Sonic X

Season 1 Episode 40

Eggman Corporation

Aired Unknown Dec 18, 2004 on FOX
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When an eclipse from the newly-repaired moon blocks the sun, Station Square faces a risk of panic. Eggman steps in and creates an artificial sunlight orb to provide light through out the city. It seems like Eggman is truly doing some good. Unfortunately, Sonic doesn't think so since Eggman is now being considered a hero! Is Sonic jealous? Doesn't it feel suspicious that Sonic is being treated like a rebel?moreless

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    Maddie Blaustein

    Maddie Blaustein

    Additional Voices

    Jason Griffith

    Jason Griffith

    Sonic The Hedgehog, Shadow the Hedgehog

    Ted Lewis (II)

    Ted Lewis (II)

    Nelson Thorndyke

    Lisa Ortiz

    Lisa Ortiz

    Amy Rose

    Rachael Lillis

    Rachael Lillis


    Jerry Lobozzo

    Jerry Lobozzo

    Chuck Thorndyke

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      • Police Officer: We've spotted Sonic! What should we do? Please tell us!
        Captain: Protect the Reflection Towers.
        Police Officer: But we're going up against THE Sonic! (Sonic spin dashes and destroys the Reflection Towers)
        Police Officer: Why did this kind of thing happen? My son's a Sonic fan, how do I explain this to him?
        (Japanese version)

      • Becoe: After listening to that...
        Decoe: Messenger-robo is going to attract all kinds of audiences with a performance that good.
        Becoe: We can't lose to him!
        Decoe: How do we keep from losing?
        Becoe: We'll perform too...let's beat him with the Chinese track!
        Decoe: That's a good idea!
        (Japanese version)

      • Bokkun: Prepare your ears, Decoe, Becoe!
        Becoe: What have you come here for?
        Bokkun: Listen up, listen up! Eggman has sent an order for you. (Turns on TV with Eggman on the screen)
        Eggman: Start the plan!
        Decoe and Becoe: Okay!
        Bokkun: Was that all? Then what about my task?
        Eggman: Ahh, that's right...and now this mecha will begin the trichord.
        Bokkun: (excited) Alright...I'll do that! (Pulls out a trichord and plays it)
        Decoe: That sounds good.
        Becoe: You're very professional. (Bokkun plays it faster)
        Decoe: So ambitious... Becoe: It's great!
        Bokkun: I've out-done myself.
        (Japanese version)

      • Eggman: Sonic is the bad guy now.
        Decoe: That means that from next week onward...
        Becoe: This program... (Pulls out an Eggman X screen)
        Eggman: Dr.Eggman X, is the new title of the show! Everyone, from next week onward, you can look forward to watching my performance! (laughs)
        (Japanese version)

      • Eggman: Mess up this time and I'll dismantle you with my bare hands and sell you piece by piece on the internet!

      • Eggman: I have faith in you two.
        Decoe and Bocoe: Thank you.
        Bokkun: Why would he have faith in you two? You mess up every time.

      • Eggman: I give you my solemn word that this eclipse wasn't caused by me.
        President: I don't believe you.
        Eggman: (begging fashion) Please sir I beg you to believe me, for I have a plan to make the sunshine return.
        President: Well, we do need light desperately.
        Eggman: And I'm the man to deliver it, sir, if you don't lock me away.

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