Sonic the Hedgehog

Season 1 Episode 12

Super Sonic

Aired Unknown Oct 16, 1993 on ABC

Episode Recap

Rotor was working on a waterwheel to spread electricity through out Knothole Village. While Sally was searching for information on the waterwheel in Nicole's databanks, Nicole began malfunctioning. To fix the malfunction, Sally needed a computer chip. The only place she could get the chip was in Robotropolis. So she and Sonic went to go get the chip.

When they got to Robotropolis, Sally went into the room where the chips were, while Sonic waited outside. She picked up a chip and turned around only to be face-to-face with a SWAT Bot. She turned and ran as the robot chased after her. As she ran, she noticed a place called the Forbidden Zone. She ran in but stopped when she saw a cloaked figure with glowing red eyes standing in front of her. The cloaked figure shot an eye-beam, but instead of shooting at Sally, it shot, and destroyed, the SWAT Bot. Sally ran out of the Forbidden Zone before the figure turned around and decided to shoot her, too.

She met up with Sonic and they left for Knothole. While at Knothole, she installed the chip into Nicole and researched what the hooded figure was. Nicole said that it was called "The Guardian". The Guardian protected it's master, Lazaar, from anything that entered the Forbidden Zone. Lazaar was a wizard who lived in the Forbidden Zone. He had been asleep for a very long time and he was also thought to be very evil. He had a magic computer (the computer looked like a crystal) that, like aything magic, it can cast spells. Sonic had the idea that if they got the computer, they could use it to stop Robotnik. Meanwhile in Robotropolis, Robotnik had seen the whole thing and was alos curious as to what the hooded figure was. He, or actually Snively doing it for Robotnik, was reasearching the same thing.

So, Robotnik decided to have a talk with the Guardian. Robotnik convinced the Guardian that he was also evil and wanted to talk to Lazaar and congradulate him on his evilness. Robotnik found out that the only way to survive the traps surrounding Lazaar's lair is to be pure evil. The Guardian showed him a map and told Robotnik to come alone.

Later, Robotnik's hover craft lands in the Forbidden Zone. First he sends out a SWAT Bot to survey the area. As it looks a the Forbidden Zone, it sees it has many pools of purple... stuff, that, when an uninvited guest walks by, a hand shoots out and grabs the intruder. Also, on the far side of the zone, the entrance to Lazaar's keep can be seen. It looks like a giant mouth, that when an intruder passes by... CRASH! The intuder is reduced to a mushy pulp. Back to the SWAT Bot... It enters the Forbidden Zone. The SWAT Bot is grabbed by a hand in the pool, but escapes. Just before the SWAT Bot thinks it can enter the doorway to Lazaar's palace, it closes and crushes the robot. Robotnik merely smiles and walks in. When he passed a pool, it retained it's quietness and serenity. As he nears the door, it opens and allows him to step in. He walked through the halls of the lair until he came upon Lazaar's resting place. But, Robotnik didn't want to talk to him, he wanted the computer. When he took it, it set off an alarm and Lazaar began to slowly return to conciousness.

Meanwhile, Sonic was running through Lazaar's lair, also trying to find Lazaar. When he got to Lazaar's resting place, the computer was gone and Lazaar was awake. Lazaar appeared infront of him and blamed him for stealing his computer. Sonic tried to explain that he didn't do it, but Lazaar didn't belive him and trapped him in a bubble. Lazaar told Sonic that someone was using the computer for evil. He then said that he was once evil, but, because he was asleep for so long, he began to dream about what his evil had done to people. Sonic immediantly knew who it was: Robotnik. He said that he can get the computer back, if Lazaar would let him go. So, Sonic agreed and revved up to leave. But before he could leave, Lazaar took away his speed. Sonic protested, but he could do nothing about it.

Back at Robotnik's lair, he has activated the magic computer and was looking for spells. He decided to teleport Sally and Bunnie to his base. He put them under mind control.

Sonic began making his way through the polluted city of Robotropolis even without his speed. A hover craft zoomed by. Another zoomed by, but this time, Sonic jumped on to it and hitched a ride to Robotnik. When the craft landed, he jumped off and began wandering the halls of Robotnik's lair. Suddenly, a laser flew by. He turned around and saw SWAT Bots chasing him. They chased him trough the halls and down a stairwell. Sonic left a bomb on the stairs. The bomb detonated just as the SWAT Bots passed over it. He continued running down the stairs, but he was suddenly engulfed in light. When the light dispersed, he was in bettween Sally and Bunnie (who, if you remember, were under Robotnik's mind control). Robotnik gave the order and they lunged at Sonic in an attempt to grab them. The held Sonic's arms to keep him still. Robotnik began tell the hedgehog that there was no escape, but of course, Sonic always escapes. Robotnik then gave the order to have Sonic roboticized. Sally and Bunnie dragged him over to the roboticizer. The glass was about to shut, but Sonic caught a glimpse at Lazaar's computer. He shook free of Sally's and Bunnie's grasp and jumped to the magic computer. He picked up and ran. Sally and Bunnie chased after him. A SWAT Bot noted that Sonic had the computer. It was goibng to shoot the hedgehog, but Robotnik began skaking it's arm and telling it to hurry. This caused the SWAT Bot to lose aim and fire at a net of barrels on the ceiling. The barrels fell and blocked Sally and Bunnie from reaching Sonic. Sonic ducked beneath a computer console to escape from being crushed. He had nowhere to go but back. On the other side of the barrel mess, Bunnie was moving the barrels out of the way. When they removed the final barrel, Sonic plowed through them, giving them his pardons of course. He began running to another exit. Before he could make it, Cluck flew to him and knocked the magic computer out of his hands. Before Robotnik could grab the computer, Sonic jumped up and grabbed it. He then pressed a button on the computer and cancelled the mind control spell cast on Sally and Bunny. They woke up in a confusion and asked Sonic what he was doing here. He said he'd tell them later and they began running. They ran down a tunnel and Robotnik followed along with a robot. The SWAT Bot kept running. Robotnik stopped and claimed how he hated Sonic.

When Sonic got back to Lazaar's quarters, he returned the computer to the old wizard and offered him to join the Freedom Fighters side. He refused because he needed to keep his magic computer out of the hands of evil ones. He then pressed a button on his belt and returned Sonic's speed. They said their goodbyes and their good lucks. Lazaar walked back into his palace. It began to glow and disappear. Sonic, Sally, and Bunnie began walking back to Knothole, but was teleported there as a gift from Lazaar.

They arrived at Rotor's workshop back in Knothole just in time to see Rotor activate the waterwheel and the light.