Sonic X

Season 1 Episode 52

Memories of the Wind

Aired Unknown Mar 26, 2005 on FOX
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In Sonic's World, everyone starts to worry (even Eggman) where Sonic is and if he's ever coming back. He appears in the nick of time to save a friend.
In Chris' world, many years have already passed, and, now grown up, Chris looks back on everything he's done for Sonic and the others and what they've done for him.moreless

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  • To all Sonic and Amy fans...This is your episode!

    This episode was what I thought to be a very special episode indeed. Though, mainly towards Sonic/Amy fans such as myself. This episode is defiantly very appealing and funny I might add, with Amy throwing her hammers (several of them) at Eggman's ship. We also get to see a bit of Knuckles and Rouge together, making it as if they liked each other. ^^ Then we see Sonic return as Super Sonic when Amy spots him, running to were they met at her house. The ending scene is beautiful with Amy practically telling Sonic that he's her life. The final scene plays out with Sonic giving a rose to Amy as the two give each other a playful hug. The music added in this episode was beautiful. I wish this would have been the real final episode. But…all in all, a wonderful episode I always enjoy.moreless
  • 10
    A very special episode indeed and very emotional. If you are a sonamy fan then this is a dream come true. This episode only takes place in Sonic's homeworld and there's no annoying Chris or other humans. It starts off with Eggman looking for Sonic, since he misses his rival, so he uses a loudspeaker on his ship to try and get Sonic's attention this disturbs Amy who is very upset without Sonic and she throws hammers at Eggman as he teases her. This is quite funny and touching and made me feel sorry Amy, if your not a huge Amy fan you may find the whole thing funny.

    Theres then a typical scene with Knuckles and Rouge fighting as usual which is also quite touching and funny.

    After been woken up by Eggman Tails attacks him in the X Tornado but Eggman fires a 'Tails seeking missile' just as it is about to hit Super Sonic appears and saves the day. This was fairly predictable but still made me smile.

    Everyone but Amy is asleep, who is looking out for Sonic, when she sees him fly past in the distance she can't believe it and runs towards him, she is so cute when she is running to her and I don't think anyone can dislike her here. She confronts Sonic out of breath and explains how worried she is, this was so touching especially when she started crying Amy is so adorable and for the first time ever in front of a Tv I even cried. Sonic then gives her a rose and tells her he won't ever leave her again, and in the Japanese version says 'I love you Amy'. Then you see them both sitting down on the floor as Amy hugs Sonic and starts kissing him while still crying. This is the cutest most adorable scene ive ever seen and it still makes me cry.

    In my opinion this should of been the end of the episode and would finish the series perfectly however it shows Chris when he's older working on a machine so he can see Sonic and has a flashback of their time together. To be honest I don't really care for Chris at all and find him annoying but this sets up the next series where he is slightly less pathetic.

    Overall this episode is in a league of its one and the most touching things I've ever seen. It made me cry and really gives you a good feeling for cute little Amy Rose. This is my favorite Sonic X episode ever and marks the end of the series excellently 10/10.moreless
  • Sonic/Amy fans, you're in for a treat!

    This is my review for the final episode of "Sonic X". This is the REAL final episode, because that's what it was meant to be. I was really excited to see such an episode that has a really nice ending to it. It is about what happened after all the characters (except Sonic) were teleported back to Mobius (which is the name of Sonic's planet, if you are really wise enough to know that). Dr. Eggman still wanted to conquer the planet and Amy was a tad upset about Sonic not returning back home. Tails fights Eggman and his robots onboard Eggman's newest ship made of all the parts of Eggman's previous ships (Eggfort, Eggfort 2, Egg Carrier), while Knuckles and Rouge start an argument that ends up in a fistfight between the two. Eggman then launchs a special heat-seeking missile that is about to blow up Tails, when Sonic arrives as Super Sonic and destroys the missile as well as Eggman's ship. When Sonic turns back to his normal self, Amy goes to him and tells him how she felt about Sonic being gone so long. Sonic then gives Amy a rose and promises he'll never abandon her again. Afterward, she hugs Sonic and cries happily (This is the scene that brought a tear to my eye, by the way). Then, on Earth, Chris and his friends are all grown up and they talk about all the stuff that happened when Sonic was with them (as well as a flashback scene of how Sonic returned to his home planet). This is one truly original episode that will never get old to watch. If you love Sonic and/or Amy, you'll enjoy every minute of it. It also has a bit of romance between Knuckles and Rouge, so it's an episode for fans of any Sonic character. Best... Episode... Ever!moreless
  • Pretty good Happy ending!

    I liked the show from the start it was a very intresting ending that is for sure. Pretty funny that Amy put a good hurt on eggman\'s ship. Very funny to watch knuckles and rougue were fighting each other. Seeing Sonic return as super sonic was cooll and seeing eggman destroying the ship and then amy saw her come to him. The ending was very sweet to me to see Amy go to sonic, then Sonic gives her a rose. Kinda sweet and cute to see them together. Finally Sonic does admit that he does like amy which made it a very happy ending.moreless
  • blah blah blah

    this was a funny epidsode. even though rouge and knuckles never admited to each other that they like each other, they make it so obvious. They have a hate-love relationship!!! xD The part that really cracked me up was the part when amy gotreally mad and cream and her mom closed all the windows and got really scared!!!! The other part was when amy threw her hammer at eggman\'s ship. Then eggaman and the robots started to tease amy becaz she lost her hammer. Then amyrevealed that she had more than just one hammer!!!! xD lolololololololol!!!!!! Then when tails was flying the x tronado, amy had already thrown over 20 hammers at eggman\'s ship!!!! lololololol and when knucles and rouge were fighting, they beat each other up so badly...moreless
Maddie Blaustein

Maddie Blaustein

Additional Voices

Jason Griffith

Jason Griffith

Sonic The Hedgehog, Shadow the Hedgehog

Ted Lewis (II)

Ted Lewis (II)

Nelson Thorndyke

Lisa Ortiz

Lisa Ortiz

Amy Rose

Rachael Lillis

Rachael Lillis


Jerry Lobozzo

Jerry Lobozzo

Chuck Thorndyke

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • Knuckles: " I guess none of us know how those time-warps work."

      Him and Rouge weren't fighting about time-warps in the first place. They were fighting to get more respect.

    • Throughout the episode Tails refers to his plane as "The X Tornado", however he had to leave that on Earth. The plane he is pilotting is the Tornado 2, which is upgraded by Chuck to the Hyper Tornado. There are is no "X" at all.

  • QUOTES (23)

    • Bocoe: What was that?!
      Decoe: I think something hit us!
      Bocoe: Hey! Who is the wiseguy that hammered our hull?!
      Eggman: There's something about that hammer that looks awfully familiar.
      Decoe: Amy!

    • Eggman: You better cool off, cupcake. We've got your hammer up here so you can't touch us!

    • Eggman: I finally invented the perfect weapon. No matter how hard you tried, you won't take that missile from your tail, Tails.

    • Amy: You creep!
      Eggman: Where's your boyfriend?!
      Bokkun: Don't tease us! He's mad at us already!
      Bocoe: That's because Sonic dumped her!
      Amy: I was not dumped!
      Eggman: Oh yeah? Then how come Sonic's hiding from you in another planet?

    • Decoe: (after Amy gets angry) Talk about fired up!
      Bocoe: She'll cook our goose!
      Decoe: Perhaps we should say we are sorry!
      Eggman: She's the one who's gonna be sorry if she messes with me!

    • Eggman: (just as Amy is about to attack) Don't strike me just because ya struck up with Sonic!

    • Eggman: Your favorite theme has returned; your King of Calamity, the awesome Dr. Eggman!

    • Eggman: Let's lead him into a trap. Follow me, Tails.
      Tails: Okay, but don't try anything funny!
      Eggman: Who, me?

    • Eggman: Tails didn't even wait for us to double-cross him!
      Decoe: That twerp is already one step ahead of you.
      Eggman: Alright, we'll just have to up the anti by triple-crossing him!

    • Super Sonic: Hi, Eggman, what's up?
      Eggman: Ah, you're finally here.
      Super Sonic: Ha! You won't be conquering this world, either.
      Eggman: That's what you think, Super Sap. If you dare to interfere with my plans, I'll squash you like a bug!
      (Super Sonic destroys the Grand Egg Imperial)

    • Decoe: Excuse me, doctor, but why do you have a smile on your face?
      Bokkun: You should be miserable. Sonic totally destroyed us.
      Eggman: It's not whether you win or lose, it's how you plot your revenge!
      Bokkun: We'll get even with him!

    • Tails: I'm grouchy when I don't get my sleep. I'll teach you not to wake me up, Eggman!
      Eggman: I won't rest until I track down Sonic and nobody else will either. So, if you wanna get back to sleep, then help me find that hedgehog.
      Tails: I'm never helping you!

    • Eggman: (to Amy, after attacking his Grand Egg Imperial with her hammer) Just because your boyfriend's not here, don't take it out on me!

    • Amy: Just tell me, that you love me!
      (Sonic gives a flower to Amy)
      (Japanese version)

    • Bocoe: (about Eggman dancing) How embarrasing!
      Bokkun: What dance is that?
      Decoe: I think it is called "the jerk".

    • Eggman: You better quit your foot-dragging and race to the rescue, Sonic, otherwise this world will have to face the music! (starts to dance)

    • Bokkun: I bet Sonic stayed in that other planet because he couldn't stand of you anymore!
      (Amy gets angry and Cream closes all the doors and windows of her house)
      Cream: Amy is a hot-head but now she's hot all over!

    • Amy: (Sobbing) I don't think I'm any happier than I am right now!

    • Amy: WELL?! Where WERE you!?!?

    • Decoe: You deserve a trophy for creative cruelty.

    • Knuckles: Gahh! What did you do that for?!
      Rouge: Hmph! Cause I don't like your attitude!

    • Eggman: I think Tails has learned his lesson. You can go ahead and recall the missile.
      Decoe: Uh, but how, doctor?
      Eggman: Just hit the recall button.
      Decoe: There is no recall button
      Eggman: You didn't install one?! Thanks to you, Tails really is going to be destroyed! With Sonic gone, I can't afford to lose another enemy!
      Decoe: Sorry, doctor!
      Bocoe: There is nothing we can do to save him now!

    • Amy: Don't you ever leave me again, Sonic the Hedgehog!
      Sonic: Don't worry. I never will!

  • NOTES (17)


    • Amy: Don't you ever leave me again, Sonic the Hedgehog!
      Sonic: Don't worry. I never will!

      This quote is like a spitting image of the quote in "ReBoot" in the episode, "End Prog," when Bob and Dot said:

      Dot: Don't ever leave me again?
      Bob: I promise.

      Coincidentally, they were both the season finales.

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