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  • Cool show.

  • Can't even believe this was even accepted

    After many ups and downs with SEGA, DiC, known for ruining classic video games except for SatAM, decided to come up with something (sarcasm mode on) completely original. I can't even believe I used to like this show, and that it existed. so why don't I talk about this abomination?

    Characters - No, just no. This show lacks any of the characters we know. No Tails. No Freedom Fighters. Just some shitty original characters that DiC decided to throw out, thinking it would make up for it. But, nope! Did nothing at all. Also, it has Knuckles, but for only a few episodes.

    They added lazy, stuck up Sonic recolors as Sonic's siblings. Their names and Manic and Sonia. How original!

    Voice Acting - Sonic was good done by Jaleel White, but why his siblings? They all sound the same, and one of the things I hate is when in some episodes, the siblings sound different. Why do they have to make everything so hard? Can't they just hire real voice actors like a fitting female for Sonia? She sounds like Steve Urkel when voiced by White.

    Knuckles' voice is also too high.

    Storyline/Concept - The storyline is very overused and has almost nothing to do with the games. The concept has the children as a band. I mean, WTF? Why can't it just be a musical? Still used, but less often than a band.

    Script: Sonia and Manic are just stereotypes because Sonia is never fine with her looks. Is this some kind of racial slur? Sonic's slangs are used in almost every line he says in the show. They even made Sonic a coward, and not to mention, Knuckles act like a girl.

    Animation: The animation is very sloppy at times and has a lot of *coughbluearmscough*. There's so much, that there's not much I can talk about.

    Music: OH GOD! MY EARS! The songs are the worst songs I've ever heard! They sound like extremely cheesy pop songs. I'd rather hear a song from Barney. They even hired "real singers", says Robby London. Well, how about voice actors who can actually sing? The music videos have special effects as good as Windows Movie Maker.

    In Total: If you're planning on watching a video game-based cartoon, watch Sonic SatAM. It actually has 100,000,000,000x more effort than this pathetic excuse for a TV show. If you're gonna buy an actual DVD boxset, I recommend you buy the Sonic SatAM boxset, because trust me, you will hate this show, so don't waste your money on this pile of horse manure.
  • It does not fit

    I H8 this show. It has a bad plot line and it does`nt desere to be on my "Cancelled shows that deserved a real finale" list on my web page. Sonic in a bad, singing? What it this? A Monkeys clone? Yeesh. This proves that Sega went bad over the years. Really bad.
  • Burn It With Fire

    I am forever baffled by my fellow Sonic fans' willingness to overlook some of the most atrocious forms of media imaginable for the simple fact that their blue god is stamped onto the top.

    Sonic Underground could have been a fun romp, an interesting take on the Sonic mythos with new characters and plots to further enhance the hedgehog's world. The premise: Sonic, his brother Manic, and his sister, Sonia, use the power of music to defeat Robotnik and find their lost mother before doom befalls Mobius. It's amazing! It ties in Mobius, it brings in the Freedom Fighters, it adds two decent siblings to Sonic (before two more infamous hedgehogs appeared in the series), and it carries Sonic's rock and roll vibe.

    How can it fail?

    Fail it did. Somewhere along the lines, the producers of the show found a wad of stale drugs.

    Since I happen to actually *like* the more creative premise, I'd rather give this show a real, critical run down. First off, the dialogue is trite. It's less than typical '90s cheese, it's literally loathsome how poorly the show is acted and how poor the script is. Many of the episodes had the potential to be amazing, even classic, yet the script took the potential, stuffed it inside a blender, poured magma into that blender, and set the surrounding house on fire.

    The sound design is equally poor. Very often, I found the background music cutting out abruptly, meaning that who ever edited the show had, perhaps, a few hours time to do their job.

    This ultrapoor editing crosses over into the visual design. Far more often than less, you'll be looking at lackluster still images as the camera pans across the screen. Effects are added in for more dazzle, but it's cheap and very lazy. The animation is even worse, with almost all of it being rushed, sloppy, and sometimes flat out unfinished. Character expressions are weak and can, at times, even become inappropriate for the emotion we're supposed to be feeling.

    The story, while interesting, has no impact on you whatsoever. It's the same drivel pushed out nowadays. "Treat kids like they're morons" This is made all the more disgusting by some wannabe mature plotlines that could have developed had it been in the hands of a more capable studio. This could have been the definitive Sonic cartoon of the '90s, on par with Batman: The Animated Series. Unfortunately, this symphony's flat.

    At the end of the day, while there are good concepts and I'm sure some faint reason for the less mentally capable to like the show, no sane Sonic fan should even give this pile of smoldering garbage two glances. Most positive reviews for this show stem from blind devotion to Sonic sans any serious critical examination of the series.
  • I watched this show, and got cancer

    Not even relatively as good as the shows that preceded it. They completely raped the previous canon and decided to give sonic with 2 siblings (no freedom fighters) and had the plot revolve around some prophecy or whatever. Couple that together with a poor script and poor voice acting and you have a cartoon that is nearly vomit inducing. Oh and there's songs. Incredibly cheesy pop-rock songs.
  • I like it

    Sonic underground is a cool show and I like how they put Sonia and manic in it making them sonic's siblings, I also wish that they had put more episodes for the show because it was one of the best sonic shows ever, I mean they never found they're mother and they canceled the show D: and I also like how how they defeat enemies with their musical instruments, that's very cool and I also like how they always make songs, I sometimes search some songs for sonic underground on YouTube because they're really catchy

  • Amazing

    It was good show to watch. Especially the characters , they weren't bad. But brings back the memories.They should have finished the story, 9.5/10.
  • so bad so sad

    I seriously enjoy the show. Sorry for those who hates it. True I am not a sonic fan and that is probably why some people did not like that show: because it doesn't fit with the rest.

    The opening was great, it is rare that I say that on any anime. It give you a big overview of the plot. And I must say that the mother speech at the end is touching. If you listen well, you can feel a mother's sorrow while she try to act couragious.

    Ok I must say that it would have like to see Tail instead of Cyrus. But like everything else in the show, it is a complet different universe. Sonic having a brother and sister was weird at first I must admit. But the background they give to sonic is great. You know everything that happened. compare to other series. Tough having him prince... it was only useful to give a reason why the mother had to separate with them (She was suppose to have some importance at the end but the show never ended). Compare to sonic Satam that we only knew that he was friend with the princess since childhood.

    The music was versatile and that what I like, it wasn't just one style but a lot of different style. So it wasn't a bad thing to have a one minute taste of different music style, even if I did not like some..

    I was sad when I found out that the series stop, cause I was seriously impatient to see how they would found there mother, and compared to the serie soinc the hedgehog, no fan the a potential following.

    PS: For those who did not like the show just because it doesn't fit with the other sonic stuff get down. What you you have say if it wasn't sonic. Seriously. Lot of critics like CartoonKing50 are more constructive than a lot that I saw (even though our opinion are not exactly the same) at least he do not see only the bad side.
  • Some episodes were boring, I don't see the point in giving Sonic a brother and sister, and why is Sonic suddenly a prince?

    "Sonic Underground" is the 3rd animated TV show based on the popular Sonic the Hedgehog video game series. While the 1st one (Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog) wasn't close to the game by any means, it still didn't stray too far from the source material. The 2nd one (simply called "Sonic the Hedgehog") used the same plot, but expanded on it to make it bigger and more complex. Besides there was only 2 Sonic games at the time that show premiered. And the games didn't have any dialougue and didn't have a very big story. This one on the other hand, was not close to the games at all. The only similarities to the games are the characters Sonic, Dr. Robotnik and Knuckles, and the idea of Robotnik roboticizing animals to make them his slaves. So it's probably closer than the first Sonic show. But that changes when you see that this show got the weird idea that Sonic is a prince and had a brother and sister. Now I'm not usually one to complain about straying slightly from the source material, but this show strayed way too far. Just the idea of Sonic being a prince is pretty stupid. I also don't understand why they made Jaleel White voice Sonia. He was great as Sonic and I'm fine with him voicing Manic, but couldn't they have gotten a voice ACTRESS to play Sonia? Plus she sounds way too similar to Jaleel's most well-known role, Steve Urkel. And I hate the new voice actor for Dr. Robotnik. Jim Cummings was perfect, why didn't they keep him?


    -This show has that feel to it that's pretty hard to describe. And that feel makes this show a lot better. I can't describe it though.

    -Great animation. It looks nice and I've never found a mistake in the animation yet.

    -Catchy music. "411", "When Tommorow Comes" and "Someday" will never leave my head. And even though I don't like the idea of Sonic singing this kind of music (I prefer the songs he sung on the SatAM series), these are pretty catchy songs.


    -Why did they make Sonic a prince? That's just wrong. It's way too different from the games, and it's just not what Sonic's supposed to be like.

    -Sonia, Bartelby and The Oracle of Delphius are very annoying. Sonia's too prissy and spoiled wich makes her irritating, Bartelby is like Antoine, only far more whiny, prissy and annoying, and The Oracle of Delphius has an annoying voice and he's just boring, bland, flat and one-dimensional.

    -Knuckles. Something about him just seems very wrong. He's my favorite character on the games, but this show made him seem like a whiny little kid.

    -They didn't continue Sonic SatAM's cliffhanger ending. The second Sonic show (wich is commonly known as "Sonic SatAM") ended on a cliffhanger, wich dissapointed a lot of fans. So with this show being produced, directed and written by a lot of the same people, you'd think it would be a sequel to SatAM and continue that cliffhanger ending right? Wrong! They completely rebooted it and it just wasn't Sonic. Also what happened to Snively, Sally, Antoine, Dulcy, Rotor, Tails and Bunnie? Where are they?

    Rating: 45% "Mediocre"

    It could've been better, and a SatAM sequel would've been the best way to do it.

    -Cartoon King
  • Could have been epic if it weren't a Sonic show

    I'm reviewing all the Sonic shows. SatAM, X, an Underground. Yup, that's ALL the Sonic shows. Yeah, everyone that's ALL of the Sonic shows that exist... no more... at all!!! Anyways, this show had potential, sort of, but it shouldn't have been a Sonic show. Sonic is about speed and fighting robots with skills super powers and rolling into balls and flying through robots and airhsips....Not playing instruments that make musical notes into lasers. I mean, they completely abandoned all that Sonic should be and put it in this. People like it, and I don't blame them, but ask yourself: is this really SONIC? I mean, this is based on a platforming video game, and has nothing to do with the game. Not to mention that everything seemed so unmotivated. The songs were weak, the animators didn't try to make every scene fit, and they got Urkel to do all of the voices. He shouldn't be doing Manic and Sonia, but he didn't even try as Sonic. You can totally tell he's uninterested and doesn't even produce a voice that sounds right. This show is what would happen if you took the epic musical it could have been and turned it into a SatAM ripoff that failed to do what SatAM did and just produced the unfitting mound of crap that Underground is. It had potential, just not as SONIC. I could see it being better if they dropped Sonic and Hedgehogs and made it more realistic and actiony. Luckily this is the worst and there's no show that just mixes up a bunch of random cartoons, most notably Wile E. Coyote and Road Runner, throws random colors up for the backgrounds, has stupid characters and childish "comedy", and threw Sonic and Tails in the mix to make money...and then flipped off the fans by having Sonic teach life morals to the kids watching.......Luckily a show like this DOESNT EXIST!! Luckily Sonic Underground is the worst Sonic can get and luckily no show like the one I described all!!

    I would do the rating system here, but it's pointless this show is a fail. Some potential, but not Sonic
  • this show in my opinion is amazing it was the best show i ever seen it put a real twist on sonic and gave a little background to him in my honost opinion this should aire again and should be shown to the world and i think they shouldmake anotherseason


    i instantly fell in love with this show it was amazing i was sadden to found out episode 40 was the last it was an amazing series i thought it was horridle it wasnt continued i didnt think it gave it justice it was an amazing series i wanted more episodes to no avail they stopped airing the series i wish they would make more and make a second season that show was amazing and it should get justice and be continued im sure kids everywhere whould love this show i wish it would get another chance

  • Cartoon King's review of Sonic Underground:

    Sonic Underground is the third animated TV show based on the Sonic the Hedgehog video games by SEGA. It premiered on UPN in 1999 and is the last Sonic cartoon to be produced by DiC Entertainment, and the last one to have Jaleel White (Steve Urkel) voice Sonic. This show kind of rebooted the Sonic series. For example in this show Sonic has a brother named Manic and a sister named Sonia, (who are both also voiced by Jaleel White) and his mother is a queen. It seems like Robotnik has a sidekick in every Sonic show. In Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog he had Scratch and Grounder, and in Sonic the Hedgehog he had Snivley. Well in this show he has Sleet and Dingo. Sleet is the smarter one, the more serious one, the more evil one and the leader of the duo. (Sleet is probably the most likeable character in this show for some reason) He is voiced by Maurice LaMarche. (Brain from Pinky and the Brain) Dingo is a muscular orange Dingo with an Austrailian accent. He is the dumb one. This show is in a way a lot similar to the ABC Sonic the Hedgehog show. Even though some things that were good about that one aren't in this one. Similarities are: -the Roboticizer, -Sonic's uncle Chuck, -Mobotropolis/Robotropolis, -Bartleby is alot similar to Antoine, -and Sonic's catchphrases from the other show are in here too. (such as "Let's do it to it" and "It's Juice time") Things that sadly didn't make it to this show are: -The Freedom Fighters Sally, Bunny, Antoine, Tails and Rotor, -Robotnik's assistant/nephew Snivley, -Jim Cummings as the voice of Dr. Robotnik,


    -and it didn't continue the cliffhanger ending from the ABC Sonic show.

    At first I didn't like this show I thought the changes it made from the other Sonic games and shows were stupid and unneccesary, but watching it again It's a really good show and the changes really aren't that bad. Sleet and Dingo are really good characters, and Sonia and Manic aren't that bad either. And the animation is awesome. It dosen't have near as many mistakes as the other shows by DiC. A lot of people critisized the music in this show. I thought it was good. The theme song was really catchy and some of the songs they sung during the show were pretty catchy too.
    (especially "Someday", "When Tommorow Comes" and "411") Sonic Underground may not be as good as the ABC Sonic cartoon but it is an overall great cartoon show.

    RATING: 9.0/10 (Excellent)
  • It was a good show, if you knew next to nothing about Sonic.


    I used to watch this show when I was a kid. I suppose I was probably 6 or 7? I can honestly say I don't remember much about the show, except that it was about Sonic and his 2 siblings on a search for their mother.

    When I watched this show, I knew nothing about Sonic. I was unaware that Sonic did not actually have siblings, or that there were other versions of Sonic. To me, Sonic Underground was just a show about three hedgehogs looking for their mother. And I am okay with that.

    I am not going to hate Sonic Underground because they changed many things about Sonic's background.

    I did enjoy the show somewhat when I was a kid, although I did find many episodes very boring. I enjoyed the characters though, but I kind of wish they had more voice-actors, instead of once person voicing the 3 main characters.

    The songs were fun listening to as a kid, my personal favourite being "Have you got the 411?"

  • Sonic is cool speed. Sonic is brave. Sonic is having a sister and brother, Sonia and Manic. Sonic, Sonia and Manic are finding their mother, Queen Aleena. Were Sonic, Sonia and Manic fighting Robotnik and his two pals? Sonic, Sonia and Manic met Knuckles.

    I'm good. Sonic is cool speed. Sonic is brave. Sonic is having a sister and brother, Sonia and Manic. Do Robotnik capture Sonic? Were Sonic, Sonia and Manic fighting Robotnik and his two pals? Sonic, Sonia and Manic are finding their mother, Queen Aleena. Sonic, Sonia and Manic met Knuckles.
  • FAIL!

    What happens when you mix Sonic and High School Musical? You get Sonic Underground, the biggest piece of crap ever to disgrace the Son...
    ...second biggest piece of crap ever to disgrace the Sonic series. Seriously..a MUSICAL sonic cartoon? I mean, if the title wasn't SONIC underground, I don't think anyone would even know if it was supposed to be a Sonic cartoon. Just a show about three talking hedgehogs who are trying to find their mother and dfeating a fat man with two dog who also walk ad talk like men as his servants and somehow have the power to play instruments. Lets' just hope something like this is never made again.
    Mayhem of the Musical Mesiter.
  • This isn't Sonic The Hedgehog. This is some crappy fake Sonic.

    Okay, you don't have to agree with me, but why the hell is Sonic and those 2 other hedgehogs playing instruments? What the hell kinda idea is that? Im pretty sure the producers where high when making this. But they miss the point of Sonic the Hedgehog. Sonic is about running like crap and defeat Robotnik. Not play some stupid guitar or something.

    Now, I haven't watched a whole show. But if Sonic doesn't run like crazy, it's not Sonic. End of story.
  • WHO THE F&^% THOUGHT OF THIS SHOW???!!! I thought this show was going to be great, but i was wrong this show is nothing but a lousy no good puke on the butt cartoon series EVER!!!!!

    Everything is terrible the music, some voice acting,except Jaleel White, he was good, but everything looked like the developers were L.A.Z.Y!! Storyline i don't even know waht it was something about finding Sonic's, Manic's ans Sonia's Mom or something charcters were bad enough, do i NEED to go on this lists of terrible things about Sonic Underground?????? NO i can't, it is too long of a list of things to say how bad this late 90's show is Overall This show SUCKS!!!! Enough said!!!
  • The worst out of all the Sonic cartoons

    OK this show was not very good. Before you see this show you might get the idea that this show would take place right after Season 2 of Sonic the Hedgehog SatAM took place but guess what? It DIDN'T. This Sonic cartoon has even LESS related to the video game than all of the other Sonic cartoons. Also it didn't have ANY of the characters that were in the original Sonic SatAM cartoon. I didn't have Sally, Rotor, Antoine. In fact, it didn't even have Tails. That's another reason why it was less related to the video games because it didn't have Tails. I mean come on, Sonic the Hedgehog doesn't go right without Tails (OK maybe the original Sonic video game for the Genisis but not the cartoons). The only Sonic SatAM character that appeared in Sonic Underground is Uncle Chuck but he only appeared in the very first episode and that's it. And also, Sonic shouldn't have siblings like these. In fact his siblings is what REALLY ruined the show. And the worst part of it is the songs. Every episode there's always a musical number that is really bad. Now I think Super Mario, Captain N and Donkey Kong Country TV shows have decent songs but Sonic Underground didn't have ANY songs that I would enjoy. But the part that I like best about this show is that Knuckle actually appeared in this show. He didn't appear in any of the other Sonic cartoons that DIC made. He didn't appear in SatAM or AOSTH. Though Knuckles only appeared in about 3 or 4 episodes and THOSE are my favorate Sonic Underground episodes.

    Overall, I think this show is the worst out of all the other Sonic cartoons. There's practically nothing related to the video games despite the fact that Sonic, Robotnik, and Knuckles was in it. I cannot believe that Tails was left out of the show. But his siblings is what really ruined the show. I give this show a low score.
  • Before watching it, I'd heard this series was terrible.

    Before watching it, I'd heard this series was terrible. And for lack of any other Sonic shows to watch (at that time), I decided to check it out. In all honesty, this show had me from episode one. So what if Sonic doesn't really have siblings? Or if instrument lasers don't exactly scream "awesome"? This series is definitely a classic. If you really think about it, just the main plot of the series is amazing. A crazy evil genius trying to capture everyone in the world and turn them all into robots? Imagine that happening in real life, and it's actually very frightening. So, a guy is roboticising the world, and a secret organization of people are fighting against him, risking their own lives to save the world from roboticisation. Seriously, dude. If you take the time to think about that...IT IS AWESOME. The show has great characters as well. All of them are lovable in their own ways -- some make you laugh, some make you happy, and even if you just love to hate some of them, they're all good characters. A lot of people seem to complain about Tails not being a part of the series, though. Personally, I see no problem with it. Tails has always been kind of like Sonic's little kid brother, following him around, looking up to him, helping him out, ya know? Well, Sonic already has two siblings in this series -- Manic and Sonia. There's really no need for him to have two real siblings, and another little kid following him around all the time. He's got the partners he needs. If Tails was to be in the show...well, he wouldn't really have much of a purpose. Another thing I really like about the show is the humor. You know when you're watching a show, and a character says something stupid, and everyone seems to find it absolutely hilarious...EXCEPT the viewer? Well, with Sonic Underground, the things that are supposed to be funny...really are funny!! I can't count how many times I've had a burst of laughter and had to rewind the scene about twenty times just to see it again. There's a lot more I could probably put in, but this review's already long enough. Heh. I really miss you, Sonic Underground. Rest in peace.
  • cool show

    this was a great show this is one of my favourite shows my favourite character was sonic he is so cool i like manic he was real cool i dont like sonia it is really funny when manic steals i like the song someday it was so so so so so so so so so so so so so sad when they were separated from their mother and each other it would be great if someone made one more episode to finish the show with a happy ending all the sonic shows rock sonic x is still number 1 forever
  • This show was definitely a mixed bag to say the least. While it did have some redeeming qualities, this show was more disappointing and stupid than cool and ingenuous. Here's the good, the bad and ugly about Sonic Underground

    The Good

    1. Giving Sonic siblings. At first I wasn't too keen on the idea, but the more I looked at it, the more it made sense. I mean, Super Mario had a brother named Luigi, so it was an interesting concept.

    2. The new weapons and upgraded Swatbots. This show in some ways was a successor to Satam, with the same look for Robotnik, the roboticizer, and Robotnik taking over the world. One of the best weapons was the the gun that put electronic shackles around your feet. Another was the improved mega muck gun that covered your opponents in mega muck. Another nice touch. Hey, even the Swatbots weren't too bad looking, even though they should have been black instead of red. Lastly, the hover board for Manic was a very nice touch.

    3. The bounty hunter Sleet. I have to admit, he was a pretty interesting character, even though he shouldn't have been Robotnik's right hand man. He wasn't the best character DIC came up with, but he wasn't half bad either. Now the Bad.

    1. Having Jaeel White play Sonia. C'mon, seriously, they couldn't find a girl to play this part? I mean, I know he does a pretty good job as Sonic and Manic, but please, this was nothing but DIC saying, we're cheap and don't want to pay for quality voice actors.

    2. Making Sonic royalty. If this isn't one of the stupidest ideas, I don't know what is. It wouldn't be so bad if Sonic had started out as royalty, but since he's known as the hero of Mobius, this was a extremely dumb story idea by DIC. If that's not bad enough, they don't even mention what happened to his Dad as King? What happened? Did he run out on them or something? Sheesh! 3. Not having Jim Cummings as Robotnik. While the guy who played him wasn't horrible, he wasn't exactly a good replacement either. I mean, it seems like the only voice actor DIC does keep around is Jaeel White. Why? Who knows?

    And finally, the Ugly.

    1. The Oracle of Delphius character. What was DIC thinking? This was one of the worst characters ever made, right up there with Chris Thorndyke and Bookun. What good does this character bring to the show? He's completely worthless to say the least. 2. The music medallions. Man o man, its like DIC was purposely trying to say, hey, let's make a really bad Sonic show based on the Satam genre. I know they probably didn't say that, but this was a really really bad idea. I know Sonic was a guitar player, but c'mon, music medallions? Real smooth DIC!

    3. The excessive songs in the show. This was one of the biggest face palms of all. If you're going to do songs DIC, pick talented singers to sing! I mean, these songs were so lame, I always fast forwarded past them. If they had one or 2 bad songs, I might have overlooked it. But nearly every song was horrible! 4. And now the worst thing about this show, keeping the Satam genre, but getting rid of all the popular Satam characters. Where do I begin on how stupid this was? I mean, are you telling me they couldn't have kept at least half of them? No Sally? No Bunnie? No Snivley? No Tails? Hey, even Antoine should have been in it since they have Bartleby, who's nothing more than an Antoine rip off without the cowardly demeanor. But no, they just dumped them for characters that don't even a 1/4 of their popularity. I mean, they even had a ripoff of Knothole called Sanctuary for crying out loud! Why did DIC choose to do this, I'll never know. I mean, the fact Ben Hurst was apart of this show and it bombed so bad proves how much DIC had lost from their Satam luster. Anyway, to wrap this rant up, Sonic Underground could have been a really good show had DIC done it the same as Satam. But no, they had to be cheap, lazy and put in ideas that half of the time made absolutely no sense. Thanks DIC, you really tainted your image of making solid Sonic cartoons. You would have been better off to just stop after Satam. But, what's done is done.
  • I don't get it, why do people hate this show?

    Sonic underground was the last of the three series made by dic (pronounced Deec) and featured three unique characters that appeared nowhere else, which is the first part about this show I like. The extras bring a unique flair to the show that wasn't done anywhere else. I don't like Sonia much, but Manic and Aleena are cool. The theme song rocks, and most of the songs are awesome. Granted I don't like some of 'em as much as others. But this show rocked, with the super speed of Sonic we've all come to know and love, plus two extra characters. Plus, who else coulda thought of Sonic weilding a three necked guitar and blasting the snot out of Butt-nik's bots? If someone thinks I'm wrong, tell me what you don't like about the show, because I can't see it.
  • A terrible attempt at pushing Sonic in a different direction.

    As a loyal Sonic fan first let me get this off my chest (Jesus Chrsit what a absolute shockingly bad show).

    After SatAm ended I was dissapionted but then I heard about a new Sonic show coming out and I was overjoyed and then they laid in front off me not only the worst sonic show Iv'e ever seen but the worst show Iv'e seen full stop.

    Where in any of the comics,games or the other shows does Sonic have siblings and "Where the hell is Tails"?.
    With no actual connection to any other thing sonic related this show was standing on it's own from the very get go, the only things I liked about it was we got a very quick apperance from sonic's uncle Chuck and Knuckles appeared but they even screwed that up with the crappy animation and terrible voice.
    Also why is it that Sonic looks alot more chubby than any other style of him, in fact why did the animation suck period I meen this was the third cartoon series not the first.
    Lets just say I was relieved when it was cancelled I really don't know how much more of it I could take.
    The one good thing I will say is that some of he music wasn't bad but beside from that "Sonic Underground" gets a terrible 1/10.

    Turbo 1.20
  • One of the best Sonic shows i have EVER seen!!

    This was one of the best sonic shows ever to me! Man this show, its one word, wow, the ending was stupid though. I do want it back though! There are many people who have NEVER seen this and just would love it, i do say that some TV channel (i'd like it to be Disney or Nick) should have this show, because they'd get alot of viewers, another thing would be advertising about it, you cant just put a show up like that without advertising! I would've loved to see it on TV but it was years too late when i found out about it... anyway this is a REALLY good show, my FAVORITE character is Manic, hes awesome, i liked Sonia and Sonic at alot of times, but Manic was the one i just liked the most. I was soooo into this show (and making sprite comics about it) i made my own sprite, Arrow the Hedgehog (my picture). But wow just wow this was GREAT i watched every episode on Youtube (where i found out about it, mainly from the Knuckles Hates [item] video where it got me started). You may feel like, "Wow this is... really lame..." at first (even after watching the first song....) but it takes time to like it, after you get past the singing its really a good show, alot of funny parts, and alot of good episodes. Some people like me will try and hide it from their family until they know more about it, but its not really a show you have to do that with. After like 2 days of watching it (well less i think) i started telling my family (mostly my older sis) about it. I watched like 20 episodes one day, and i was like, "Wow.... this is.... sooooooo awesome!!" Its really hard starting a show that has ended though, it hurts when you get to the last episode because your like, "NOOOO this is the end!!" The end was really lame though, it stunk more that Teen Titan's ending (which was a cliff hanger) because nothing was really solved. I really wish they would continue it (lol i wish soooo hard but i know it will look SOOOO different). Having the new charcters really opened my love for Sonic stuff and at first (after knowing Sonic was a prince...) gave me a weird feeling after looking at Sonic. That feeling passed after i noticed this was the only show (or anything) that had Sonic have a brother or sister, meaning basicly this show never happened. So i felt better, but still. After finishing the show, i spread it around my church, i've gotten 3 people enjoying it so far (after months though lol maybe a year... hmmm no not a year...). My Sonic Underground (well switches between Sonic Underground and classic sonic...) sprite comics fill my Sonic Underground love. I still watch it from time to time though. This was a great show and i wish it would come back.
  • Personal favorite songs!

    Sonic the hedgehog is back with his Family his sister and his brother goes on the mission to save the world from Robotnick's mean machine filled with his enemies to befuddle them. It has lot's of songs from the Hedgehogs to sing to destroy the enemies. I could get a handle for that! This show is more like a Family show to me. But the kids will be impressed with this show and like I can't believe they took it off of DIK. I show the first aired it only comes on on a diffrent channel. I would defently have to find SciFi to watch this show once more.
  • Nobody knows I watch this show but now... I feel the world SHOULD know. I watch this show and LOVE IT! I watched it for almost three years before they took it off the air. I want them to bring it back!!! It's not fair!

    I am the type of person who has never touched a Sonic videogame or anything so I don't know how the game goes however, this show creeped up and I coincidentally flipped to Teletoon and it was on. At first I despised it simply because I didn't know what it was, it was new and I couldn't really understand it. But something prompted me to watch some more and give it a chance and I fell absolutely in love with it! It needs the teeny tiny tune-up here and there... but otherwise, it's really good. The animation is good and... even though the music could be a bit better, it was also excellent! I don't understand why so many Sonic-lovers knock this show. It is a beautiful story about Sonic Hedgehog, his brother Manic and his sister Sonia. I like the concept of having them be the heirs to Queen Aleena's thrown, the concept of them being triplets, just... the concept of the whole story in general. Also, I enjoy watching them learn to master their instruments. It's exciting when they use them for weapons. Really creative too if you ask me. I enjoy sitting down and watching this series and I recommend it to anyone and everyone! Especially Sonic fans! This story truly is one of a kind! And I wish it would be more recognized. However, I am not one to complain. But still... BRING IT BACK!!! Thankie.

    - Tinker
  • This show is good but the singing could have been a lot better.

    A lot of people dislike this Sonic cartoon because it is not much like the games and that Tails isn't in it, but I actually enjoyed this show, even though Tails is my favourite Sonic character of all time. I'll admit that the music they sang wasn't that great, but the characters were pretty cool, especially Sonic, Manic and Knuckles. This show gives you a feel of the previous cartoon Sonic the Hedgehog aka "SatAM" with the robotisization, but a little less dark than it. The animation was good, the voice acting is decent enough even though they could have hired a female to do the voice of Sonia. I liked most of the storylines even if some of the lines were a little cheesy. But still, even though I didn't like the singing, I still managed to enjoy this show. I like the other Sonic cartoons more but this is still worth watching in my opinion.
  • Kinda looks like Josie and the THUNDERCATS.

    I heard of this series, but never actually seen til January 2008 when I rented the DVDs. It was good but their were a few things bothering me. For one thing, the voice actors. I thought Manic's voice was fine, but DIDN'T like Sonia's speaking voice. Her singing voice was beautiful, but her speaking voice sounds more like Sonic doing a cheap Bugs Bunny inpression then a girl. Also, Sleet's voice could have done better. He sounds like some mad scientist's asstent.

    But it wasn't all bad. I did like the songs in the series. Kudos on the 1984-like visual effects.
  • Wow, they were on drugs when they made this show.

    Why did they make this show?! It sucks! Okay, maybe the theme song wasn't so bad, but the songs on every episode, they suck more than the show itself! What's worse is that Sonic has a thief brother and a annoying sister, what's worse than that? Okay, so Sonic's sister is just real winney and a real snob, who's name is Sonia, and worse, she just hates getting dirty and worries about her hair and clothes getting messed up! WTF?! And Sonic's brother, Manic, he STEALS!! And the worse part, they sing a song at the end of every freaking episode of the show! And there singing voices are awful!
  • This is one of the best tv shows i've ever or will ever see!

    This has to be the single greatest sonic show i've evr seen. It is far too good to end prematurely like that it should and has to be finished! If alot of people get the word out and send in money we will be able to get it. So unite sonic underground fans and let's bring it back!
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