circle of friends" their main goal of course, was to stop robotnik. I could go on but if your'e reading this chances are you've seen it. All in all it was a superb series, and continues to out last any incarnation of sonic cartoons in the form of comicbooks .
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