Sonic the Hedgehog

Season 1 Episode 5

Sonic and Sally

Aired Unknown Sep 25, 1993 on ABC

Episode Recap

Down in the streets of the red, dreary city of Robotropolis, Sonic, Sally, and Bunnie plan for their next mission. Bunnie comments on the filthy air, Sonic sarcastically comments that he loves it just as much as Robotnik. Sally confirms the canisters are armed, Bunnie puts them in Sonic's backpack. Sonic advises them it's time to synchronize each of their watches. After they do, they head off to their designated locations.

Sonic appears at a garbage heap and contemplates on how to get inside the Swatbot factory. He picks up a pipe and throws it at a surveillance camera hanging above the guarding Swatbots. The camera crashes to the ground next to the Swatbots, the Swatbots leave their post to investigate. Sonic runs up the exterior wall into the factory and comes to a ledge with a great view of the factory. Sonic escapes getting pushed down into the factory from a garbage unit dumping garbage in from behind him by jumping on a rope and swinging across to safety witnessing the factory in production below him.

Meanwhile, Bunnie eludes the heat sensors of a patrolling hover unit and arrives at a panel. She rips off the panel cover with her metallic arm and counts down to when she has to shut down power to the factory.

Sonic counts down in the factory. After the countdown reaches zero Bunnie shuts the power off, and Sonic starts throwing canisters around the factory. Outside, Sally hopes Sonic gets done soon. Sonic runs around throwing canisters everywhere and avoids the many Swatbots out to get him. A Swatbot shoots a missile at Sonic. Sonic gets out a power ring, outruns the missile, and escapes the factory. Sally tries to detonate the canisters, but gets caught by two Swatbots.

Rotor and Antoine wait near a stack of hay as Bunnie shoots out of a pipe. Rotor asks if they've nailed the factory. Bunnie slides down the hay and says she doesn't know stating she had to make a very unlady-like retreat. Sonic arrives and gloats on how the mission was great. After they discover Sally didn't come back, Sonic wants to jam back to Robotropolis to rescue her. The others encourage him and convince him to wait for a power ring before he goes back.

Meanwhile, in Robotropolis, Robotnik duplicates Sally as a Robot correctly after he copies her personality.

In Knothole, Sonic, Tails, and Rotor wait for a power ring to emerge from the ring grotto. Sonic wants to leave prematurely, but Rotor grabs onto him to prevent him from going. Then, a ring ascends out of the water. Tails grabs for it and almost falls into the water if Rotor hadn't grabbed onto him. Rotor moves Tails over the land where he puts the power ring in Sonic's backpack. Not wasting a second, Sonic jams for Robotropolis.

In a glass cell, Sally observes her duplicate coming into the room quoting her, "out in the Great Forest titles are meaningless." The real Sally gasps.

Outside, Sonic contemplates on how he's going to rescue Sally. A camera emerges from the junk heap Sonic is standing and observes him. Sonic destroys the camera, now he is forced to advance. Robotnik orders for all exterior hedgehog traps to engage. Robotnik wants Sonic to enter, and he tells the confounded Snively why he's letting him saying he can't make it 'too easy'. Sonic avoids opposition making it into the compound. With Sonic approaching, Robotnik orders Snively to recall all Swatbots. Sonic thinks it's his lucky day with the lessening of the Swatbots and proceeds into the compound. Sonic sees Sally in a monitor then makes it expediently to her holding cell. Sonic notices Sally guarded by two Swatbots so he impersonates Robotnik's voice and orders them away. He goes over to Sally's holding cell and impersonates Robotnik again. He threatens the mechanism by saying he'll rip out its electronic brain if it doesn't open the cell door. The panel certifies Sonic is Robotnik and opens the cell. Sonic rescues Sally and they leave for Knothole. They stop to rest in a building where Sally tells Sonic that it was very brave of him to rescue her. Pleased, she kisses him. Sonic says it's no big deal and they embark once more to Knothole.. They come upon more opposition, but Sonic gets out a power ring to outrun them. At this time the real Sally still in the glass cell is going to be robotisized. The system malfunctions only allowing the imposter Sally's audio communication systems to function. Regardless, Robotnik insists he can still monitor the Freedom Fighters' every move, and he does.

Sonic and Sally arrive through the pipe to see cheering Freedom Fighters around the haystack. Sonic and Sally land on the haystack and slide down it where Tails comes running up to Sally. Sonic runs off as Tails gives Sally a hug, then Sally just gives Tails a plain old kiss. He wonders why Sally didn't give him the 'funny kiss'. Tails says it's on the nose where Sally failed to kiss him the first time. She complies with Tails's wish to be kissed on the nose and he giggles.

Nightfall in Knothole, Sally is tucking Tails in with a bed time story. Tails comments on how Sally tells stories real neato. Depressed, Tails has to go to sleep without a bedtime story because Sally won't do the 'scary witch voice'.

Sonic comes up to Sally and Bunnie and says he 'heard' the Swatbot factory is still online. Sally says the bots caught her before she could order Nicole to detonate. Sonic declares they must go back to Robotropolis in the morning to level the sucker. Robotnik hears every thing the Freedom Fighters planned.

In the middle of the night in Knothole, Tails wakes up and looks out the window to see what irked him awake. He sees Sally setting down a rake against a hut. Sally's eyes illuminate a bright red and scan the village. Afraid, Tails surmises Sally is a fake so he ducks behind his covers.

The following morning Bunnie wakes up Sally so they can check out something she had discovered. Bunnie and Sally appear at the garden with Tails to inspect it. The garden had been ransacked, Bunnie can't figure out why. Sally can't either, but Tails suspects Sally had done something to the garden.

Rotor, Bunnie, Sally, and Sonic, on the bridge in Knothole, head for Robotropolis. Tails yells out from behind them, "Sonic, wait for me," Sonic and Sally halt. Tails says he needs to talk to Sonic. He looks at Sally and says that it's a secret. Sonic excuses Sally and Tails begins to talk. Tails tells Sonic about the funny kiss and glowing eyes of Sally. Sonic disagrees with Tails saying he must have had one monster dream. Sonic says Sally is stressin' and that they would talk about it more when he got back. Sonic runs off to catch up with the others leaving Tails on the bridge alone.

The Freedom Fighters run into strong opposition with Swatbots as they make their way through Robotropolis. They hide from a hover unit that had been pursuing them. Sonic takes grappling hooks and secures the ropes on a dead tree. He hands himself, Bunnie, and Rotor one each and they take down the hover unit with the hooks. They celebrate from succeeding in avoiding their third close one for that day.

In a building in an upper level Rotor and Sonic are suspicious of all the close encounters. Sonic goes over to Sally telling her it's time to move out. Sonic realizes this Sally's a fake after all. She fails to perform the correct Freedom Fighter handshake. With her cover blown, Sally knocks Sonic out of the way, blasts through a wall, and runs through. Sonic pursues her down to a low-level hover unit garage where Sally leaves 'megamuck' on the ground to stop Sonic. He runs over it and gets stuck. Sally emerges from behind a pillar and is about to shoot Sonic when Bunnie comes out of nowhere and kicks Sally out of the way. Bunnie frees Sonic then he chases after Sally getting away from them. Sally attempts to shoot Sonic with energy beams from her finger, but Sonic successfully avoids each shot. Sonic gets out a power ring and runs circles around Sally causing her to become limp and inoperable.

Rotor and Bunnie catch up with Sonic and Sally. They wonder what happened to their Sally and they plan to find out from the pseudo Sally.

In the robotisizing chamber, Robotnik scolds Sally on the monitor because the Freedom Fighters destroyed his replica of her. Now, he is determined to make a new improved model.

Rotor examines Sally's back port. He makes her inform them of the factory status and the whereabouts of the real Sally who is going to be Robotisized. Sonic wants to speed off to rescue her again, but Rotor insists that he stay so he can give Sonic the imposter Sally after he changes a bolt inside her. After Rotor tampers with the robot, Sonic transports the cloned Sally off to get the real Sally; Rotor and Bunnie go off to take care of the Swatbot factory.

Sonic makes it to a metal screen. Unable to open it, Sonic orders Sally to torch the creases and Sally does so. Rotor and Bunnie steal a hover unit to destroy the Swatbot Factory.

Sonic makes it with Sally to the robotisizing chamber where Snively has begun the robotisization process on the real Sally. The power goes out intermittently from attacks by Rotor and Bunnie in the hover unit. Robotnik orders all units to converge on the hover unit. Sonic pulls tubes out of its sockets causing steam to enter the room. Snively goes to investigate and Sonic makes the switch with the real Sally and the imposter Sally. Sally thanks Sonic as they leave just as Snively comes back and starts the robotisizer. The machine starts to robotisize the imposter Sally. Robotnik is monitoring the blazing destruction Rotor caused via video. The throwing of canisters into the open garbage units decimated the factory. The Freedom Fighters escape the decimated surroundings while being videotaped. Sonic taunts Robotnik by leaving with the true Sally in his arms. They make a couple witty comments. Snively contacts Robotnik saying the robotisization process is complete, with a few glitches. Sally is seen shooting up all the equipment in the robotizing chamber during the videotaping that Robotnik looks at after the fact. Robotnik watches as Sally destroys the place. Then she shoots the monitor his face is on.

In knothole on the bridge, the other Freedom Fighters carry Sonic, Bunnie, and Rotor across it after they succeeded in their mission. Sonic thanks Bunnie for saving his life that day. She comments on how that having a metal body some times is a good thing.

At the ring grotto, Tails is sitting on a log with a glum look on his face. Sally arrives and tries to convince Tails she's the real deal. Tails concurs after receiving the correct funny kiss from Sally. Sonic comes up and sarcastically claims she's still not the real Sal. Sally tries to prove it to him with a kiss on his face. Sonic still isn't convinced; he grabs Tails and runs off. Appalled, Sally chases after Sonic and Tails because Sonic was kidding about her. The episode ends.