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Submission Guidelines/ Forum Rules

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    I'm not setting up rules to be atyrannical editor, but I'm not an anarchist. Order is important for a show guide, its contributors, and the traffic of its forum's conversations to be useful and enjoyable to visit.


    • A quote should be a line that is either humorous, dramatic, or something that you would remember that catches your attention. And it shouldn't just be any line, like characters asking what the weather's like or just saying hello.
    • To be correctly formatted, names of characters must be boldedFor the eighteenth time, colons are not to be bolded!!!Then make ONE space between the colon and the start of the quoted line. And if a character says more than one sentence, only one space between sentences. And with the "..." for when a character trails off and resumes speaking, make sure you have one space after that before the line resumes.
    • All action that is not spoken should be italicized, but the parentheses aren't to be italicized.
    • Make sure everything is spelled correctly. Capitalization and punctuation are to be included as well.
    • Oh, and don't make spaces between each character's line(s). I'm only doing that in the example because I have my WYSIWYG Editor turned on. Without the WYSIWYG editor (which isn't on the submission page, thankfully), Knuckles' line would be directly below the parentheses. This isn't a major problem, though.

    (Knuckles destroys the robot.)

    Knuckles: (chuckles) I guess you failed again, Robotnik!


    • A note involves facts about the show (not anything involving characters and the plot, unless it says if anyone dies, narrates a prologue, something like that). If this episode was aired on a special airing, was it part of a marathon, etc.
    • A trivia blurb is a goof (something wrong in the episode, like a character says something contradicting, or a plothole, etc.)
    • An allusion is a reference to arts, geography, literature, politics, etc. in the show that came from outside the show. Here's how you would submit an allusion (an example):

    Richard Nixon

    Robotnik: I am not a crook.

    This was a famous line by the American president Richard Nixon.


    • A summary should be a quick, brief description that happens in the episode.No major plot spoilers should be evident, if any at all.
    • A recap is far more detailed, describing the episode from beginning to end. It should at the least be twice the summary's size. It should not just take the summary and describe it a little bit more, but actual sequence of plot from the very beginning to where the credits roll.
    • If you're going to edit a summary/recap's contents, don't just take sentences and rearrange them. Or take a compound sentence and make it two sentences. Undoing a contraction, or just rewriting the summary/recap to where it basically has the exact same words, just one or two words changed or rearranged in a sentence. A grammar correction occurs when something incorrect with subject-verb agreement or some usage mechanics are wrong. Or using 'There are' and 'there is' incorrectly with the noun's singularity or plurality. Changing one or two words is not a real summary edit.


    • Don't make threads about telling where you can watch this show online, posting links and such. Most of that is copyrighted (Yes, that means YouTube and Daily Motion)and shouldn't be advertised here.
    • And don't fight, flame, troll, spam. Be adults and accept others' ideas.
    • Yes, Wikipedia says that Sonic Underground is airing on JETIX USA as of 2007. Well, it's 2007, and I don't see any Sonic programming at all on Toon Disney. It may air on European or other JETIX networks, but not in the United States. And if you're going to say that it's on some non-American channel and make a thread about it, make it evident that it's not in the U.S. I'm only saying that because this show, like most animation out there that is popular on this site, has the U.S. as its country of origin.
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