Sonic Underground

Season 1 Episode 7

The Price of Freedom

Aired Weekdays 6:00 AM Sep 02, 1999 on Syfy
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Sonia, literally, gets down 'n' dirty with Sleet and Dingo, and to freshen up, she and her brothers journey to east Mobius. There, Sonia is reunited with an old friend, Mindy Latour, and her father. Mindy gives Sonia a locket. Unknown to Sonic's sister or Mindy though, is that the locket is a tracking device designed by Robotnik, Sonia finds out too late, and soon, Mindy's kingdom is swarming with similar wristwatch-style robots, all programmed to capture the hedgehogs! Can the siblings stomp out this bug problem?moreless

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      • Mindy: Money can't buy the things we really need
        Unlike the sun or the rain or the air we breathe

        Can't buy a loving touch
        Or the freedom we miss so much
        Yeah, if you look inside your heart
        I know you'll see
        But money can't buy
        The things you really need

        Sonic, Sonia, & Manic: Money can't buy
        Money can't buy

        All: Money can't buy the things you really need
        Sonic, Sonia, & Manic: Money can't buy
        All: Money can't buy the things you really need

        Mindy: All the diamonds and pearls
        Can't put love in the world

        Sonic, Sonia, & Manic: Ooooooh
        Mindy: If you inside your heart
        I know you'll see

        Sonic, Sonia, & Manic: Ooooooh
        Mindy: That money can't buy
        The things you really need

        Sonic, Sonia, & Manic: Money can't buy
        Money can't buy

        Mindy: No
        All: Money can't buy the things you really need

      • Mindy's Dad: Take a long look, honey. It may be the last time you see it.
        Sonia: It's hard to leave home.
        Manic: Hey, but you still get to hang with your dad.
        Mindy: That's right. That's all that matters.
        Sonia: It sure is. Home is where your family is, even if they are just a pair of fashion-challenged spine-heads.

      • Sonic: Sorry, Sis, but I can never pass up a chance to go bowling for bone heads. (throws a suitcase)
        Dingo: Huh? (gets hit by the suitcase and clothes land on him) Hey, what the? Wait!
        (Manic and Mindy throw more suitcases at Sleet and Dingo)

      • Mindy's Dad: Mindy, we have to go now!
        Mindy: Which do you think will look better in the forest, blue or red?
        Mindy's Dad: Neither will look good in Robotnik's dungeon. Let's go!

      • Mindy's Dad: Come on, Mindy, we haven't got much time! Pack only the bare essentials!
        Mindy: Right! You think my aerobics mini gym will fit in our luggage?

      • Mindy: Daddy, what is going on?
        Sonia: Mindy, your father's watches do a whole lot more than tell time.
        (Sonia presses a button which makes the watch have legs. Mindy gasps.)
        Mindy's Dad: Don't listen to her honey! Come on, let's go!
        Mindy: No, Daddy, wait! But, what is that?
        Sonia: They're spies, for Robotnik's Intelligence Agencies.

      • Sleet: Now's our chance to seize the hedgehogs while they're off their guard.
        Dingo: But, what about those creepy, crawly, things?
        (Sonic throws a watch on Dingo which scares him off)
        Sleet: Dingo, get back here! You can't possibly be scared of one tiny, harmless, mechanical spider! (gasps)
        Sonic: On the other hand, what would you say to 175?
        (Sleet runs away in fear)

      • (Sonic breaks down the door to the robotisizer)
        Sonic: I'm back!
        (Sonic bounces around the room then stops in front of Agent N)
        Sonic: Not bad, Agent N.
        Agent N: It is better than not bad, hedgehog.
        Sonia: Sonic, I'm waiting!
        Sonic: Not to worry, there's always Plan B!
        Agent N: Plan B? What is that?
        (Sonic uses a controller to bring in the watches)
        Sonic: Oh some of your RIA school-ies Manic and I reprogrammed in our spare time.

      • (noticing Sonia, Manic, Mindy, and her father were captured)
        Dingo: Hey, those are our prisoners! Who does that bloke think he is?
        Sleet: Those RIA metal-heads are always trying to hog the glory!
        Sonia: Not this again!
        Agent N: Yes, this again! I made some modifications. This time my plan is absolutely hedgehog proof!

      • Agent N: Traitors! Blue polka-dot and otherwise, you are all under arrest for crimes against the state!
        Sonia: Agent N again! Oh, that poor guy just doesn't quit.
        Sonic: Confidentially, I think he has trouble keeping his head together.

      • (Sonic, Manic, and Sonia are working on the watches)
        Manic: Yo, shouldn't Mindy be back from the house by now?
        Sonia: Probably doing a farewell facial.
        Sonic: Better tell her we're waiting!

      • Mindy: I want to be a Freedom Fighter like Sonia. I want to live life on the run, enemies around every corner! So what should I wear, my pink camouflage gear or the safari suit?
        (Sonic frowns)
        Sonic: First we've got to get you away from here.
        Mindy's dad: We sure do! Sleet and Dingo are going to come by, looking for the watches.
        Sonic: No problem-o! You go pack. Sonia, Manic, and I will get the shipment ready for the fur-ball twins!

      • (after Sonia saves Sonic and Manic)
        Sonic: Thanks, sis. They just don't make bots like they use to. Poor agent N is probably going to take a slide down the alphabet. So how's about we check out this factory?
        Sonia: First, tell me why you guys were in the neighborhood.
        Manic: It's been scoped. Mom was here!

      • (Sonic looks in Mindy's house through the windows but, he turns and notices Manic stole something)
        Sonic: Manic, what did I say about stealing?
        Manic: Hey, it was calling my name.
        Sonic: A polo mallet?
        (notices many of the spy watches coming towards them)

      • Mindy: But Sonia, scarfs are so ten minutes ago.
        Sonia: It reminds me of Mother.
        Mindy: I'm sorry. I know you must miss her.
        Sonia: (while crying) I'll find her, some day. (stops crying) It still needs something. (looks at Mindy's watch) Where'd you get this? This is so it!
        Mindy: Really? I designed it myself. Daddy's factory makes them.
        Sonia: But, no offense, your dad never does anything he doesn't need to.

      • Sonia: (to Mindy) Relax girlfriend. I just dropped by for some M and M and then I'll be on my way.
        Mindy's dad: M and M?
        Sonia and Mindy: Massage and Manicure.
        Mindy: I say, oh Daddy. Please, please, please, can she stay?
        Mindy's dad: Just stay out of trouble, okay?
        (they scream with excitement)

      • (after Sonia gets angry at Sonic and Manic)
        Manic: Chill, Sonia. Don't be such an S.A.P.
        Sonia: Meaning?
        Sonic: Spiny, Annoying, Princess.
        Sonia: But I am a princess and it's about time I got treated!

      • (working on the motorcycle)
        Manic: Actually it's not too funky. Just a couple tweaks and...
        (Sonia gets squirted with break fluid)
        Sonia: That's it, that's it! I've had it! I need a facial, I need a pedicure and most of all I need a massage.
        Manic: Uh, like didn't you just have a break fluid facial.
        (Sonic and Manic laugh)
        Sonia: I've had it with the mud and the grit and the oil, but most of all I've had it with you two!

      • (after Sleet and Dingo fall in the river)
        Manic: All right! Sonia aced them good.
        Sonic: Sure did! So where is she anyways? Sonia!?
        Sonia: Back here! Would you hurry, please?
        Sonic: Hurry? That's for slow-mos!
        Sonia: It's just one tear. Maybe I can get it.
        (Sonia falls but Sonic catches her)

      • Sleet: Road went left, right?
        Dingo: Right!
        Sleet: Right? You sure?
        Dingo: Left, right.
        Sleet: Oh, left, then right.
        Dingo: No left, left!
        (screams and crashes)

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