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    Episode 1:sonic is once again out to stop eggman while tails and amy are rooting him on. sonic finally enters the base and eggman is furios so e gets relentlas and fires all he has at snic but is unable to catch him and eventually blows up his own base.sonc and company leave with pride while eggman desprately tries to find a way to defeat him.Eggman finally finds an ancient tablet saying of a negative creature named nazo who is a strong and deadly fow that almost destroyed the world. Eggman loves t so he decides to try and release him He finds that the only way to unlock nazo is the gather the chaos emeralds and a new mysterious set of emeralds called the sol emeralds from another demension. So eggman sets off to find the chaos emeralds. ill post more later but if you want to continue this feel free.
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    Episode 2

    Dr. Eggman went ahead and created a magnet that attracts the Chaos Emeralds.

    He first tries it on.

    Lots of lights and electricity comes from the machine, and then a large rumbling sound.

    Suddenly, all of the Chaos Emeralds come out from the sky straight into the magnet!

    Dr. Eggman is all excited.

    He goes to get the chaos emeralds when he notices that the chaos emeralds are all now turned to the color indigo.

    "What happened?" wonders Dr. Eggman.

    As it turns out, the magnet changed the polarity of the emeralds!

    "Wait a minute. These looks just like the Sol Emeralds! Are you telling me that the Chaos Emeralds are the Sol Emeralds!?!" says Dr. Eggman.

    "How am i supposed to release Nazo? I need both of them!!!!" Dr. Eggman yells.

    Suddenly, the alarms comes on.

    He looks to the screen.

    Sonic and friends are attacking Eggman's base!

    All of the sudden Sonic comes out of the wall.

    "Where are the chaos emeralds, creep?" says Sonic.

    "Here." says Eggman, showing Sonic the Sol Emeralds.

    "What happened?"says Sonic.

    "I don't know." says Dr. Eggman.

    "Are you sure you had anything to do with it?" said Sonic.

    "I am sure." says Dr. Eggman.

    "Well we have to fix it, otherwise, we have no Chaos Emeralds!" says Sonic.

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    Episode 3

    sonic and the gang start to work with eggman to figure out what happened to the chaos emeralds so they go and find knuckles. when they do they realise that they cant see the master emerald is not visible. they ask knuckles what happened and he then tells them that last night the master emerald seemed to disappear and so i looked a over but no luck and then when he looked were the emerald was supposed to be he found this little bottle cap shaped red emerald. Knuckles then said that feers that the emerald may be in danger. They all then go to rouge the bat as a suspect. When they get there and ask her she says no and that she is always the first one blamed when something goes missing. they then believe her and start searching for other suspects when knuckles remembers they can hire the chaotix to be detectives. so they go and ask them and they say no because they are on a vacation but with a little persuasion from rouge they agree and start looking with the gang when eggman remembers about shadow being in that capsule and tells everybody he is alive so they go to his base and find that since the capsule was using chaos emerald for power it was now powerless. they then opened it and shadow was awakened. will shadow remember what happened? Will he help the gang discover the mystery of what happened? and is eggman only using them to awaken nazo find out next time on sonic x! (ps to anyone who makes episodes try to keep then within the plot and please leave Chris out of it this time cause he is really unnecessary)

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    episode 4

    shadow awakens to find everybody glad to see he is ok but he asks dr eggman what is happening and eggman tells him that the chaos emeralds have turned into sol emralds and shadow agrees to help eggman also programs all his robots to search for answers to what happened. then they find a cave with markings on the wall and writing that is unreadable so eggman pulls out a decoder and begins to read what it says. eggman tells them that a long time ago the sol and chaos emeralds were one but were split after anger over took the emeralds and nazo was unleashed and he was destroying everything until chaos came to destroy him but he could not truly defeat him so chaos split the world into 2 dimensions and cut the emeralds into 2 sets and scattered each set iin a different dimension hoping that they would never become one and unleash nazo back into existence.

    ''so thats where these things came from another dimension'' said sonic

    '' but that doesn't explain them switching and it says nothing about the master emerald'' said knuckles

    '' actually it does knuckles'' said tails '' if there are parallel emeralds to the chaos emeralds then there must be a parallel to the mater emerald too''

    '' so if the sol emeralds are here then the chaos must be in that other dimension right?'' asked sonic

    ''but how do we get there'' said rouge and tails

    '' i may have an idea'' said sonic looking at shadow

    '' forget it sonic these sol emeralds seem to be unable to cause chaos control so that won't work'' said shadow

    '' well can't tails and eggman build a machine with those sol emeralds'' asked sonic

    '' well we could but it would take a while to figure out how much energy these things use and how much the give off''' said tails

    '' so what with the both off you we will be able work twice as fast right'' questioned sonic

    '' we may but we will need water, food and a ship because we know nothing about that other dimension'' said eggman

    ' alright then lets build us a portal'' said sonic

    '' well help you build the ship but after that well go back to our vaction'' said the chaotix

    '' fine come on guys lets build us a ship and portal''said sonic

    is eggman actually helping our heroes? if not what is he planning?find out next time on sonic x

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    Episode 5

    Tails and Dr. Eggman are working on creating the portal to the other dimension.

    Suddenly, Dr. Eggman's cellphone rings.

    "Oh...excuse me Tails, I got a call." says Dr. Eggman.

    "Ok." says Tails.

    Dr. Eggman goes to the other room.

    "Hello?" says Eggman.

    "Eggman!!!!" yells Decoe and Bocoe from the phone.

    "What do you want!?!" says Dr. Eggman.

    "We were making sure you didn't expect anything from us." they said.

    "I told you I don't need you for this!" said Dr. Eggman. "The plan is going perfectly! I don't need you two to mess it up".

    "But Dr. Eggman, it's boring!" said Decoe.

    "Yeah, Decoe keeps annoying me and hiding my arms!" said Bocoe.

    "Then why do you keep taking them off?" says Dr. Eggman.

    "They are broken! You never fixed them!" said Bocoe.

    "I said I will fix it when you prove to me I can trust you!" said Dr. Eggman.

    "But how am I going to do that? You never let me do anything!" said Bocoe.

    "Crybaby." said Decoe.

    "LEAVE ME ALONE." said Bocoe.

    "CRYBABY!" said Decoe.

    Dr. Eggman hangs up.

    "Where in the world did I get the idea to make these two." said Dr. Eggman.

    He returns to Tails.

    "What happened?" said Tails.

    "Oh nothing." said Dr. Eggman.

    "Check this out Eggman." said Tails.

    He put a Sol Emerald into a slot.

    It powered the portal!

    "It works! The Sol Emeralds create power!" said Dr. Eggman.

    "Yeah, but it's negative energy." said Tails.

    "What do you mean?" said Dr. Eggman.

    "These emeralds are more powerful alone than together, unlike the Chaos Emeralds." said tails.

    "So we have to seperate them to have more power?" said Dr. Eggman.

    "Exactly!" said Tails.

    Dr. Eggman looked at the rest of the Sol Emeralds.

    "They are together now, so if they get more seperated, then thse emeralds can power ok." said Dr. Eggman.

    "So if we go the next dimension, we need to split up into teams, one team with each emerald to get the most of the power." said Tails.

    "Oh. That is.....great!" said Dr. Eggman.

    His plans were going great. What is Dr. Eggman thinking off? Found out next episode of Sonic X!!!!!!

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    episode 6

    back in the workshop the others are working on the ship then tails calls to tell them something

    '' ive got big news'' he said '' we are ready to go with the portal how is the ship doing'' asked tails

    '' great'' said sonic'' its about ready to go so whats the big news asked sonic''

    '' were going to have to split into mini teams because the sol emeralds seen to power better on their own than with each other'' said eggman

    ''ok then well choose them now'' said sonic

    '' ok then so we need 8 teams becuase there are 7 chaos emerlds and the master emerald so we will split up into them and find a chaos emerald then we will com back to the ship come back when we have them all we will come back here and once again fight over them. said sonic

    so now the teams are amy and cream. gamma version 2.0 and omega. rouge and shadow. sonic and tails. knuckles and vector(who has changed his mind).espio and charmy. eggman and metal sonic.gmeral 4.0 and mecha sonic. these are teams and they are all ready to go and now the go into the portal and it feels like warp speed and ship feels like it will disingrate but thankfully it doesnt. when land they make sure everything is okay before splitting up and then they do so now it is a search for the chaos emeralds and the master emerald is on. sonic and tails find 2 people angry and they get attaked by them

    '' what the heck is going on and who are you'' said sonic

    '' my name is blaze the cat and this my friend marine and you are trespassing and with a sol emerald too this must be our lucky day'' said blaze

    '' now your coming with us to the castle in which me and my friends rule this world''says blaze

    with sonic and tails captured what will happen to them?is this part of eggman' skeem? if not what is his skeem find out next time on sonic x!


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    Episode 7

    Back in the castle, Sonic and Tails are in a jail cell.

    "Well this is great." says Sonic.

    "What do you mean Sonic? We are locked up!" says Tails.

    "Is a matter of speech Tails. Yeesh." says Sonic.

    "Oh." says Tails.

    He looks at the Sol Emerald.

    It stars glowing.

    "The emerald is gaining power." says Tails.

    "The other teams must be getting farther away from each other." says Sonic.

    "Are you thinking what I am thinking?" says Tails.

    "That they don't clean this cell?" says Sonic.

    "No! We can use the Sol Emerald to blast our way out of here!" says Tails.

    "Really? Let's try it out." says Sonic.

    Tails shakes the Emerald and throws it at the wall.

    The wall explodes!

    "Holy Chili Dogs!" says Sonic. "It worked!"

    "Let's go!" says Tails.

    Sonic grabs the emerald and grabs Tails and blast his way out of the castle at the speed of sound.

    The alarms sounds.

    "What is going on?" says Marine.

    "The prisoners, they have escaped!" says Blaze.

    "How?" says Marine.

    "I don't know!" says Blaze.

    She runs after the prisoners.

    But Sonic and Tails blast out into the horizon.

    "Whoa! That was fast!" says Blaze.

    "That hedgehog can run over 700 miles per hour!" says Marine.

    "Impossible." says Blaze.

    "What are we going to do?" says Marine.

    "Marine. Give the me the Chaos Emerald." says Blaze.

    "Ah! The Chaos Emerald? That's dangereous! We don't even know what it does!" says Marine.

    "If it's anything like the emerald they had, then it must have a lot of power." says Blaze.

    Marine gives her the Chaos Emerald.

    "Perfect! Time to BLAZE!!!" she says.

    Blaze zooms into the horizon at super speeds.

    Marine stays behind amazed.

    "Whoa, Sonic, slow down! I think we have out run them." says Tails.

    "You are right." says Sonic.

    They stop to a halt.

    The Sol Emeralds is now glowing very brightly.

    "We must be very far away from the rest of the team. I wonder if they have found a Chaos Emerald yet?" Says Tails.

    Suddenly, they hear a Sonic Boom.

    "Sonic stop it! People will hear us!" says Tails.

    "It wasn't me this time, I swear!" says Sonic.

    "Then what else can run at the speed of...." says Tails.

    Suddenly, Blaze catches up to them.

    "No way! We left you so far behind it would take weeks for you to catch up!" says Sonic.

    "Too bad, blue hedgehog. You are going back." says Blaze.

    "Not without a fight!" says Sonic.

    "Sonic, she's a girl." says Tails.

    "SO WHAT?" says Blaze. "I can handle him!"

    "Let's see about that!" says Sonic.

    Sonic charges to Blaze at full speed!


    Blaze recovers and charges back!


    Sonic gets blown clear accross the landscape.

    "No way!" says Sonic.

    "No way!" says Tails. "How can she do that?"

    He looks at Blaze's hand.

    "Ah! She has a Chaos Emerald!" says Tails.

    "She what?" says Sonic from far away.

    "She has a Chaos Emerald!!!!" yells Tails.

    "No way!" says Sonic.

    "I know!" says Tails.

    Sonic charges at Blaze again.

    "Sonic! Grab the ring!" says Tails.

    Tails throws Sonic a ring.

    Sonic catches it.

    "Way past cool!" says Sonic.

    Sonic grabs Blaze's Chaos Emerald at the speed of sound.

    "What?" says Blaze. "Jewel thief!"

    "No! I am Sonic....Sonic the Hedgehog!" says Sonic.

    Sonic and Tails blasts away with the Chaos Emerald in hand.

    "I will get that emerald back, Sonic." says Blaze. "You better believe it."

    Sonic got the first Choas Emerald! How are the other teams going! Find out on the next episode of Sonic X!

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    episode 8

    rouge and shadow are lurking around in a swamp

    ''are you sure its around here shadow''questions rouge

    ''i know its here because of that glow over there'' says shadow

    when the get to the source they are suprised to see a white hedgehog

    ''who the heck are you 2'' says the mysterious hedgehog

    '' hmph i see you have a choas emerald how bout a trade that choas emerald for this sol emerald'' said shadow

    ''hey silver wait up''says marine

    ''what are you doing here marine''asks silver

    '' so your name is silver'' said shadow

    '' alright then since your cocky lets go winner gets both''yells silver

    ''fine rouge hold on to this'' demands shadow

    ''marine keep this emerald''says silver

    ''ill show you the ultimate power'' snickers shadow

    shadow quickly makes presence of his chaos powers by repeaditily using chaos control. then we he comes back he freezes ND SILVER YELLS ITS NO USE'' nothing can escape these powers. oh yeah

    ''chaos blast''yells shadowSonadow12.jpg Sonadow's Chaos Blast image by Yami-sanlover626

    ''ahh''yells silver

    then marine sneeks away with the sol emerald

    ''shadow she took the emerlad''says rouge

    '' go follow here and get that emerald back''commands shadow

    ''what about you'' asks rouge

    ''i have business to take care now goooo''commands shadow

    ''ok''says rouge

    rouge then flys off realising that the emerald can make her faster uses it to here advantage

    ''ok kid hand the jewel over and no one gets hurt''demmands rouge

    ''man first its that blue hedgehog now these 2''sighs marine

    ''sonic and tails huh well there doing that good''rouge says suprised

    ''alright since you won't handover the emeald ill take by force''syas rouge

    ''haha ok eggman nega take her out with you new machine''yells marine

    ''ah what the'' yells rouge

    '' hah ha i have you bat girl'' syas eggman nega

    back where silver and shadow were fighting

    ''looks like he ran off'' says shadow

    ''shadow help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!''yells rouge

    ''rouge!''yells shadow

    he runs but arrives to late and finds rouges sol emerlald on the ground.

    ''i see them i got to go after her hang on rouge im coming''says shadow

    with shadow on the run will he save rouge in time?what about eggman is this all his plan?and how are the other teams doing find out next time on sonic x!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Episode 9:

    Amy and Cream sit down on a rock.

    "I'm tired Amy." says Cream.

    "So am I." says Amy.

    "We have been walking around for hours, and we still have to find the Chaos Emerald." says Cream.

    "Hey, you know you can fly." says Amy.

    "But if I fly, then you will be left behind. I'm not strong enough to carry you. You are bigger than me." says Cream.

    "Huh. That sucks." says Amy.

    "I miss Cheese." says Cream.

    "I miss Sonic." says Amy.

    They both look at the glowing Sol Emerald.

    "The rest of the gang must be miles away." says Amy.

    Cream starts crying.

    "Don't worry Amy. We will see them again." says Amy.

    "I want to go home!" says Cream.

    "Huh. Then why did you come?" says Amy.

    "I was bored." says Cream.

    Amy looks around.

    She makes a puppet out of leaves.

    "Hey, Cream!" says Amy.

    Cream looks up.

    "Guess who I am?" says Amy.

    "Who?" says Cream.

    "I am NiGHTS!" says Amy.

    Creams chuckles.

    "Look at me! I can fly!" says Amy.

    Cream laughs.

    "I am wearing a dress!" says Amy.

    Cream laughs some more.

    "Do another one!" says Cream.

    "Ok." says Amy.

    "Look at me! I'm Tails." says Amy.

    Cream laughs.

    "I have two tails! And I can use them to fly!!! But why am I making flying machines if I can fly myself?" says Amy.

    Cream laughs some more.

    "Because I am a nerd and have no life!" says Amy.

    Cream laughs even more.

    "Another one!" says Cream.

    "Look at me, I am Rouge!" says Amy.

    Cream laughs.

    "I am very greedy! I want a Chaos Emerald!" says Amy.

    Cream laughs.

    "I WANT ONE NOW!!!!" says Amy.

    Cream laughs some more.

    "GIVE ME THAT CHAOS EMERALD!!!!" says Rouge.

    Cream laughs even more.

    "That last one was really good, Amy!" says Cream.

    "That last one wasn't me." says Amy.

    "GIVE ME THAT CHAOS EMERALD!!!!!" says Rouge.

    "NOOOOO!!!!! MINE!!!!!" says Marine.

    Amy and Cream look around.

    They saw Rouge chasing a rabbit with a Chaos Emerald!

    "There's Rouge!" says Amy.

    "Let's get that Chaos Emerald!" says Cream.

    Amy and Cream join Rouge in chasing Marine.

    "Oh great! More of them!" says Marine.

    Marine shakes the Chaos Emerald.

    "Trap them!" says Marine.

    She looks back and see Rouge, Amy, and Cream trapped in a guant bubble!

    "Cool. It worked! I GOT YA MATES!!!" says Marine.

    "Not yet." says Shadow.

    Marine looks around.

    There's Shadow!

    "Let them go, Marine." says Shadow.

    "Nope." says Marine.

    "Fine then, TAKE THIS!" says Shadow.

    Shadow shakes the Sol Emerald.

    "Chaos Spear!!! No wait....Sol Spear!!!!!!" says Shadow.

    Burst of lights travel toward Marine at high speeds.

    But Marine's Chaos Emerald stops them.

    "Ah ha!" says Marine.

    "Oh no, Amy and Cream's Sol Emerald is also here." says Shadow. "My Sol Emerald has very little power!"

    "Guess you can't do anything!" says Marine. "Too bad mate, I was looking for some challenge!"

    "What are you going to do Marine?" says Blaze. "You are always hiding."

    Blaze found Marine!

    "Blaze! Here's the Chaos Emerald." says Marine.

    "This is a different one. It's a different color." says Blaze.

    "You mean there are more than one?" says Marine.

    "There are seven Chaos Emeralds!" says Shadow.

    "Seven? Is that what you people are looking for?" says Blaze.

    "Yes. We would be very grateful if we could have them." says Shadow.

    "What am I going to do? I only know about this one." says Blaze.

    "If you stop chasing us, we could be on our way." says Shadow,

    "No way, these things must be very valuable, and if it's on our land, it must be ours! You are stealing!" says Marine.

    "That is true. We could let you have them, in exchange for something else." says Blaze.

    "We could give you the Sol Emeralds. They are also very valuable and have unlimited power." says Shadow.

    "Not a bad offer." says Blaze. "If you bring us the Sol Emeralds, we will let you go look for the Chaos Emeralds."

    "Perfect! Now let my friends go." says Shadow.

    "Let go!" says Marine.

    The bubble disappears.

    "Very well, give it to me." says Blaze.

    Shadow gives Blaze the Sol Emerald, and Marine gives Shadow the Chaos Emerald.

    "Good bye." says Blaze.

    They used the Sol Emerald's power to speed away.

    "What are you doing Shadow!" says Amy. "We need BOTH of them!"

    "Don't worry, we can use Eggman's magnet to get them back later." says Shadow.

    "Very smart. And they can't use the Sol Emeralds when they are together." says Rouge.

    "We are like robbers!" says Cream.

    "More like Treasure Hunters, sweetie." says Rouge.

    "Ok." says Cream.

    "In the meantime, we got a Chaos Emerald!" says Shadow.

    Will their plan stay together? What will happen next? Stay tuned for Sonic X!

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    episode 10

    it turns out that gamma 2.0 and omega have already found a chaos emerald and feel it getting stronger when they meet up with the rest

    ''there they are' they both yelled

    ''hey did you guys find anything''asks creamBlaze 26

    ''yes indeed we found a chaos emerald''says omega

    ''ok that makes 2''says shadow

    then we folllow silver

    hey blaze i just noticed what happened to that thing you wear on you head said silver

    ''what''says blaze''its gone so thats what happened i felt a big rock hit me but i thought it was just a dream''says blaze

    ''its lucky i can track that servent emerald anywere and somebody has it i must get it because it keeps the sol emeralds from going crazy

    it goess to vector and knuckles

    ''what the'' yells vector

    '''who are you 2'' demanda knuckles

    ''' so you have the servent emerald hand it over what this thing''asks knuckles

    ''yes'' says blaze

    '' wait a minute do you have a big green emerald'' asks knuckles

    ''yes silver show him''says blazeMaster Emerald

    ''thats it oh and a is that a chaos emerald'' asks knuckles

    ''yeah why do you want it''asks silver

    ''that much is secret now hand it over''commands knuckles

    ''oh yeah bring it on''

    ''hey i was thinking me and you could get something to eat later'' says vector to blaze

    ''touch me and you be burnt to a crisp'' snickers blaze

    ''oh i see you already dating silver''tells vector

    ''what your insane''screams blaze

    ''vector lets go''yells knuckles

    ''ok''syas vector

    ''they got the chaos emrald too''sighs silver

    ''hmph so thats there game huh well we'll see about''says blaze

    Silver and Blazewill sonic and the rest get all the chaos emeralds?how about eggman where is he now is he working with eggman nega find out next time on sonic x!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Episode 11

    Sonic and Tails are speeding thru the landscape.

    "Hey Sonic!" says Tails.

    "What?" says Sonic.

    "Look!" says Tails.

    He takes both the Chaos Emerald and the Sol Emerald and uses them to run as fast as Sonic.

    "So you can finally keep up without my help, huh? Want a race?" says Sonic.

    "Sure!" says Tails.

    "Alright, first one to the south pole wins!" says Sonic.

    "Allright!" says Tails.

    They both speed away.

    Tail's Chaos Emerald starts getting brighter.

    "Sonic! There must be a Chaos Emerald near by, and lot's of them!" says Tails.

    "Awesome!" says Sonic.

    They both stop and go after the emeralds.

    After a couple of seconds, they find Dr. Eggman.

    "AH!!!! Whoa. Sonic?" says Dr. Eggman.

    "Hey, whatzup, Egg?" says Sonic.

    "I see you have a Chaos Emerald." says Dr. Eggman.

    "I see you have....two!" says Sonic.

    "Yes, me and Metal Sonic have found an emerald, and Mecha Sonic and the other robot also found one." say Dr. Eggman.

    "This is going great!" says Tails.

    "But still too inefficient!" says Dr. Eggman. "Metal Sonic, Mecha Sonic and the other robot have been destroyed in the process."

    "Whoa. Pretty heavy doc." says Sonic.

    "Yes, that is why I am trying to rebuild my magnet that will attract the Chaos Emerald." says Dr. Eggman.

    "But won't it invert the emeralds again?" says Sonic.

    "Yes, but we will have both of them at the same time, so no problem." says Dr. Eggman.

    "This is pure genious!" says Tails.

    "I know." says Dr. Eggman.

    "What do you need for the magnet?" says Sonic.

    "No it's fine, I will finish it in no time." says Dr. Eggman.

    "As you wish." says Sonic.

    "In the meantime, you can look for the other teams." says Dr. Eggman.

    "On our way." says Tails.

    They both speed away.

    "Hey, Sonic, should we be trusting Dr. Eggman on this?" says Tails.

    "We are both after the same thing, to get the emeralds back. No problem." says Sonic.

    Meanwhile back with Dr. Eggman.

    "Mecha, Metal, and Gmeral! End transparency!" says Dr. Eggman.

    Metal Sonic, Mecha Sonic, and Gmeral appear out of nowhere.

    "The plan is going perfect. Preety soon, all the emeralds will be mine, and Nazo will be reawakened!" says Dr. Eggman. "And those dumb little animals have no idea!"

    Dr. Eggman makes his trademark evil laugh.

    "Oh noes!" says Charmy.

    "Huh!?!" says Dr. Eggman.

    He finds Charmy and Espio spying on him!

    "Oh great, he found us!" says Espio.

    "Run!" says Charmy.

    "Mecha, Metal, after them!" says Dr. Eggman.

    Mecha Sonic and Metal Sonic goes after them.

    "What are we going to do, what are we going to do, WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO!?!" says Charmy.

    "Calm down Charmy." says Espio. "We need to hide."

    Espio turns invisible and takes Charmy and hides him on a bush.

    "Be quiet!" says Espio.

    Mecha and Metal Sonic speeds by them.

    "Did they see us?" whispered Charmy.

    Mecha and Metal Sonic hears him and turn around.

    "Darn it!" says Espio.

    Espio turns visible again and attacks them with his ninja weapon.

    Mecha Sonic dodges, but it hits Metal Sonic.

    He blows up.

    Mecha Sonic charges at Espio.

    Espio jumps, but Mecha Sonic is too fast and catches him in mid air.

    "Charmy!" yells Espio.

    "Got him!" says Charmy.

    Charmy stings Mecha Sonic.

    Mecha Sonic blows up.

    "Success!" says Charmy.

    "What is going on! Our teammates are attacking us!" says Espio.

    "Dr. Eggman is up to no good again, and the rest of the team doesn't know!" says Charmy,

    "We have to warn them!" says Espio.

    They run after Sonic.

    "Sonic! Sonic!" yells Charmy.

    "They are too far away. I'll take hours if not days to catch up to them." says Espio.

    "Call Vector!" says Charmy.

    "Fine." says Espio.

    He takes out his walkie talkie.

    "Vector! This is Espio!" says Espio.

    "What?" says Vector thru the speaker.

    "Are the other teamates with you?" says Espio.

    "Knuckles is with me." says Vector.

    "Have you found any others, like Sonic or Shadow?" says Espio.

    "We found a hedgehog, he was white, said his name was Silver and was around with a cat named Blaze." says Vector.

    "Never heard of them." says Espio.

    "Me neither, it was quite a battle." says Vector.

    "You mean they are enemies?" says Espio.

    "Yeah, they tried to get our Sol Emerald!" says Knuckles.

    "Hey Knuckles!" says Charmy.

    "What could they want with our Sol Emeralds?" says Espio.

    "I dunno, but they said they could exchange them with the Chaos Emeralds." says Vector.

    "Did you believe them?" says Espio.

    "No." says Vector.

    "But what if they were telling the thruth?" says Espio.

    "You want us to give them the Sol Emerald?" asked Knuckles.

    "In exchange for a Chaos Emerald, yes!" says Espio.

    "But..." says Vector.

    "What?" says Espio.

    "We got an emerald from them." says Vector.

    "They had an emerald?" says Espio.

    "We had to duke it, but we got it." says Vector.

    "Then they must have more!" says Espio.

    "And we go after them?" says Knuckles.

    "Yeah, make a bargain." says Espio. "We need all of their Chaos Emeralds."

    "Very well." says Vector.

    He hungs up.

    "Hopefully that will prevent Dr. Eggman's plan from moving forward. He needs both of them!" says Espio.

    "You are great Espio!" says Charmy.

    "I know." says Espio.

    What will happen next? Find out on Sonic X!

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    episode 12

    eggman finds eggman nega walking around in the forest

    ''there you are''says eggman

    ''aw yes your the one with that skeem''says eggman nega


    ''ok then letsgo and make that bargin''syas knuckles

    ''hey there they are''says sonic

    ''hey guys whats up''says vector

    ''nothing much i see siloverandblaze.png image by jrerik95you found that master emerald and the chaos emerald too huh impessive''says sonic

    ''hey there are the rest''says vector

    ''wait sonic charmy and espio were spying on eggman and figured put that he is just plotting''says knuckles

    ''oh come on well atleast he didn't only trick you for the thousanth time'' says sonic

    ''good to see you are all ok''says shadow

    ''how cute i see you have figured out my plan'' says eggman

    '' well take it up with my robots and these 3''says eggman nega

    '' hmph nice to see you traders''says blaze

    ''trying to disturb piece in our land huh''says silver

    ''thas right mate, now lets....''

    ha enough with this nonsense syas shadow''with the seven chaos emralds here we can fight big right sonic''

    right shadow'' says sonicSuper Sonic and Super Shadow

    ''fine bring it on marine you lead the robots against the rest well take care those 2'' says silver''ready blaze

    '''ready'' says blaze

    with a super clash on the way what team will be victorious find out next time on sonic x!!!!!!! man i wish we could submit this to sega it would be awsome

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    I'm lost.
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    ok fthen eggman and eggman nega have contacted eachother and made this plan after he found now the have tricked blaze,marine and silver into thinking that sonic and the rest are here to disturb the peace and sonice all seven chaos and sol emeralds were together shadow and sonic turned super and blaze and silver went burning and are now ready to rumble. hope thathelps

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    Episode 13

    Sonic and Shadow turned super thanks to them having found all seven Chaos Emeralds!

    But Blaze and Silver also went super transformation thanks to the other Sol Emeralds!

    "You are going down Sonic and Shadow! I demand you to leave my world instantly!" says Blaze.

    "Not without our Sol Emeralds!" says Sonic.

    "Then you want a fight, you are going to get it!" says Silver.

    "Bring it on!" says Shadow.


    Sonic and Blaze charge at each other!


    Earthquakes rule the land.

    Silver and Shadow also charge at each other.


    The shockwave goes all around the world!

    "Hiyaaa!!" yells Sonic.

    He charges at Blaze!


    Major damage!

    Silver attacks Sonic!


    Major damage!

    Shadow charges at Silver!


    Huge explosion!

    "They are going to kill themselves!" says Amy.

    "Shield your eyes!" says Tails.

    Meanwhile....many miles away.

    "What is that noise?" says Dr. Eggman.

    "I don't know." says Eggman Nega.

    "Ah ha!" says Dr. Eggman. "My magnet is finished!"

    "Success!" says Eggman Nega.

    "Gmarail! Activate the magnet!" says Dr. Eggman.

    Gmarail turns on the magnet.

    Loud noise eminate from it.

    "Full power!" says Dr. Eggman.

    The magnet gets louder and light shines from it.

    "Perfect!" says Eggman Nega.

    "Now....CALL FORTH THE CHAOS AND SOL EMERALDS!!!!" says Dr. Eggman.

    Meanwhile...many miles away where they are fighting.

    "This is going nowhere!" says Silver.

    "Can't give up!" says Sonic.

    Suddenly, all four of them stop.

    "What happened?" says Shadow.

    "Something feels weird." says Blaze.

    Then suddenly all four of them are pulled toward Eggman's magnet!

    "AHHHHHHHHHH!!!" they yell.

    "Where are they going?" asks Cream.

    "I don't know. Let's follow them!" says Knuckles.

    They follow them.

    "I can't stop!!!!" says Blaze.

    "Me neither!" says Sonic.

    "Where are we going!?!" says Silver.

    "I don't know! Somebody is pulling us in!" says Shadow.

    They are being pulled toward the magnet at high speeds.

    "I see the emeralds coming." says Eggman Nega. "But there are only four of them."

    "Those aren't the emeralds, they are Super Sonic and Super Shadow and other two!" says Dr. Eggman.

    "Blaze and Silver!" says Eggman Nega.

    "They are being pulled into my magnet!" says Dr. Eggman. "Because they are in super form, they have the emeralds inside of them! They are being pulled in!"

    Super Sonic, Super Shadow, Burning Blaze, and Super Silver hit the magnet all at once.

    A big flash occurs.

    Thunder and lighting are everywhere.

    Huge earthquakes occur.

    "What is going on!?!" says Eggman Nega.

    "The Chaos Emeralds and the Sol Emeralds are merging together!" says Dr. Eggman. "And so are Sonic, Shadow, Blaze, and Silver!"

    "You mean..." says Eggman Nega.

    "They are becoming one." says Dr. Eggman.

    Another big flash occurs.

    The magnet blows up and Dr. Eggman and Eggman Nega are thrown sky high.

    When they land, they see a bright light coming where the magnet used to be.

    Dr. Eggman gets closer.

    "Nazo." says Dr. Eggman.

    It's Nazo! Sonic, Shadow, Blaze, and Silver have combined to form Nazo the Hedgehog, the most destructive force ever known? But will be good or evil? Find out next time on Sonic X!

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    episode 14

    it starts out where episde 13 left off

    who 's that''asks knucles

    ''were sonic and shadow''asks rouge

    ''''who's tha creepy looking hedgehog''asks an=my

    ''im scared amy''says cream

    ''what happened eggman''asks tails

    ''well since the emeralds were inside ogf them it caused them to merge togeher''says eggman nega

    ''wait a sec i bet there trapped inside him cause think about it if nazo is pure negativity then there is now way that thats them''says tails

    ''your right but if its true than that means the mater and severnt emeralds can force there to be positive energy and that will set them free.syas eggman

    lets do it but there is just one problem wheres the servent emerald''asks knuckles

    oh no blaze was wearing it when she was sucked in so there in so now there is no way to stop him''ssays eggman nega

    on no its going to terize the world we have to do something''says tails

    how i mean that thing is vicious.says rouge

    ''come back here you little'' said knuckles''knuckles no''yelled tails

    ''knuckles got blasted out of the sky''said tails

    ''now we know it powerful''said rouge wait thats it tis powerful but all we need is the master emerald

    knuckles you ok''asked eouge

    ''yeah''says knuckles

    here now tun those eneralds into super emeralds knuckles''says tails

    ''why''asks knuckles

    ''just do it''syas rouge

    ok''says knuckles

    whats happening to me ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh''says nazo


    what happened''says sonic

    ''sonic''says tails

    shadow''says rouge

    ''blaze and silver''says marine

    hey who 's that running a mock

    its nazo says tails

    hey where is eggman and nega asks knucles

    hahahahahahahahahahaha listen nazo i know you want revenge and you'll get it but in return you do exactly what we say'' said eggman

    ''ok its a deal''says nazo

    ''well the emeralds are back to normal''said knuckles

    well now we gota get them back '' says sonic

    we will show those creeps the ral super power of team work!!!!!!!!11111111

    19_fanart_sonic_heroes.jpg sonic heroes image by Jet_056

    hold on there what about us we will help too''says blaze

    alright then your in'' says sonicsonicheroes.jpg picture by jrerik95

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    Episode 15

    "WHERE IS CHAOS." says Nazo.

    "Chaos is not here my friend." says Dr. Eggman.

    "WHY." says Nazo.

    "He is not here. I will let you get revenge but not on Chaos." says Eggman Nega.


    "Chaos has been defeated already." says Dr. Eggman.

    "WHAT. BY WHO?" says Nazo.

    "By a small little furry hedgehog called Sonic." says Dr. Eggman.

    "SONIC?" says Nazo.

    "Yes. You saw him earlier." says Eggman Nega.

    Nazo felt his presence inside of him.

    "HE WAS INSIDE ME." says Nazo.

    "Yes. Briefly." says Dr. Eggman.

    "THEN I AM INSIDE OF HIM." says Nazo.

    "I don't get it." says Eggman Nega.

    "Stop it right there, Eggman...'s." says Sonic.

    Sonic and his friends sorrounded them.

    "Who is that and where are the Chaos and Sol emeralds?" says Sonic.

    "This my friend, is Sonic the Hedgehog." says Dr. Eggman.


    He raises his hand.

    Sonic raised his hand as well.

    "What?" says Sonic.

    "Wow. Nazo can control Sonic." says Eggman Nega.

    "What is going on?" says Sonic.


    Nazo twist his hands and smash it to the ground.

    Sonic is lifted in the air and smashed to the ground.

    "No way." says Sonic.

    "Sonic, the Chaos and Sol emeralds are inside him. He's made out of them." says Knuckles.

    "That's just great!" says Sonic sarcasticly.

    "Very good, Chaos!" says Dr. Eggman. "Now finish him."

    "GLADLY." says Nazo.

    "What?" says Sonic.

    "No way!" says Blaze.

    She charges at Nazo.


    Nazo loosens his grip and Sonic is released.

    "WHY YOU LITTLE." says Nazo.

    Nazo uses his hand and lifts Blaze in the air.



    Shadow and Silver attacks Nazo.

    Nazo recovers and raises both his hands.


    He lifts all four of them high in the air.

    "This is getting good." says Dr. Eggman.

    Nazo makes a motion with his hands.

    All four of them twirl around at high speeds.

    "I'm going to be sick!" says Silver.

    Nazo makes it faster, and faster, and faster!

    "We have to do something!" says Vector.

    All of them attack Nazo.

    "Whoa!" says Eggman Nega.

    Nazo gets pummeled and lets go of Sonic, Shadow, Blaze, and Silver.

    "WHAT IS GOING ON." says Nazo.

    He flies straight up in the air.


    "You gotta catch me first!" says Sonic.

    Nazo flies down at high speeds toward Sonic.

    Sonic starts running.

    "See if you can catch me!" says Sonic.

    Nazo speeds up.

    Sonic speeds up.

    Nazo speeds up.

    Sonic speeds up some more.

    "This guy is good." says Sonic.

    Both of them gain speed and more speed.

    "YOU WILL PAY!" says Nazo.

    "Yeah! With dirt!!!!" says Sonic.

    He accelerates to the speed of sound.

    Nazo accelerates at the speed of light!


    "No way!" says Sonic.

    Nazo goes faster than the speed of light and stops suddenly in the path of Sonic.

    "END OF THE ROAD." says Nazo.

    But before Sonic reaches Nazo, they hear a big bang.

    Sonic looks back.

    The dimensions are tearing apart where Nazo went thru!

    "What the?" says Sonic.


    Sonic jumps over Nazo.

    "WHAT." says Nazo.

    "Too bad!" says Sonic.


    "Oh yeah? Give me your best shot!" says Sonic.

    "DIMENSION CONTROL!" yells Nazo.

    The whole screen goes black.

    A big bang occurs.

    Rays of light go everywhere.

    The ground is split in millions of pieces.

    "AHHH!!!" yells Sonic.

    The whole screen is split in two.

    Sonic's dimension and Blaze's dimension are now merging together.

    "SAY HELLO TO MY NEW ZONE." says Nazo.

    Nazo waves his finger.

    The whole screen turns black and white and everything is in slow motion.

    Sonic is running as fast as a snail.

    Nazo walks up to him.


    Nazo points to the landscape.


    Nazo laughs.

    Nazo lifts his hand and throws Sonic all the way into the air.

    Nazo flies up there, catches him, and like a tennis ball, swings him down to the ground.



    Sonic tries to run away.

    But he is still in slow motion.

    Nazo walks after him.

    He laughs.


    He lifts a mountain to the air, and throws it to Sonic.

    But Nazo misses!

    Blaze has kicked Nazo on the leg!

    "You gotta go thru me first!" says Blaze.

    "YOU NEVER LEARN." says Nazo.

    Nazo freezes Blaze.

    "Blaze!" says Silver.

    Silver traps Nazo in a bubble shield.

    Nazo laughs.

    Nazo picks Silver up and makes him dance.

    Nazo laughs.

    He then throws him to the other side of the world.


    Shadow hits Nazo in the face.

    "HOW RUDE." says Nazo.

    Nazo inverts Shadow's colors and turns him white.

    "!!!!" says Shadow.

    Nazo sends Shadow 200 feet underground.

    "NOW TO FINISH THE JOB." says Nazo.

    He turns to Sonic.

    Nazo picks up the mountain again, and throws him to Sonic.

    "Got ya!" says Tails.

    Tails swoops in on the ship that they used to get here, the X Tornado, gets Sonic and gets out of the area before the moutain hits!

    "Thanks Tails." says Sonic.

    "No problem." says Tails.

    "We thought you were a goner." says Charmy.

    "Where's Shadow. Blaze. Silver?" says Sonic.

    "They are still over there." says Marine. "We can't save them now."

    "We need to!" says Sonic.

    "You are hurt Sonic." says Knuckles. "You need to rest."

    The X Tornado blasts out of there.

    Meanwhile on the ground.

    "Good job Nazo." says Dr. Eggman.

    "SONIC GOT AWAY." says Nazo.

    "Really?" says Dr. Eggman. "Where are they going to go? This whole dimension is controller by you, and they can't go back to their dimensions because they are part of this one."

    "Let them run. They can't hide." says Eggman Nega.

    Both of them have an evil laugh.

    Nazo fails to see the funny.

    "I WILL GET MY REVENGE." says Nazo.

    Find out what happens next on Sonic X!

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    ''so what are we going to about these 3''says eggman

    ''we use them as bait''says nazo

    ''what do you mean bait''says eggman nega

    ''i mean we trick them into givig us something and in exchange they can watch them die''says nazo

    ''and what would that item be nazo''says eggman

    ''the seven world rings''says nazo

    ''ive heard of them and they are in a storybook that sonic has with him but the problem is they only work in the story book''

    ''hahaha i know that but since i can create this dimension i can make them work here too''says nazo

    ''perfect lets go now''says eggman nega


    'sonic are you ok''says tails

    ''yeah im fine'''says sonic

    ''ow i feel so sore''says sonic

    ''i know but dont worry thsi should make you feel better''says tails

    ''well looks like my hoobby is on hold for now''says rouge

    ''this no time to discuss you crminal ways rouge''says knuckles

    ''thats right you are a bad person''says cream

    ''can we focus on thinking of a way to stop eggman''says tails

    ''hahahahahaha i heard my name''says eggman

    '''oh no hes here''says tails

    ''relax we come in peace''says eggman nega

    ''thats right we've cme to make a deal''says nazo

    ''ill give your pathtic friends back in exchange for the seven world rings''says nazo

    ''you got a deal nazo''says sonic

    ''hahahahahahahahahaaha''says nazo

    '''whats happening''says tailsPerfect Nazo

    ''at last my transformation is complete i am now perfect nazo''says perfect nazo

    ''alright now hand over those 3 ''says sonic

    ''hahahaha dnt think so''says perfect nazo

    then a huge bolt of llightining hits silver blaze and shadow

    ''nnooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo''says sonic

    ''s ss ssonic''saystails

    ''blazeBlazesilverSilver The HedgehogshadowShadow The Hedgehog

    ''hmm whats happening''says perfect nazo

    Dark Super Sonic''alrigttty then lets see what you got''says dark super sonic

    nazo throws an energy ball at sonic but he deflects it.

    ''what???????????????''says nazo

    sonic then charges at him an knocks him 50 miles away

    he want to for more untile

    ''sonic stop you will kill youself''says shadow

    ''we are ok so you can stop now''says blaze

    ''ya so cool it''says silver

    ''ya you right i started this now i mgoing to fininsh the jobsupersonic-1.jpg picture by jrerik95

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