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  • Some episodes were boring, I don't see the point in giving Sonic a brother and sister, and why is Sonic suddenly a prince?

    "Sonic Underground" is the 3rd animated TV show based on the popular Sonic the Hedgehog video game series. While the 1st one (Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog) wasn't close to the game by any means, it still didn't stray too far from the source material. The 2nd one (simply called "Sonic the Hedgehog") used the same plot, but expanded on it to make it bigger and more complex. Besides there was only 2 Sonic games at the time that show premiered. And the games didn't have any dialougue and didn't have a very big story. This one on the other hand, was not close to the games at all. The only similarities to the games are the characters Sonic, Dr. Robotnik and Knuckles, and the idea of Robotnik roboticizing animals to make them his slaves. So it's probably closer than the first Sonic show. But that changes when you see that this show got the weird idea that Sonic is a prince and had a brother and sister. Now I'm not usually one to complain about straying slightly from the source material, but this show strayed way too far. Just the idea of Sonic being a prince is pretty stupid. I also don't understand why they made Jaleel White voice Sonia. He was great as Sonic and I'm fine with him voicing Manic, but couldn't they have gotten a voice ACTRESS to play Sonia? Plus she sounds way too similar to Jaleel's most well-known role, Steve Urkel. And I hate the new voice actor for Dr. Robotnik. Jim Cummings was perfect, why didn't they keep him?


    -This show has that feel to it that's pretty hard to describe. And that feel makes this show a lot better. I can't describe it though.

    -Great animation. It looks nice and I've never found a mistake in the animation yet.

    -Catchy music. "411", "When Tommorow Comes" and "Someday" will never leave my head. And even though I don't like the idea of Sonic singing this kind of music (I prefer the songs he sung on the SatAM series), these are pretty catchy songs.


    -Why did they make Sonic a prince? That's just wrong. It's way too different from the games, and it's just not what Sonic's supposed to be like.

    -Sonia, Bartelby and The Oracle of Delphius are very annoying. Sonia's too prissy and spoiled wich makes her irritating, Bartelby is like Antoine, only far more whiny, prissy and annoying, and The Oracle of Delphius has an annoying voice and he's just boring, bland, flat and one-dimensional.

    -Knuckles. Something about him just seems very wrong. He's my favorite character on the games, but this show made him seem like a whiny little kid.

    -They didn't continue Sonic SatAM's cliffhanger ending. The second Sonic show (wich is commonly known as "Sonic SatAM") ended on a cliffhanger, wich dissapointed a lot of fans. So with this show being produced, directed and written by a lot of the same people, you'd think it would be a sequel to SatAM and continue that cliffhanger ending right? Wrong! They completely rebooted it and it just wasn't Sonic. Also what happened to Snively, Sally, Antoine, Dulcy, Rotor, Tails and Bunnie? Where are they?

    Rating: 45% "Mediocre"

    It could've been better, and a SatAM sequel would've been the best way to do it.

    -Cartoon King