Sonic the Hedgehog

Season 2 Episode 13

The Doomsday Project

Aired Unknown Dec 03, 1994 on ABC



  • Trivia

    • Doctor Robotnik's Doomsday project is quite similar to ultimate annihilator that he used in the Archie comics.

    • When Snively gets into that escape pod, and when it comes up from the wreckage, the doors look like they slide open horizontally. [During the Doomsday wreckage scene, they do actually close horizontally.] However on the very final shot of the pod,a single door slides up vertically!

  • Quotes

    • Sally: Anything?
      Sonic: Couple of tankbots. No probs, long as Antoine doesn't trip over anything.
      Bunnie: Like his feet.
      Antoine: What is being wrong with my feet?!
      Bunnie: (covers Antoine's mouth) Put a sock in it, Antoine!

    • (Sonic catching Antoine)
      Antoine: Are zee Angels?

    • Snively: Big round guy finally let Sonic defeat him. Well don't celebrate too soon, hedgehog! Now it's my turn, and I'm not alone! (Mysterious red-eyed being appears behind him)

    • Sonic: No more Robotnik - too bad!

    • Sonic: Way past cool - Robotnik's gone!

    • (When the base was about to explode)
      Snively: But sir, wait for me.
      Dr. Robotnik: Only room for one, Snively!
      (Dr. Robotnik escapes in his ship)
      Snively: You don't give me enough credit... Julien!

    • Snively: Uh, sir.
      Dr. Robotnik: (yelling) Shut up, Snively!

    • Nicole: The possibility of danger does exist, Sally.

    • Robotnik: Let them explore. Maybe they'll find my little surprise.

    • Sonic: Now I know how a bug zapper feels.

    • Sonic: Now you're ticking me off!

    • Snively: (Muttering) Your incompetence wil ruin everything you ugly boil!
      Dr. Robotnik: WHAT was that, Snively?!

    • Snively: You don't give me enough credit, Julian!

    • Snively: Sir, SIR! The hedgehog is back!

    • (As Antoine is sleeping at his post)
      Sonic: Oh man, if brains had hair, he'd be a cueball.

    • Snively: So, the big "round" guy finally let sonic defeat him. Well, don't celebrate too soon hedgehog. It's my turn, and I'm not alone...!

    • Dr. Robotnik: I really hate that hedgehog. I hate him. I hate him! HATE HIM!!! Hate. Hate! Hate!! HATE!!!!! (Dr. Robotnik Screams, Sonic and Sally spirals out of control and lands on a cliff)
      Sonic: All right! Way past cool! Robotnik's gone!

    • Robotnik: You have been a most worthy adversary, but in every game, there are winners and there are losers. And as you know, in this game, losers get roboticized!

    • Sonic: No more Robuttnik. Too bad.
      Sally: What? Too bad?
      Sonic: Hey, without a villain, what are heroes gonna do?
      Sally: You'll always be my hero, Sonic Hedgehog.

    • Sally: If a high-five does that, what happens with a kiss? (puckers up)
      Sonic: Whoa whoa whoa, I don't want to find out! Outta here!

    • Sally: OK, now remember, once we connect the stones.
      : Whoa Sal! What's this "we" stuff?
      : Because I'm going with you.
      : No way, Sal. You...
      (Sally claps her hand over his mouth)

      Sally: We are in this together, Sonic Hedgehog, however it ends. Check?
      Sonic: (Kisses her hand) Check.

    • Snively: Sir, sir! They're inside the machine! Shall I alert the forces?
      : Oh no, no, no, Snively. Let them explore. Perhaps they'll find my little surprise.
      Snively: (under his breath) Your stupidity will ruin everything, you ugly boil.
      Robotnik: WHAT was that, Snively?!
      Snively: I said the Doomsday Machine's going to need more oil, sir.

  • Notes

    • Ben Hurst would later find himself attached to another Sonic series, the largly neglectedSonic Underground.

    • Though the series was cancelled, the Archie comic that stemmed from the show continues to this day.

    • The series was cancelled after it fell in the ratings to arguably the most established show of the 90's: The Power Rangers.

    • The USA Network rerun cuts out the scene where Sonic plants bombs around the base of the Doomsday Machine, as well as a (crucial) part of his escape from the Roboticizer.

    • According to Hurst, the red eyes seen at the end of the series belong to: Ixis Nagus from "The Void".

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