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  • so bad so sad

    I seriously enjoy the show. Sorry for those who hates it. True I am not a sonic fan and that is probably why some people did not like that show: because it doesn't fit with the rest.

    The opening was great, it is rare that I say that on any anime. It give you a big overview of the plot. And I must say that the mother speech at the end is touching. If you listen well, you can feel a mother's sorrow while she try to act couragious.

    Ok I must say that it would have like to see Tail instead of Cyrus. But like everything else in the show, it is a complet different universe. Sonic having a brother and sister was weird at first I must admit. But the background they give to sonic is great. You know everything that happened. compare to other series. Tough having him prince... it was only useful to give a reason why the mother had to separate with them (She was suppose to have some importance at the end but the show never ended). Compare to sonic Satam that we only knew that he was friend with the princess since childhood.

    The music was versatile and that what I like, it wasn't just one style but a lot of different style. So it wasn't a bad thing to have a one minute taste of different music style, even if I did not like some..

    I was sad when I found out that the series stop, cause I was seriously impatient to see how they would found there mother, and compared to the serie soinc the hedgehog, no fan the a potential following.

    PS: For those who did not like the show just because it doesn't fit with the other sonic stuff get down. What you you have say if it wasn't sonic. Seriously. Lot of critics like CartoonKing50 are more constructive than a lot that I saw (even though our opinion are not exactly the same) at least he do not see only the bad side.
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