Sonic Underground

Season 1 Episode 23

Three Hedgehogs and a Baby

Aired Weekdays 6:00 AM Jan 02, 2004 on Syfy

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  • "He cried, I fed him, he cried, I burped him, then I cried, we ralphed on my bed." -Manic The Hedgehog

    This was the first episode of Sonic Underground I saw and it is currently my favorite. The plot for this episode is that Sonic, Manic, & Sonia find an abandoned baby hedgehog (who closely resembles Baby Sonic) in an alley and while Sonic and Sonia try to find his parents, Manic is left to take care of him. At first Manic does not like taking care of the baby, but later on, he becomes motherly, and renames the baby "Hip Hedgehog." With no luck finding his parents, Manic is left to take him to a sanctuary. Unknown to the three hedgehogs, the baby is an android that Dr. Eggman built that will self-destruct as soon as he reaches the sanctuary. The three hedgehogs are shocked when they find out about this, especially Manic, who doesn't find out until the baby self-destructs (thankfully outside the sanctuary).

    This episode is very heartwarming to me, and of course, Manic's sense of humor is what really cracks me up. I highly recommend that SU fans should watch this episode.