Sonic the Hedgehog

Season 1 Episode 5

Sonic and Sally

Aired Unknown Sep 25, 1993 on ABC

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  • This is such a cute episode.

    In this episode, Dr. Robotnik has captured Sally and made a robot version of her (kind of simular to the 'Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog' episode 'Pseudo Sonic' only with Sally instead of Sonic) and only Tails is able to tell that she's a robot since of how unusual she acts but Sonic doesn't beleive him. This is one of my favorite episodes and it's defenitly a special episode for Tails fans. I think it's cute how he wants Sally to give him the funny kiss then while reading to him, do a voice imitation of the Witch in the story. The ending is very cute too how Sally reveals to Tails that it's really her and it's funny how Sonic teases her at the end saying she's a fake. This is defenitly one of my favorite season 1 episodes.