Sonic X

Season 1 Episode 19

Ghost of the Old Castle, King Boom Boo

Aired Unknown Feb 07, 2004 on FOX
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Chris his mom is doing part of a play in an old castle. While Sonic is walking in the castle, all of the sudden, everything shakes all of the sudden. During the night when Lindsay is putting on her make-up, the mirror all of the sudden takes her alive. The gang goes about looking for her, when all of the sudden Ella is sucked into a wall. When trying to rescue her, Sonic and Tails are sucked in as well. Amy and Chris try and rescue everyone. They figure out that a stone has something to do with this.moreless

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  • When Lindsay, Sonic and friends disappear in a haunted castle, it's up to Chris and Amy to save them in this unusual episode.

    Like the previous episode, "Huge Shoot-out on the Savannah", "The Ghost of King Boom Boo in the Old Castle" places our characters in unfamiliar surroundings. This time, they're visiting an old castle where Chris' mum Lindsay is filming her latest movie. By the episode's end, Lindsay is still ignorant of the truth about Chris' new friends but this episode gives Amy a chance to shine, as well as being surprisingly chilling. The episode starts out well enough, but the first genuine shock comes about a third of the way through when Lindsay looks into a mirror and sees a possessed, ghost-like form of her own face looking back at her; it sounds cliché on paper but in the actual episode ends up being sort of freaky, given the show's usual demeanour anyway.

    It's not long before Cream, Cheese, Ella, Tails and Sonic also mysteriously vanish, and from this point on, the episode focuses around Chris and Amy. We see another side to Amy's love for Sonic when she breaks down after she thinks he's gone, and her willingness to trust his words when he tells her that he loves her (while in actuality, his voice has been stolen by the ghost of the title). The ghosts themselves manage to be creepy without being too frightening for young audiences, and the main boss King Boom Boo makes for a nice change from the endless slew of Eggman robots. Unfortunately the ghosts and King Boom Boo himself are never given any backstory or reason for their actions, but they're fun enemies so this can be overlooked. Throughout the episode hints are dropped as to how to prevent the ghosts from attacking using a strange talisman, and sadly, the audience figures out the easy-to-crack puzzle before Chris or any of the other characters do, but it did seem to offer an alternate way of defeating the enemy.

    Imagine my disappointment, therefore, when after being freed, Sonic grabs a power ring and takes out King Boom Boo with a one-hit K.O., just like he does in, you know, EVERY episode... It's a shame because aside from this, the episode had felt very fresh and original compared to previous stories. Additionally Chris had very little to do throughout the story, and despite a ton of set-up in earlier episodes his strained relationship with his mum is never explored or hinted at in any significant way. However, don't let that distract you from what is still a very good episode; one stand-out scene is in the final quarter where Amy is possessed by one of the ghosts, which is both funny and haunting, and there are plenty of other clever moments throughout. And of course, it's nice to take a break from Eggman being the bad guy, so that when he returns it feels all the more meaningful... All in all, this episode may have been filler, but it was good filler, and by featuring a story different from the usual line-up it stands out from the crowd.moreless
  • Just what I need to see in a 4Kids dub... CREEPY looks.

    I'm oh SO glad 4Kids did not remove such CREEPY stuff, like Amy's body formed by a ghost, and the ghost king sorta made Sonic's personality (and voice). I think some of you people who have seen the Japanese version of this episode before the English had feared all the scary stuff would be blown away. 4Kids prefer if everything's for kids. But I think they blew it. In my opinion, this is what the original Sonic voice actors liked, but what 4Kids HATED. Jason Griffith, to me, HATED the final English version, due to not eliminating all the scary stuff, which were too scary for children. Although there's still the 4Kids voice actors, just before the Ghost King (or whatever he is) appears, Sonic gets a different soul from time to time, which I kinda REALLY like. 4Kids........ last warning, if you voice these characters ONE more insty winsty time,... I.... the mighty DELIVEREE... will make you... Jason Griffith... sound exactly....

    (echoes) RYAN DRUMMOND!!!!!!!! (laughs evily)moreless
  • A great episode, with a Ghostbusters-like plot!

    OK, I've seen this one on Jetix UK, and I have to say that "Sonic's Scream Test" is pretty humourous, completely reminding me of Ghostbusters. Once the ghosts capture Sonic, Tails, Cream, Cheese, Ella, and Lindsey (Thorndyke's mom), that's when the fun really begins! Thorndyke and Amy going down the stairs resulting in Amy screaming after getting a tiny drip fo water on the back of her neck is priceless!

    You also gotta love the awesome fight scene of Sonic and Amy vs. King Boom Boo (who Knuckles fought in Sonic Adventure 2) and his many merry minions! And at the end, after our heroes escape, they are told a story about the castle's ghosts by a policeman.

    Now, since I've only seen the English version, which is a dead-on excellent translation of the original Japanese version, there are a few small changes in the dubbed English version of this episode:

    1.The hourglass, which has a crescent moon and star on it, has the star erased in the dub, likely because it bears a strong resemblance to the Crescent Star, a Muslim/Islamic symbol. However, it does look stupid later in the episode when the symbol bursts with light, and you see a star-shaped glow.

    2.Sonic's line "What happened? That was..." has become "I don't think this is part of the movie."

    3.A view of the castle grounds is cut from 8.5 to 6 seconds in the dub.

    4.Whilst filming the movie, Lindsey originally said "Dear! DEAR! Wait, don't leave!!" the dub changes this line to "Where will I go?! What will I do?!" This sounds like a total rip-off of the end of "Gone With The Wind"...not that I've seen that movie myself of course. And although a small change, the lover of the woman Lindsey's playing in the movie has his name changed from Ashier (original) to Brett (dub).

    5.Ella's line "I'm really tense!" has become "Chris asked for my autograph!"

    6.When they are filming inside the castle, Lindsey walks past King Boom Boo's room. One of the film crew (the sound guy) states that there is a "noise" causing a disturbance. In the original, you hear King Boom Boo growl every time she walks past, but in the dub, there *IS* no noise. Yet the sound guy still moans about a noise causing interference.

    7.The ghostly reflection of Lindsey in the mirror originally said "Chris!" in a kid's squeaky voice, but the dub one goes "Well hello there!" in a deep man's voice.

    8.Just before the ghosts come out of the wall, Cream originally said "What? What's the matter?" when Cheese got scared. In the dub, she simply says, "Did you hear something, Cheese?"

    9.When everyone is being sucked into the wall, after Sonic is taken in, Amy cries. In the original, she said "Sonic...Sonic...everyone...everyone." The dub simply changes it all to "Sonic..." Not exactly important, but a change nonetheless. ;)

    10.Just before Amy and Chris go underground, an 18-second scene with the police arriving and talking with the movie producers was cut. The sound director says "We mobilized our staff and searched for them all night, but we couldn't find anything!" One policeman says "Just as I thought...", and the sound director asks "What's 'just as you thought?' Was there ever a case like this before?", and that same policeman responds "Yeah."

    11.After Amy gets hit by a drip and screams, there was then a 7-second scene where Amy was holding onto Thorndyke, saying that she wanted to get her own apartment in Station Square. Amy says "I'd like to live on my own someday in a nice relaxing apartment in Station Square." (and the rest of the dialogue is not from a cut scene, but I'll list it anyway: "Even if it's small, I wouldn't mind. I want something to call "Amy's Kitchen"! Then I can cook.") This was cut in the dub. However, the end of the scene is kept in the dub, and Amy's line is changed to "Ghosts love it when you’re scared."

    12.Originally, when King Boom Boo was speaking through Sonic, you could hear Sonic's voice underneath King Boom Boo's speech. In the dub, this was changed to only King Boom Boo's voice. Not exactly a major sin, but it does make Amy seem EXTRA EXTRA stupid, because King Boom Boo sounds nothing like Sonic.

    13.After King Boom Boo was freed, he originally said (sarcastically of course), "I love you, Amy!" In the dub, he says "Thank you, Amy!"

    14.When one of the ghosts first possesses Amy, she originally said to Thorndyke, "I will let you become King Boom Boo's living sacrifice!!" In the dub, she says "Stop interfering with my plans, or you'll never leave this castle!" Also, possessed Amy originally had a super-high voice, whereas dub possessed Amy seems to get growlier.

    15.Originally, Sonic karate-chopped Amy in the neck to get the ghost out of her. This short scene was removed from the dub, done so little kids don't imitate it. It seems odd that in the dub, Sonic just appears behind Amy and *THAT* causes the ghost to come out...

    16.As Lindsey woke up, she originally said something along the lines of "Good morning, Chris!?" and Thorndyke said "Now's not the time to say good morning." This is replaced (rather well this time, might I add) in the dub with Lindsey asking "How was I in that take?" with Thorndyke replying with "This isn't a movie, Mom!"

    17.Lindsey originally said her feet ached. In the dub, she says that she should wear more comfortable shoes for an action scene. And when Sonic meets them on the stairs, in the dub he says "They (King Boom Boo and his goons) didn't stand a GHOST of a chance!" *retch*

    18.Now, for one confusing translation. Well, when Thorndyke slams the hourglass thing down in the dub, Amy and Sonic say that Thorndyke "messed up" by putting it with the moon side up. Originally, Sonic said it didn't matter which side was put facing up, because the ghosts were trapped either way. In the dub, it's VERY confusing, because you wonder why the ghosts aren't breaking free.

    For the above scene:

    Original Dialogue:

    Thorndyke: "Is it alright like that?"

    Sonic: "Don't mind!"

    Dub Dialogue:

    Thorndyke: "So I messed up?"

    Sonic: "Yeah, big time!"

    19.Finally, another thing. Right at the end, the policeman originally told everyone that his grandfather told him about the ghosts in the castle, but the dub has the policeman tell everyone a story about a guy who went into the castle and was never heard from again.

    In short, despite these changes in the dub, it's a really good episode, completely reminding you of Ghostbusters. All the regular voices were on form, and Lindsey's ignorance was put across very well.moreless
  • this episode was good i think.

    this episode was good even though it didn't have Rouge,Knuckles,and Eggman. so here Chris'mom is doing part of a play in an old castle. while Sonic is walking in the castle. everything shakes all of the sudden. when Lindsay go's missing the gang goes looking for her, all of the sudden Ella,Cream,and Cheese gets sucked in a wall. when trying to rescue them Sonic and Tail gets sucked in too. Amy and Chris must try and rescue them. they figure out that a stone has something to do with this. will they be able to save there friends?moreless
  • Good episode, but very weird

    I thought this episode was truly weird, but I did like it. Those ghosts kind of crepped me out with this ugly looking faces mind you. The plot was quite good, even though I'm no lover of Chris. This felt like an Amy episode to me, and I loved the part when Amy went crazy when the ghosts imatated Sonic's voice to get Amy to do what they wanted.

    Overall, it is very weird and like no other Sonic X episode, but it's goodmoreless
Maddie Blaustein

Maddie Blaustein

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