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create you own sonic x seasons (a continuation of create your pwn season 4)

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    episode 1 (btw people who post after every 26 is a new seasn and every epsiode should over lap and for season finale if you don't like it mske your own version oh and please get other people to post here too)

    we are now in eggman's lab were he is updating metal sonic with technology he got from eggman nega

    ''hahahahahah with this new technology you wiill be unstopable''says egggman

    ''there done how do you feel metal sonic version 4.0''says eggman i feel and look great''says metal sonic

    metal sonic not drawn by me

    ''excellent tommorow we will talk about our next plan o now off to sleep''says eggman

    unknowengly mecha and silver sonic are eavesdropping

    ''i ant believe it he hasn't updated us in years''says mecha sonic

    ''well he only updates his favorites and thats not many''sas silver sonic

    ''come on lets go before they see us''says mecha sonic

    metal sonic goes back to the room

    ''i see your all anxious too see me or are just angry that im the only one that gets updated regularly''says metal sonic

    ''well actually....'says mecha sonic before being inturupted by metal sonic

    ''well you now spying isn't a good idea''says metal sonic

    ''how did you know''says silver sonic

    ''please your so predictable but we share one thing in common we want to rebel''says metal sonic

    ''why would you rebel your the doctor's favorite''says gamma version 2.0

    ''because i want to deafet sonic and i wont if the doctors plans ruin me every time,every time he gets a plan it fails and makes me look like an idiot''says metal sonic

    ''i get it so whats the plan''says mecha sonic

    ''well first i need to upgrade mecha and silver sonic then gamma and gmerel then we will take the chaos emerald he has in his lab and use it to find the other six but in need time so the rest will nedd to distract him'''says metal sonic

    ''yes good plan but we should awaken all of us includings all the metal copies of those heroes right''says mecha sonic

    ''yes this plan will start at 5:00pm sharp be ready ''says metal sonic with an evil laugh

    with this new plan wiil hese robots finally get revenge?will eggman be destroyed by his own creations find out next time on sonic x

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    Episode 2

    Sonic is traveling thru the coutryside.

    Suddenly Tails comes in the X Tornado and catches up with Sonic.

    "Hey Tails! What's up!" says Sonic.

    "Look what I got from Amy!" says Tails.

    "What?" says Sonic.

    Tails gives Sonic a letter.

    "Read it!" says Tails.

    "Fine." says Sonic.

    Sonic looks over the letter. Suddenly he gasps, and suddenly stops.

    The X-Tornado makes an U turn and goes back with Sonic.

    "What happened?" says Tails. "What does it say?"

    " a princess." says Sonic.

    "What?" says Tails.

    "The people of Soleanna have contacted Amy saying that their heir to the throne just passed away and the only living relative of the blood line is Amy! She is going to be the princess of Soleanna!" says Sonic.

    "Oh my." says Tails. "We should go to her opening ceremony!"

    "Allright!" says Sonic.

    He hops into the X-Tornado with Tails and flies to Soleanna.

    Meanwhile, in Dr. Eggman's Egg Carrier.

    "I just love Chili Dogs!" says Eggman, eating a Chili Dog.

    Docoe and Bocoe look at him sadly.

    "Sorry, guys, but you can't eat." says Dr. Eggman, and then he laughs.

    "That's not fair!" says Docoe.

    "We want to eat too!" says Bocoe.

    "Nope." says Dr. Eggman.

    "Why not?" says Docoe.

    "Because I don't care." says Dr. Eggman.

    Suddenly an explosion came up behind him.

    Dr. Eggman swallows his Chili Dog.

    "What in the world!?!" says Dr. Eggman.

    He turns around, and he sees Metal, Mecha, and Silver Sonic on the door.

    "What did you do to my door!?!" says Dr. Eggman.

    "As of now, this door and all this ship are belong to us!" says Metal Sonic.

    "Wha?" says Dr. Eggman.

    "Set to stun." says Silver Sonic.

    Mecha Sonic fires at Dr. Eggman, stunning him.

    "Very well!" says Metal Sonic.

    He sits down in the pilot's chair.

    He notices Docoe and Bocoe looking at him.

    "What are you looking at?" says Metal Sonic.

    "Uh, nothing!" says both of them at the same time.

    "You two aren't going to rebel are you?" says Mecha Sonic.

    "Nope!" says both of them.

    "Good." says Metal Sonic.

    "Awesome! Now what?" says Silver Sonic.

    "We should create an evil scheme!" says Metal Sonic.

    "Yeah! Conquer a civilization!" says Mecha Sonic.

    "Agreed! Anyone near by?" says Metal Sonic.

    "Yeah. There is one called Soleanna near here only a couple hours away!" says Silver Sonic.

    "Perfect! Let's crash their party!" says Metal Sonic.

    The Egg Carrier speeds up to Soleanna.

    Hours later in Soleanna it's nightime.

    Sonic and Tails are in the crowd awaiting for the ceremony to crown Amy starts.

    "This takes forever." says Sonic.

    Suddenly foreworks start firing.

    A parade of boats comes in on the river. Amy is in them.

    "Hey! There's Amy!" says Tails.

    He waves so that she could see them.

    "She can't see us." says Sonic.

    The parade ends when all the boats have gotten to the center stage.

    "Today, we will enougarate the next heir to the royal throne of Soleanna, Amy Rose!" says a politic.

    The crowd cheers.

    "I am so excited! I never expected this to happen!" says Amy.

    "Today is the Festival of the Sun! We would be honored if the new princess would start the ceremony." says the politic.

    "I would love to!" says Amy.

    She skips and hops to the altar.

    She takes the flame and touches the altar and the whole altar turns into the flames.

    The crowd cheers.

    "Neat." says Sonic.

    Fireworks start firing.

    Amy waves to the crowd happily.



    The Egg Carrier attacks!

    Robots fly down from the Egg Carrier and sorround Amy and the politics.

    Suddenly, a platforms lowers from the Egg Carrier.

    It is carrying Metal Sonic!

    "!!!" says Amy.

    "Greetings Amy! Suprised to see me? I am here for the Flames of Desaster! And you have the key to unlocking them!" says Metal Sonic.

    "Oh no. How did you know about that? Where did you learn that!?!" says Amy.

    Suddenly, the whole platform is sorrounded by a blue blur.

    It's Sonic!

    "Sonic!" says Amy.

    "Sonic." says Metal Sonic.

    "What's up?" says Sonic.

    Sonic quickly destroy all the robots before everybody could blink.

    "Yes!" says Amy.

    "Too bad!" says Metal Sonic.

    Metal Sonic takes Amy and flies toward the Egg Carrier.

    "Oh no you don't!" says Sonic.

    He runs to a nearby building, runs on it's side, and jumps from the top and catches Amy from Metal Sonic.

    "Got ya!" says Sonic.

    "Oh! Sonic!" says Amy in love.

    "Ok, not too far." says Sonic.

    They both run away.

    "After them!" says Metal Sonic.

    Robots throw missiles after Sonic and Amy.

    Sonic outruns thems.

    Suddenly he is stopped.

    "What!?!" says Sonic. "Who the heck are you?"

    "I am you." says the other guy.

    "What? Two Sonic's?" says Amy.

    There were indeed two dofferent Sonic's, although the new one looked considerably older.

    "I must stop you from being the Iblis Trigger!" he said "Therefore I must kill you...myself!"

    "No way!" says Sonic.

    They engage in battle.

    While they do that, Metal Sonic captures Amy.

    "Ah ha!" says Metal Sonic.

    Metal Sonic and Amy fly away.

    "Darn it!" says Sonic.

    He abandons the fight and runs after them.

    "Arg! He got away! I must not let him continue!" says Evil Sonic.

    He runs after Sonic.

    What will happen next?

    Find out in Sonic X!

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    Episode 3

    "Sonic!" says Tails.

    "Tails!" says Sonic.

    "Why are you in such a hurry!?!" says Tails.

    "Eggman gots Amy!" says Sonic.

    "I thought you had her!" says Tails.

    "I did!" says Sonic.

    Sonic speeds away after Dr. Eggman's ship.

    "Sonic! Wait for me!" says Tails.

    He follows Sonic.

    Meanwhile, in Dr. Eggman's ship.

    "He keeps at it!" says Metal Sonic.

    "Of course! He never lets me down!" says Amy.

    "Except when you ask him for a date." says Bocoe.

    Amy gets angry.

    "One of these days, I will have Sonic as my own!" says Amy,

    "Yeah right." says Mecha Sonic.

    "Yes! I have hope!" says Amy.

    "Whatever. As soon as I figure out the secret for the flams of desaster, you will be nothing of worth for me." says Metal Sonic.

    "You will never get that secret from me! EVER!" says Amy.

    She looks around.

    "Hey. This is Eggman's ship." says Amy.

    She looks down.

    "And there's Eggman!" says Amy. "What's going on!?!"

    "This is no longer Eggman's ship." says Metal Sonic. "It is mine."

    "Yeah! No more of that fathead telling us what to do anymore!" says Decoe.

    "You took Eggman out?" says Amy.

    "Yeah. It wasn't that hard at all." says Metal Sonic.

    "Take her to the chambers." says Silver Sonic.

    Amy is thrown into a cell.

    They leave the room.

    Amy starts crying.

    Suddenly, she remembers the voice of her father.

    "Don't be sad Amy. Don't lose hope. Don't ever lose hope. No matter what happens. Because once you lose all hope, then all hope for everyone else will be lost." says the voice.

    "I won't, Dad! I will never lose hope!" says Amy to herself.

    Suddenly alarms start sounding everywhere.

    Over at the cockpit...

    "What is going on?" says Metal Sonic.

    "An unidentified object is heading towards the ship at high speeds!" says Bocoe.

    "It's the X Tornado!" says Decoe.

    "Shoot it down!" says Metal Sonic.

    "Will do!" says Bocoe.

    Hundreds of lasers sstart shooting out of Eggman's ship.

    "They found us!" says Tails.

    "So much for a suprise." says Sonic.

    The X Tornado dodges the lasers one at a time.

    "There are too many of them! How are we going to get in?" says Tails.

    "I don't know!" says Sonic.

    Sonic gets an idea.

    "I have an idea!" says Sonic. "Pull back!"

    "???" says Tails.

    "Pull back, and then charge full speed to the Egg Carrier!" says Sonic. "Straight into it's engines!"

    "Allright!" says Tails.

    He pulls back.

    "Metal Sonic, the X Tornado is pulling back." says Bocoe.

    "Great! We win!" says Metal Sonic.


    "What was that?" says Metal Sonic.

    "Our engines! They are damaged!" says Decoe.

    "How!?!" says Metal Sonic.

    "The X Tornado fired a missile at them! We have to land for repairs!" says Bocoe.

    "Darn! Fine." says Metal Sonic. "They are serious, then I'll be serious!"

    The Egg Carrier lands on a desert.

    The X Tornado heads toward the ship.

    "Launch me!" says Sonic.

    "Ok!" says Tails.

    Sonic blasts off from a cannon straight into the ship.

    Meanwhile, on Amy's jail cell.

    "Why did we land?" says Amy.


    "Ah! Sonic!" says Amy.

    It's Sonic!

    "I knew you'd come to save me!" says Amy.

    "Yeah, yeah." says Sonic.

    "Hello!" says Tails.

    Tails pops up behind Sonic.

    Sonic rolls his eyes.

    "Yes. Hello. All." says Metal Sonic.

    They all turn around.

    "You little blue rat are persistant." says Metal Sonic. "You are so ugly, it's a shame I was made to look like you."

    "Don't worry, you look uglier!" says Sonic.

    "Looks like a pesky right doesn't know to stay where he belongs!" says Metal Sonic. "The princess stays with me until I find out the secrets of the Flames of Desaster from her!"

    A giant mecha comes out from behind Metal Sonic.

    "Whoa!" says Sonic. "A new toy? Let me break it!"

    Sonic and Tails charges toward the mecha.

    The giant mecha charges at them as well!

    Who will win?

    Find out later in Sonic X!

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    sorry bout notposting in while ive been busy (we should start naming them too so we can keep track easier)

    sonic vs mecha a clash of titans

    ''ok now my giant machne stomp sonic into the dust''says metal sonic

    ''whao fast huh well we will see who can speed up faster''says sonic

     Sonic Running super fast

    *insert s o n i c go part of sonic drive*

    ;;sonic here the ring

    Sonic is using a Power Ring to go really fast

    then sonic jults at super fast speeds and the robot blows

    'haha to easy''says sonic

    ''ha now for the special suprise inside''says metal sonic

    Mecha Sonic v1

    ''mecha sonic you lo loo loo look''says sonic

    ''brand new yes metal sonic gave me the respect i deserve''says mecha sonic

    ''now die!!!!!!!!!!!!!!''says mecha sonic

    he then spins at sonic and sonic feels the pain instantly

    ''wow you got way to fast''says sonic

    'thank you but flattery won't get you out of your situation''says mecha sonic

    he then spins but this time soniuc jumps but then he homes at sonic and he falls to the ground.

    ''sonic''says a voice


    ''knuckles!!!!!!''says tails


    ''come here piece of junk''says knuckles

    he then charges at mecha sonic only to find that he is faster than he thought

    ''tooo slow''says mecha sonic who then jumps at him in a spin dash and hits knuckles directly

    knuckles impact hits tails right out of the tornado and the fall onto a battered sonic

    ''hahahaha you have gotten week now die!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!''says mecha sonic

    he then adds super spin and rams into them

    he returns and laughs


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    Episode 5

    Sonic and Amy

    "Metal Sonic." says Bocoe.

    "What!" says Metal Sonic.

    "The engines are fixed!" says Bocoe.

    Tails hears them.

    "Sonic!" says Tails.

    "Got it!" says Sonic.

    Sonic runs toward Amy and grabs her.

    They run out of the ship.

    "They are getting away!" says Metal Sonic.

    "Send the bots!" says Silver Sonic.

    Hundreds of enemies mobilize and runs after them.

    "That's not good." says Knuckles.

    "Sonic! We will distract them! You get Amy and run!" says Tails.

    "Very good." says Sonic. "Hang on tight, Amy."

    "I always do!" says Amy.

    "Yeesh." says Sonic.

    They run away.

    Tails and Knuckles hop on the X Tornado and charge the robots.

    Meanwhile, the Egg Carrier blasts off.

    "Darn it!" says Metal Sonic.

    "You almost had him!" says Decoe.

    "I know!" says Metal Sonic.

    "What are you going to do now?" says Mecha Sonic.

    Metal Sonic thinks for a bit.

    "I'll come up with something." says Metal Sonic.

    Meanwhile on the ground Sonic and Amy are running thru a field.

    They stop to rest.

    "It's beautiful, isn't it?" says Amy.

    "The fields? I guess." says Sonic.

    "Ah! You are hurt!" says Amy.

    "What?" says Sonic.

    His hand hurts.

    "Oh, it's nothing." says Sonic.

    "No! Let me help you!" says Amy.

    "Oh......ok?" says Sonic.

    Amy wraps his hand up.

    Sonic picks his nose.

    "There, all better." says Amy.

    "I'm not a little kid." says Sonic.

    A butterfly flies around and lands on Sonic's nose.

    Amy looks at it.

    Sonic looks at it.

    They both look at it.

    The butterfly flies away.

    Sonic and Amy are still looking at each other.

    "Ahem!" says Sonic and turns around.

    "Sonic, wait!" says Amy.

    She follows Sonic.

    "So...." says Sonic. "What is it that Metal Sonic wanted?"

    "Um...huh?" says Amy.

    "The Flames of Desaster." says Sonic.

    "Oh." says Amy. "It's nothing."

    "It must have been something for he to want it." says Sonic.

    "My father told me that the Flames of Desaster ran on our family for generations. It's supposed to be a very dangereous and horrible thing. He told me that if one of us loses all hope, completely all hope, then the flames will be unleashed, engulfing the world." says Amy.

    Sonic gulps.

    "But don't worry, I will never lose all hope, because one day, I will marry you!" says Amy.

    Sonic looks at her.

    "Amy. No." says Sonic. "I can be friends."

    "Say what you want, you can't change my mind." says Amy.

    "Whatever." says Sonic. "But if Metal Sonic is trying to unleash that fury, then we must stop him!"

    "But what can I do? What can YOU do?" says Amy.

    "Run." says Sonic.

    Sonic grabs her hand.

    "But I can't run as fast as you!" says Amy.

    "You always seem to catch up, right? Put your head up....and run!" says Sonic.

    They speed into the horizon.

    What will happen next?

    Don't ask me.

    Wait for the next Sonic X!

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    ok then since your here do you mind doing some epsodes cause its hard to do this on our own

    shadow steps in

    while on the egg carier metal silver and mecha sonic are looking over the video of the fight when they see

    '''who is that''says silver sonic

    ''ya who is it metal''says mecha sonic

    ''well well welll it looks like my old foe shadw''says metal sonic

    ''i know your here so come on out''says metal sonic

    SHADOW'SHADOW'haha you never truly learn your lesson do you metal sonic''says shadow

    ''wow thats shadow he looks just like sonic''says mecha sonic

    ''who are you 2 clowns metal sonic 's back up crew''sas shadow

    ''grrr why i ought to........''says mecha sonic

    ''stop your still to weak''says silver sonic

    ''i want you to die because you may have stopped 3 deaths but nw you pay with your own''says silver sonic who gets ready to fight

    ''bring it on'says shadow

    Silver_sonic.gif silver sonic image by homie92

    silver sonic quickly jumps on shadow only to find shadow was ready and falls to the ground.then silver sonic spin dashes at super fast sppeds and hits shadow who now feels the pain andf gets angry

    ''thats it im though fooling around''says shadow

    shadow goes mad and breaks off those cuffings

    *insert i am all of me*

    ''chaos..........."says shadow

    he chaos controls and grabs silver sonic and pushes him against the wall

    Sonadow's Chaos Blast''blast''says shadow

    did shadow end the reign of the robots

    find out next time on sonic x

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    They don't have to write episodes.

    They can just be spectators. They like the story, they will comment on it!

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    Episode 6

    The Robot's Letter

    "Chaos Blast!" says Shadow.

    A bubble of light sarrounded the ship.

    Metal Sonic jumped into the bubble and hit Shadow.

    "Ouch!" says Shadow.

    Metal Sonic throws Shadow into a capsule.

    He presses a button.

    Shadow is frozen in carbon!

    "That should get rid of you for this season!" says Metal Sonic.

    "Metal Sonic, we are approching Soleanna again." says Bocoe.

    "Fine. We'll wait here. Maybe Sonic and Amy will come to us this time." says Metal Sonic.

    Meanwhile on the ground....

    Sonic and Amy arrive on Soleanna.

    "See that wasn't so bad!" says Sonic.

    He turns around.

    Amy is exhausted.

    "I....I.....don't.....want to do....that.....again!" says Amy.

    Sonic rolls his eyes.

    He hears a whistling sound.

    Getting louder and louder!

    "Oh oh!" says Sonic.

    He runs toward Amy and gets her out of the way.


    A laser has hit the ground where they were.

    "What in the world!" says Sonic.

    He looks up.

    "It's you again!" says Sonic.

    It was the other hedgehog that looked like Sonic!

    "Hello, self!" says that Sonic.

    "What are you doing!" said the other Sonic.

    "I will destroy you!" says one Sonic.

    "No way!" says the other Sonic.

    Amy looks amazed.

    Sonic charges at the other Sonic!

    Sonic misses!

    The other Sonic is flying!

    "Whoa!" says one Sonic.

    "I can fly! Thanks to my new boots!" says the other Sonic.

    "Really?" says Sonic.

    He jumps and hits his boots.

    Both Sonics fall to the ground.

    One Sonic struggles to get up.

    "Hey." says the other Sonic.

    He gives him a hand.

    The other Sonic was faking and shoots him!

    Sonic is thrown into a wall!

    "Ha! Is this a joke?" says the other Sonic. "This is what I used to be? To think you will be the Iblis Trigger!"

    Sonic looks confused.

    "I will kill Amy if it's the last thing I do!" says the other Sonic.

    "What!?! No!" says the other Sonic.

    They both look at Amy.

    "Take this Sonic!" she says.

    She gives Sonic a Chaos Emerald.

    "Hey that's!" says the other Sonic.

    "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!" screams Amy.

    Amy is being taken away by Metal Sonic.

    "Ah ha ha ha! FOOLS! I got Amy now....again!" says Metal Sonic.

    "No way!" says both Sonics.

    The original Sonic goes after them.

    The other Sonic stays.

    "Uh. I am too old for this. I will get you! I swear!" says the old Sonic.

    Meanwhile the original Sonic is in hot persuit of Metal Sonic.



    He bumps into Tails and Knuckles.

    "Sonic!" says Tails.

    "Ouch!" says Knuckles.

    "Guys!" says Sonic.

    "What is going on?" says Tails.

    "I have to go after Metal Sonic!" says Sonic.

    "Wait....Amy got captured again!?!" says Knuckles.

    "Yeah." says Sonic exhausted.

    "You were in a battle?" says Tails.

    Something hits Knuckles in the head.

    "What the?" says Knuckles.

    "It's a letter!" says Tails.

    "Read it!" says Sonic.

    "Here." says Knuckles.

    Knuckles throws the letter at Sonic.

    "How polite, Knucklehead." says Sonic.

    Sonic opens the letter.

    A hologram pops out.

    "Cool." says Tails.

    "It's Metal Sonic." says Sonic.

    "Sonic the Hedgehog." says the letter. "If you want me to return Princess Amy, you must give me her Chaos Emerald! Meet me at Eggma....I mean my base over at White Acropolis! I want the emerald now!"

    The hologram dissapears.

    "Well, he's pretty cocky. Look's like he needs that Chaos Emerald." says Knuckles.

    "That's defenetaly a trap." says Tails.

    "I'm going!" says Sonic.

    "WHAT!?!" says Tails and Knuckles.

    "Since Metal Sonic went thru the trouble of telling me where Amy is, I think I should thank him personally!" says Sonic.

    Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles are going to Metal Sonic's base!

    Will there be an epic showdown? Or is it just a trap?

    Find out in the next Sonic X!

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    Episode 7

    White Acropolis

    Meanwhile on White Acropolis....

    "Metal Sonic." says Silver Sonic.

    "What?" says Metal Sonic.

    "We have Sonic on the radar. He's coming." says Silver Sonic.

    "Excellent." says Metal Sonic. "His Chaos Emerald will be mine."

    "Cool. We will trade Amy for the Emerald and the plan will go as planned." says Silver Sonic.

    "Exactly!" says Metal Sonic.

    Decoe and Bocoe start laughing.

    "What is so funny?" says Metal Sonic.

    "That's your plan?" says Bocoe. "Are you stupid!?!"

    "What?" says Metal Sonic.

    "Before you can reach the Emerald, Sonic will just get Amy at super speed and escape with both her and the Emerald, and we get nothing!" says Decoe.

    "Oh my. You are right!" says Metal Sonic.

    "What do we do?" says Mecha Sonic.

    "I have an idea, if we could capture him before he gets here, we can control him long enough to not get away!" says Metal Sonic.

    "Genious." says Silver Sonic.

    "I know. But he is coming any minute now. DEPLOY THE ROBOTS!" says Metal Sonic.

    Hundreds of robots are deployed and sorround White Acropolis.

    Machone guns appear all over the walls.

    All the doors are closed.

    "PREPARE FOR AN INVASION. THIS IS NOT A DRILL." says a mechanical voice.

    They all stand by.

    They all point their guns to one side.

    "STEADY." says the voice.

    They hear a Sonic boom.

    "STEADY." says the voice.

    The machine guns get ready.

    "STEADY." says the voice.

    "STEADY." says the voice.

    "STEADY." says the voice.

    "FIRE!" says the voice.

    "FIRE! FIRE! FIRE!" says the voice.

    They keep firing, but Sonic is too fast.

    Sonic chuckles.

    He dodges everything.

    "No way!" says Metal Sonic.

    "He's going to get in!" says Silver Sonic.

    "DON'T LET HIM!" says Metal Sonic.

    Sonic blasts into the building.

    Giant robots are deployed and give chase to Sonic.

    "Deja Vu!" says Sonic.


    The giant robot blows up.

    "Oh no! The giant robot failed to capture him!" says Silver Sonic.

    "Then....he's coming." says Metal Sonic.

    "What do we do!?!" says Mecha Sonic.

    "I have a new idea." says Metal Sonic.

    Sonic BLASTS thru the door.

    "How did you blast that door!?!" says Metal Sonic.

    "I helped." says Knuckles.

    He comes out behind Sonic. Tails comes out behind him.

    "Oh great. The others came with him." says Metal Sonic.

    "Where's Amy?" says Sonic.

    "My, my aren't we impatient?" says Metal Sonic.

    "Where is she?" says Sonic.

    "You better not move!" says Metal Sonic. "Now......the Chaos Emerald?"

    Sonic shows him the Emerald.

    "Place it there." says Metal Sonic.

    A pedestal lifts from the floor.

    Sonic places it there.

    "HA!" says Metal Sonic.

    He pushes a button.

    Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles are trapped inside a shield.

    "What!?!" says Tails.

    Knuckles tries to punch thru the shield.

    "It's no use. It's too powerfull to overcome!" says Metal Sonic. "Allow me to introduce an invention that I created myself, without Dr. Eggman! It's a time machine!"

    Metal Sonic pushes a lever and Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles disappear.

    "If I can't kill you, I will throw you away!" says Metal Sonic.

    "That was amazing!" says Decoe.

    "Where did you send them?" says Bocoe.

    "I don't know. I didn't even knew it worked!" says Metal Sonic.

    "With them lost in time, we can finally revive the Flams of Desaster!" says Mecha Sonic.

    "Yes. do we revive the Flames of Desaster?" says Metal Sonic.

    Nobody knew.

    "Get Amy." says Metal Sonic.

    What will happen to the gang?

    Find out later in Sonic X!

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    episode 8

    sonic in the future

    ''where are we''says knuckles

    ''its not where but when'''says tails

    ''how did we get here'''says sonic

    ''dont ask me but we have to get back or else metal sonic will get the flames of diaster''syas tails

    ''well then lets go''says knuckles

    meanwhile out in dusty desrert

    ''i cannot believe my own creation blew all the way to dusty desrert and boy is it ever dusty''says eggman

    ''im going to rip them out of comition when i get my hands on them''syas eggman

    meanwhile back on the egg carier

    ''where are you taking me''says amy

    ''silence'says gmeral

    ''hey your that........

    ''silence!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!''syas gmeral

    ''ah amy i have been expecting you hahahaha''says metal sonic

    ''what do you want''syas amy

    ''what we have wanted for the past 7 days''says mecha sonic

    ''thats right''says silver sonic

    ''ha sonic will be here soon and when i tell him what you have done hell turn you into a pile of junk''says amy

    'ahahahaahahaahahaahahaah foolish girl your sonic is trapped in another time sothere is no hope so just surrender''says metal sonic

    ''s ss sss soni sonic hes gone''syas amy

    'haha i knew that would get her''syas mecha sonic

    amy finally begins get herself together before relising that the flames are awakned are ready to be controlled

    ''nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo''syas amy

    'haha the moment we have waited for,now all we are chaos emeralds hahaha'says metal sonic

    will their plan succeed

    what about sonic will they get back in time

    find out next time on sonic x

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    Episode 9

    Welcome to the Future

    Sonic looks around.

    "What a wasteland." says Sonic.

    "Judging from the mountains, we are in White Acropolis." says Tails.

    "But how!?!" says Sonic.

    "We are in the future." says Knuckles.

    White Acropolis is in ruins.

    "We need to find out what happened and how far in the future we are!" says Sonic.

    They all look around for some sign of life or working technology.


    "SHHHHH!" says Knuckles.

    "What?" says Tails.

    "Be quiet. I hear something." says Knuckles.

    They hide behind a wall.

    They look to the other side.

    There is someone there.

    "Oh, it's just Sonic." says Tails.

    "No Tails. I am right here." says Sonic. He's right next to Tails and Knuckles.

    "Then...who's that?" says Knuckles.

    "That's.....that other guy! The one that said he was me!" says Sonic.

    The other Sonic turns around.

    "What the.....You!" says Old Sonic.

    "Who are you!" says Sonic.

    "I already told you. I am you." says Old Sonic.

    "What!?!" says Sonic.

    "I am you from the future! This future!" says Old Sonic.

    "Oh yeah? If you are me, then you will have to prove it." says Sonic.

    "And how will you do that?" says Old Sonic.

    "I will ask you questions that only I know the answer to!" says Sonic.

    "Go on." says Old Sonic.

    "What's the fastest I have ever gone?" says Sonic.

    "756 miles per hour." says Old Sonic.

    "What am I most afraid off?" says Sonic.

    "Water." says Old Sonic.

    "And what's my middle name?" says Sonic.

    "Maurice." says Old Sonic.

    Tails and Knuckles giggle.

    "It is true! You are me!" says Sonic.

    "Don't be so suprised. You are just like me. Hardheaded." says Old Sonic.

    "What is this place?" says Sonic.

    "This is Mobius. After Iblis." says Old Sonic.

    "Iblis?" says Sonic.

    "Yes, Iblis. The monster that brought fourth the destruction of our world." says Old Sonic.

    "What?" says Tails.

    "Somebody in the past released The Flames of Desaster." says Old Sonic.

    "The Flames of Desaster. Metal Sonic!" says Sonic.

    "No. You." says Old Sonic.

    "What?" says Sonic.

    "She was heart broken. She lost all hope. The only one who could do that was you, Sonic." says Old Sonic.

    "What!?! No way!" says Sonic.

    "And you must pay for what you did to Amy, to this world!" says Old Sonic.

    "Wait! What happened to Amy?" says Sonic.

    "She died." says Old Sonic.

    "What. What?" says Sonic.

    "The Egg Carrier was destroyed by Iblis when the Flames of Desaster was unleashed, killing everyone aboard, including Amy and Metal Sonic." says Old Sonic.

    "Oh no! We must stop it!" says Sonic.

    "It's too late. We are in the future. We cannot go to the past." says Old Sonic.

    "You could!" says Sonic.

    "Not anymore. You damaged my time machine, my boots, in the past, so I was sent here. The machine doesn't work anymore. And since it was the last piece of working technology in the world....I can't repair it or get a new one." says Old Sonic.

    "So we are stuck here?" says Tails.

    "Yes." says Old Sonic.

    "That can't be true!" says Sonic. "There must be a way!"

    Sonic runs around, looking for stuff.

    "Stop it Sonic, what can we do?" says Knuckles.

    Sonic runs into a wall.

    The wall cracks and reveals a long coffin.

    "?" says Sonic.

    He opens it.

    It's Shadow, frozen in carbonite!

    "Shadow!" says Sonic.

    Everybody runs toward him.

    "He's frozen. We should thaw him." says Knuckles.

    "Let me." says Old Sonic.

    With his feet, he creates tension on the ground, creating electricity.

    He zapps Shadow with his finger.

    The carbonite evaporates.

    "!!" says Shadow.

    "AHHHHH!!!!!!" yells everybody.

    "What? Where's Metal Sonic? Where am I?" says Shadow.

    "Welcome to the future." says Sonic.

    "What?" says Shadow.

    He gets up.

    "Chaos Control!" says Shadow.

    Nothing happened.

    "What? I can't travel back to the past!" says Shadow.

    "Your powers must have drained in 20 years." says Old Sonic.

    "20 YEARS!?!" says everybody.

    "Yes." says Old Sonic.

    "If I had my powers, I could take all of you back to the past! But I need a Chaos Emerald to recharge!" says Shadow.

    "Hey, Old Sonic!" says Tails. "You know where we can find a Chaos Emerald?"

    "No. But we can look for one!" says Old Sonic.

    Will Sonic and friends find an emerald and get back to the past to save Amy?

    See you next time on Sonic X!

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    Guess I will have to start this again.

    In the future, Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, and Sonic are searching for a Chaos Emerald.

    Old Sonic: We have been searching for an hour now, just give up.

    Young Sonic: No way, never.

    Shadow: I can sense a Chaos Emerald coming from that volcano.

    Tails: Alright, Old Sonic, go with Shadow to the volcano, and we will catch up.

    Old Sonic: Why cant you just come with us?

    Tails: Because of them.

    The gang turns around to find an army of firey fiends.

    In the past, Gamma V2 is going through some boxes in the White Acropolis. He finds a dark sceptor.

    Gamma: What is this? I must take it to Metal Sonic.

    Mecha Sonic: What on earth is this thing?

    Metal Sonic: It is a device called the Sceptor of Darkness, we should...

    Suddenly the door bursts down and Rouge and Omega come through.

    Silver Sonic: How many times is that door going to be destroyed?

    Rouge: Where is Shadow, he never came back.

    Omega: Affrimative, tell us the location of Unit Shadow or be destroyed.

    A battle begins. Omega brawls with Gamma and Rouge with Metal Sonic. A miss fire by Omega knocks the Sceptor into the sky, and crashes on the floor. A dark shadow emerges and copies the body of the [currently] frozen Shadow. A hedgehog like Shadow emerges, surpriseing everyone. He fires a blast of darkness and teleports Rouge and Omega away.

    Amy: What have you done to them?!

    Metal Sonic: What is your name

    "Hedgehog": You may call me Mephiles. Mephiles the Dark. And you wish to use the Flames of Disastor, you will listen to me.

    Who is Mephiles? What has happened to Rouge and Omega? Will Sonic and friends ever return to the past? Why am I asking you all these questions? Find out next time on Sonic X.

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    BTW syrus fan i wasn't planning this topic to die i just have been so busy

    Sonic is speeding to the volcano without knowing what hashappened when a white hedgehog flys in front of him

    ''hold it right there''syas mysterious hedgehog

    ''hey your silver''says sonic

    ''how do you know my name''says silver

    ''we meet before remember''says sonic

    ''sonic? is that you?''says silver

    ''yah silver long time no see''says sonic

    ''heys sonic i thought you were someone else''says silver

    ''well nice seeing you sorry to run but i need a chaos emerald''syas sonic

    ''you dont mean the one in the volcano do you''syas siler

    ''yah i do why''syas sonic

    ''sorry but i need that emerald so go find another one''syas silver

    ''no way i need it so move''says sonic

    ''looks like we have to settle this the hard way''says silver

    sonic vs silversilver launches an energy ball but misses and gets nailed

    ''I wont give up that easy''says silver

    sonic vs silversilver blocks an attcak and then blast sonic away

    who will win this epic fight find out next time on sonic x

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    Episode 12

    Adventures of the Future


    Sonic and Silver smash each other into a wall.

    "Wait a minute. Why are we fighting?" says Sonic. "We know better than this."

    "Apparently not." says Silver.

    "Let's talk about it like men." says Sonic.

    "Fine." says Silver.

    They both sit down.

    "So....what's up?" says Silver.

    "I am going to get a Chaos Emerald to rescue Amy in the past." says Sonic.

    "That's cool. I am going to get the Chaos Emerald to find some life." says Silver.

    "Life?" says Sonic.

    "Mobious is completely dead." says Silver. "Barely no sign of life anywhere except us survivors."

    "That sucks." says Sonic.

    "Yeah. How did you survive the Flames of Desaster?" says Silver.

    "I didn't." says Sonic.

    Silver looks at Sonic scared.

    "I time traveled to the future and skipped the Flames." says Sonic.

    Silver looks relieved.

    "Good. For a moment there I thou..." says Silver.

    "What are you doing in our dimension in the first place?" says Sonic.

    "I wanted to visit. Worst possible time." says Silver. "I can't go back anymore."

    "That sucks." says Sonic.

    "You alone?" says Silver.

    "Nah. Shadow is right" says Sonic.

    He looks around.

    "Where'd he go?" says Sonic.

    "The volcano!" says Silver.

    They both run toward the volcano.


    Old Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles are surrounded by fiery monsters.

    "What in the world is this!?!" says Knuckles.

    "I'm not sure. But they appeared after the Flames of Desaster and now rule the world." says Old Sonic.

    "Great." says Knuckles.

    "How do we escape them?" says Tails.

    "Putting out the fire." says Old Sonic.

    Old Sonic starts running at super speeds and creates a bunch of tornadoes that sucks out all the flames from the monsters.

    They fall dead.

    "Awesome." says Tails.

    "I need to show you guys something." says Old Sonic.

    "What?" says Knuckles.

    "Come." says Old Sonic.

    Tails and Knuckles follows Old Sonic.

    Meanhwhile.....on the volcano.

    Sonic and Silver catch up to Shadow.

    "Shadow!" says Sonic.

    "SHHHHH!" says Shadow.

    "What?" says Silver.

    "Be quiet! This place is boobytrapped." says Shadow.

    He's right in front of the Chaos Emerald.

    If there is any noise, the fire monster will wake up.

    Shadow walks slowly.

    He reaches for the emerald.


    The volcano is about to erupt!

    "What a coincidence." says Silver.

    Shadow grabs the emerald and they hurry out of the volcano.

    The volcano erupts!

    A wall of lava is traveling behind Sonic, Silver, and Shadow at near sonic speeds.

    "This is getting a bit too hot!" says Sonic.

    "Grab on!" says Shadow.

    Sonic and Silver grab on to Shadow.

    "Chaos Control!" yells Shadow.

    They teleport out of the area.


    Old Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles reach to a cliff.

    "Oh my god." says Tails.

    From the horizon they can see the buildings of a burning city.

    "The remains of Soleanna." says Old Sonic.

    "Unbelievable." says Knuckles.

    "We need to find that emerald." says Tails.

    Suddenly, Sonic, Silver, and Shadow teleport next to them.

    "Guys!" says Tails.

    "Look who we found!" says Sonic.

    "The Chaos Emerald?" says Knuckles.

    "....Yes. And we found Silver!" says Sonic.

    "Silver? Where?" says Old Sonic.

    They all look around.

    "Where is he?" says Shadow.

    "I don't know. He was with us a moment ago." says Sonic.

    Meanwhile...back in the volcano.

    Silver digs himself out of the ground.

    He missed Shadow and saved himself with his shield powers.

    "That....was.....close." says Silver.

    He looks around.

    "Now to figure out where the others went." says Silver.

    "No." says a voice from behind him.

    "Huh? Oh no." says Silver.

    It's Memphiles!

    "I finally found you, Silver." says Memphiles.

    "Oh no no no no no. No!" says Silver.

    He tries to run away.

    "All survivors must be terminated!" says Memphiles.

    He uses his Scepter of Darkness and fires at Silver.

    Silver gets hit and dissapears.

    Memphiles starts laughing.

    Suddenly....he stops.

    He starts sniffing.

    "I smell.....others." says Memphiles. "There are more survivors!"

    Memphiles flies away.

    Meanwhile...back where Sonic and his gang are.

    "We need to go now Sonic!" says Tails.

    "Now that we have the emerald." says Knuckles.

    "I will come as well." says Old Sonic.

    "Very well." says Shadow.

    He creates a portal.

    Everybody goes thru it.

    They return to Soleanna in the past.

    "We did it!" says Tails.

    "What time is it?" says Sonic.

    "It's.....OH NO! It's almost the time that the Egg Carrier blasts off in it's last flight before it's destroyed!" says Tails.

    "Then we don't have much time left for the Flames of Desaster to occur!" says Sonic.

    Sonic hightails it out of there at super speeds back toward White Acropolis.

    Will Sonic make it back in time? Or will the Flames of Desaster be reborn? Find out in the next thrilling action packed episode of Sonic X!

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    Still in the future, Mephiles looks around the spot where Sonic and the gang went back in time.

    Mephiles: They must have escaped. Well, that is one hedgehog trapped and out of the way.

    He vanishes.

    In the past, Sonic is running to the White Acropolis. He breaks into the Egg Carrier again. He finds it completely deserted.

    Sonic: Where is everyone?

    Silver: Sonic, get away!

    Sonic: What?!

    Sonic turns around to find the Sceptor of Darkness on the ground with Silver's voice echoing from it.

    Sonic: Silver? What happened to you?

    Silver: I dont know. Mephiles attacked with Sceptor of Darkness and the next thing I knew, I was trapped in this stupid staff. Rouge and Omega are here too.

    Rouge: He is using us as energy.

    Omega: Sonic, find Agent Shadow and stop Mephiles.

    Sonic: Who is Mephiles?

    Silver: I dont know. What I do know is, Mephiles is trying to kill you and release the flames. Going after Amy is a trap. Break the Sceptor and we can help.

    Sonic breaks the Sceptor and releases...Mephiles?

    Mephiles: You are SO easy to fool.

    Metal Sonic, Mecha Sonic and Gamma come out from hiding and surrind Sonic.

    Metal Sonic: Your friends are safe, for now.

    They all attack and knock out Sonic,

    Mephiles: Put him with the others in Aquatic Base. then we will use Amy to unlock the Flames and rule.

    Metal Sonic: Right.

    Mecha drags Sonic away.

    Silver Sonic walks in with Eggman all tied up.

    Mephiles: Bring him to the base as well. And deal with Sonic's little friends too.

    Metal: Go Gamma.

    Mephiles walks away and smiles evily.

    Mephiles: What fools. Weather Sonic dies or Amy dies, I will still suceed.

    What is Mephiles planning? What will be Amy's fate? Will Tails and the others also be imprisoned? Why am I still asking you these questions? Find out on Sonic X.

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    In case it is hard to understand. Mephiles , when he attacked Rouge, Omega and Silver, he placed them in Aquatic Base with Eggman so they are out of the way when he tries to kill Amy. He hid inside his Sceptor and caught Sonic off guard so Sonic can be imprisoned. Just thought I'd clear that up.
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    I will continue some more.

    Sonic wakes up, trapped in a tube in a lab like environment.

    Sonic: Where am I?

    Rouge: You're up.

    Sonic: What, Rouge!

    Sonic looks around and sees Silver, Rouge, Omega and Eggman all trapped in tubes as well.

    Sonic: What on Earth is going on?

    Eggman: This is all Mephiles's doing.

    Sonic: Who? What?

    Eggman: He is going to kill Amy and then unlock the Flames.

    Sonic: But why, and how come you know so much?

    Eggman: Bocoe and Docoe have been giving me reports. They were spies and were secretly listening to Mephiles. Mephiles wants to fuse with the Flames, or Iblis as he calls it to from some kind of being.

    Sonic: Tell me the full stroy doc.

    Eggman: Very well. 300 years ago, the king of Soleanna, Amy's ancestor, had control of both the Flames, and the device which sealed Mephiles, the Sceptor of Darkness. He studied them here, the laboratory Aquatic Base. One day, Mephiles brock free, and then freed Iblis. The Duke, sealed Mephiles into a new Sceptor.

    Sonic: And Iblis?

    Eggman: It is said the Duke was forced to seal Iblis into his daughter, which became the Flames of Disastor. The Flames must have then passed down onto Amy.

    Sonic: So Mephiles will kill amy to fuse with Iblis.

    Omega: Affirmative.

    Silver: He placed us here so we wont get in the way. these tubes can only be unlocked by the outside.

    Sonic: Well, I still have my Chaos... IT's Gone!

    Eggman: Mephiles must have taken it so he can fuse with Iblis. And now, he is sending Gamma to capture your friends so no one can stop him.

    Sonic: NO!!

    Meanwhile, Tails and Knuckles are trying to keep up with Shadow and Old Sonic to find Sonic. Gamma then gets in the way.

    Gamma: Come quietly or else.

    Will everyone else free Sonic? Will Amy be killed? What is this "being" Mephiles wants to become? Find out next time.

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    episode 15 FAce off knuckles and tails vs knuckles and tails!?

    gamma has just caught up to knuckles tails and old sonic


    gamma:dont bother now do as your told or i will use force

    knuckles:you cant tell us what to do

    gammah really

    suddenly knuckles aand tails see some famialiar faces

    knuckels:metal knuckles?

    tails:tails doll?

    old sonic:ill take on gamma while you guys take on your counterparts

    knuckles:haha time to rumble but wait you look diffrent

    Metal Knuckles

    tails:tails doll you look diffrent too and more robot like

    Metal Tails

    quickly metal tails kicks tails andtails being as week as he is gets knocked out so now knuckles and old sonic must fight alone and then knuckles and old sonic are bashed together and are about to be destroyed by the three robots when.........................

    Blaze The Cat

    knuckles old sonic and tails:huh blaze?

    with blaze here will our heroes finally be able to save sonic and the others and keep the iblis from being realeased find out next time on sonic x

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    Episode 15

    The Big Rescue

    Over at Soleanna....

    "Gamma? What do you want?" says Knuckles.

    "Come." says Gamma.

    "Where?" says Tails.

    "Come." says Gamma.

    "WHERE?" says Old Sonic.

    "Come and keep quiet." says Gamma.

    "I'm not going." says Shadow.

    "You must come." says Gamma.

    "No." says Tails.

    "Why?" says Gamma.

    "I don't want to come until you tell us where." says Tails.

    "COME." yells Gamma. "AND BE QUIET."

    "Why do you want us to be quiet?" says Old Sonic.

    Gamma takes out his rocket launcher and points at them.

    "You must come." says Gamma. "Or else."

    He points the gun toward a nearby building.

    "Whoa! Put that thing down." says Knuckles.

    "Then come." says Gamma.

    "Fine." says Old Sonic.

    They follow Gamma and keep quiet.

    "What is he going to do?" whispers Tails.

    "I said keep quiet." says Gamma.

    "We are following you under our own will, you know. We don't have to follow you. I can destroy you right here on the spot." says Knuckles.

    "Knuckles, like always." says Old Sonic.

    "Be quiet." says Gamma.

    "Fine." says Knuckles.

    Meanwhile.....back in Aquatic Base.

    "Wait a minute, how can you be here?" says Sonic.

    "What?" says Silver.

    "You were captured in the future, not now." says Sonic.

    "You know what...that's true." says Silver. "How is that possible?"

    "Seems like Memphiles can control time." says Eggman.

    "Dang. He's worse than Nazo!" says Sonic.

    Rougue keeps hitting the sides of the tube.

    "Stop that!" says Eggman.

    "I have to GET OUT OF HERE!" says Rouge.

    "Stop it! They will hear us!" says Sonic.

    Suddenly hundreds of fiery beings sorround the tube.

    "Oh great." says Silver.

    "Now they are watching our every move. Great job Rouge." says Eggman.

    "Shut up." says Rouge.

    Sonic looks around.

    "Hey. We are in an Aquatic Base!" says Sonic.

    "Good job genious." says Eggman sarcasticly.

    "That means! We can drown them!" says Sonic.

    "What?" says Silver.

    "Yes. OF COURSE!" says Dr. Eggman. "I am a genious!"

    "Egghead." says Sonic angrily.

    "We need to make them madder! If we create enough heat, we can bursts the wall of the base!" says Eggman.

    "How do we do that?" says Rouge.

    "KICK!" says Sonic. "KICK LIKE ALWAYS!"

    Rouge starts kicking the cube as hard as she can.

    The fire monsters start getting angry, and it gets warmer and warmer.

    She keeps on kicking.

    More monsters come into the room.

    It gets very hot.



    The walls of the base breakes and floods the whole room!

    The monsters are evaporated!

    Steam fills up the room!

    The tube shatters with all the air preassure!

    Sonic and the others escape!

    "Let's go!" says Sonic.

    The alarms starts to ring!

    More monsters come!

    "Time to run!" says Sonic.

    Sonic runs at super speeds, blowing out the fire monsters!

    "Where you going Sonic?" says Silver.

    "To save Amy!" says Sonic.

    Sonic looks at his watch.

    "Oh no! It's almost time!" says Sonic.

    Meanwhile, at the Egg Carrier.

    Amy is strapped to a huge machine.

    "Amy. Do you know what this machine is?" says Metal Sonic. "It's one of my inventions! It can suck out all hope away from anybody."

    Amy looks scared. She can't talk as her mouth is taped up.

    Metal Sonic lowers the machine on to Amy.

    An eyepiece lowers into her eyes. It has a small television in the eyepiece.

    It turns on, and a picture of Sonic comes up.

    "This machine reads your mind to determine what you love the most, and will attempt to take it away from you." says Metal Sonic.

    Suddenly, it shows Sonic trapped in a railroad track and can't get out.

    Amy hears a train coming!

    It's going to run Sonic over!

    Meanwhile....on the ground.

    Tails, Knuckles, and Old Sonic are following Gamma.

    Suddenly the look up and the Egg Carrier is floating above them.

    "I am to take you to the Egg Carrier." says Gamma.

    A ray beam comes down and lifts them up into the Egg Carrier.

    "Oh no you don't!" says Old Sonic.

    A fight takes place in mid air.

    Gamma fires missiles everywhere.

    "Can't catch me!" says Old Sonic.

    He reaches Gamma, and pulls his head out.

    "Watch out Sonic!" says Tails.

    Gamma's missiles are still firing!

    They miss Tails and Knuckles, trying to get Sonic by using his DNA!

    Sonic jumps away from Gamma and they hit Gamma!

    But some missiles are still coming!

    But they miss Sonic and go towards the ground!

    "Huh?" says Old Sonic.

    "It's Sonic!" says Knuckles.

    Young Sonic is coming!

    And the missiles are going towards him!

    "Huh?" says Sonic.

    He seems the missiles coming from above, and the Egg Carrier behind them!

    "Great!" says Sonic.

    He jumps on the missiles and hops toward the Egg carrier on them!

    "Awesome!" says Old Sonic. "If I do flatter myself!"

    Tails picks up Knuckles and Old Sonic and flys away before they enter the Egg Carrier.

    Sonic speeds by them and smashes into the Egg Carrier, entering inside.

    The hole creates an electrical surge.

    All the power is out in the Egg Carrier!

    Amy's machine loses power.

    And so does the engines!

    "What!?!" says Metal Sonic.

    He runs over to the cockipt.

    "What is going on!?!" says Metal Sonic.

    "We lost all power!" says Mecha Sonic.

    "Then land!" says Metal Sonic.

    "We can't control the ship! We are going to crash!" says Silver Sonic.

    "Oh great." says Memphiles.

    Memphiles teleports out of there.

    "Wait. What!?!" says Metal Sonic.

    "He left us!" says Decoe.

    Metal Sonic looks out the window.

    They are going to crash into a cliff!

    "Oh no." says Metal Sonic.

    Meanwhile, on Amy's room.

    Sonic blasts thru the door.

    "Amy!" says Sonic.

    He frees her.

    "Oh thank you Sonic! I knew you will come! I always had hope!" says Amy.

    "Great! And don't ever lose it!" says Sonic.

    The ship starts to fall apart.

    "What's going on?" says Amy.

    "The Egg Carrier is going to crash!" says Sonic.

    "What!?!" says Amy.

    Sonic grabds Amy and runs toward the wall.

    He spin jumps and breakes thru the wall, jumping out right in time as the Egg Carrier crashes and explodes into a billion pieces!

    Sonic lands on top of the cliff.

    "We did it!" says Amy.

    They both fall to the ground.

    "No problem." says Sonic.

    "Thanks Sonic." says Amy.

    "Hey, what did I tell you?" says Sonic.

    They both get up and walk toward the sunset.

    With Metal Sonic and his minions destroyed, Amy saved, and Memphiles on the loose, what will happen next?

    Only way to find out is keep watching Sonic X!

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