Sonic X

Season 1 Episode 16

On Sight! The Sunken Ship in Southern Sea

Aired Unknown Jan 17, 2004 on FOX
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Sonic, Tails, Amy, Cream, Cheese, and Chris discover that a Chaos Emerald is in the Ocean of a Motel, so they go on a vacation try to find a Chaos Emerald in the deep Ocean but it turns out that Eggman is under the sea, and ready to attack, trying to get the Chaos Emerald too.moreless

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  • The fourth Chaos Emerald has finally been located, but even a swimsuit-bearing Eggman can't save this episode from feeling a bit tired.

    If the last episode ("The Mobile Fortress Attacks") left you in any doubt as to whether Eggman was alive or not, then you've not been watching this series enough. Apparently, Eggman, Bocoe and Decoe have been sitting at the bottom of the ocean in their wrecked Egg Fort trying to repair it and being silent when navy submarines pass overhead on the lookout for them. While I can suspend disbelief with anything (especially an anime such as this), I had to wonder what sort of primitive detection methods the navy were using that prevented them from spotting the giant crashed Egg Fort and forced them to resort to these measures... hmm. Anyway, Sonic and his friends are given complimentary passports, pet licences, pilots licences and other documents by the government (and we later find out that the government is prepared to pay for anything Sonic requires, too), and they decide to exercise their new-found freedom by... going to the beach.

    Wait, didn't that happen in "Amy on the Beach", except without Sonic and Chris? Much of the opening half of this episode feels familiar, although thankfully it is broken up by an amusing fourth-wall breaking moment with Chris addressing the audience and having Sonic respond to it, lampshading how ridiculous these moments would sound in-universe. The plot of the episode from this point is that having located a fourth Chaos Emerald at the bottom of the ocean, Sonic must find a way to reach it before Eggman. This results in a few scenes with Sonic trying out snorkels and diving bells (which is a LITERAL bell, I might add... just where did Chris find that?!) until they have they decide to do the logical thing and buy scuba gear.

    The rest of the episode is quite predictable; Sonic and friends dive down to find an old shipwreck and lo and behold, the Chaos Emerald is there. Predictably, Eggman chooses that exact moment to show up and beat up Sonic with his latest robot; this could have been a good fight as Sonic is immediately at a disadvantage (being underwater), but sadly it ends in the same cheap way as previous Sonic battles (power ring + homing attack = one hit K.O.). Tanaka and Sam Speed show up to do their bit in the battle too, although one has to wonder where they get all of their gadgets - I know the Thorndykes are rich but they apparently have more high-tech vehicles and machinery than the government. There is also a fairly lame sub-plot surrounding the Character of the Week, the guy who sells Chris the scuba gear. He sets up the story behind the sunken ship, and at the end of the story it's revealed that he is a descendant of someone who sailed on it, but it feels like emotionless filler since the character is given no depth or meaning, and the shipwreck itself is never given any importance other than being the hiding place of the Chaos Emerald. Eggman also manages to repair his Egg Fort in time for the next episode, and there are some amusing scenes with him taking a "vacation" on its deck, but one can't ignore that the Chaos Emerald plot is quickly becoming tired and repetitive; the episode is fine and has some funny moments (including a running gag involving a crab who even manages to get his own eyecatch card) but it's nothing special, with some missed opportunities and a reused setting. However, it's still a bit of fun and the moments that it does have are memorable indeed.moreless
  • Sonic and friends go for a swim.

    Another episode review fresh out of the oven: "Depths Of Danger". This one had a real summer-feel to it, that and Thorndyke's many failed attempts to help Sonic look for a Chaos Emerald underwater. Now, here's the list of comparisons between the original Japanese version and the dubbed English version of this episode:

    1.The President thinking "I need a seaside holiday..." is not in the dub. Well, the scene is in the original, but there's no sound.

    2.When underwater, Eggman was originally nervous that he might be found. Somehow, the dub translates a worried grunt into a laugh...

    3.A scene with Amy picking up a knife and fork has been cut.

    4.The Cheese pet certificate scene has been cut entirely. Nuts.

    5.The words 'PASSPORT' and 'SOCIAL SECURITY' have been removed from all the documents.

    6.Amy's passport has had all the text wiped from it and replaced with grey blocks. This is a shame, because the original passport had its date of issue as April 6th, the day "Sonic X" began in Japan! ^^ Nice little reference there...

    7.The words 'SIGHT SEEING' have been removed from the cover of Amy's book. Inside the book, the words 'GRAND BLUE SAPPHIRE SEA' have been removed. Oddly, 4Kids still leave the awful grammar in the section below, and what seems to be some romaji on the right-hand page. Odd.

    8.When Thorndyke gives Sonic the hosepipe, he originally said "Is this really going to work alright?" In the dub, he says "I hope you're sticking the other end of this thing in a milkshake."

    9.Now, for the most stupid part. Thorndyke's sign "Good Kids - don't imitate this!" has been blanked (because it was originally in Japanese) and has not been replaced with any English text. 4Kids also blank the Sonic's sign "You mean I'm not a good kid?" It just looks a bit dumb in the dub, what with them holding up blank signs and all...

    10.When Thorndyke was holding the hosepipe, he was originally humming "Sonic Drive". In the dub, he makes no sound.

    11.FUNNY: The Crab was originally saying "Crab!" in Japanese. XD In the dub it just makes a noise. Adequate, but nowhere near as hilarious. ^^

    12.When Crab pinches Sonic's tail, Thorndyke originally said "Sonic? Oh, he came back." In the dub he says nothing.

    13.A third sign, "Don't imitate" is blanked when Thorndyke gets the bell. Sonic originally asked "Where did you find this?" In the dub he says "This is the most ding-a-ling thing I've ever heard!" Ack, pun!

    14.When Sonic gets stuck under the bell, he originally screamed like crazy. ^^ In the dub, he just shouts a bit.

    15.Sonic's HILARIOUS line "I thought I was gonna die..." has been changed to "Any more bight ideas?"

    16.The signs 'WELCOME' and 'OPEN' have been blanked.

    17.When Thorndyke talks about using scuba gear, Sonic originally said "Why didn't we do that in the first place?" In the dub, he just moans.

    18.A short front view of Amy holding a lifejacket in front of a mirror is cut.

    19.On the TV report, the words 'AFTERNOON NEWS' are removed.

    20.Bokkun's line "I'm back!" has been changed to "Love the bathing suit doc! Did you get that in prison?" Admittedly, this is mildly funny. ^^

    21.When Eggman sends Clurken (who keeps his name but not his number) after Sonic, he says "He's going to wish he never SAW the sea!" I don't remember the original dialogue, but I know it wasn't a pun. :P

    22.When Clurken is throwing Sonic around, he originally said "Hey, don't regard me as a toy!!" XD The dub changes this to "Hey, get your tentacle off of me!". Nowhere near as funny...

    23.Just like "The Last Resort", "Sonikku!" has been changed to "Put him down!" for lip-sync reasons.

    24.Sam Speed's new nickname "High Speed Big Wave" is not mentioned in the dub.

    25.Finally, 'NIGHT NEWS' is removed from the final news report.

    Geez, the blanking of the little signs was POINTLESS. Surely part of a dubbing company's job is to translate such text? Also, the beginning part with the passport scene was needlessly hacked up. Nevertheless, great episode.moreless
  • Sonic underwater!

    Another great episode and funny at times. The gang all figure out that there is a hidden Chaos Emerald underwater. Sonic of course doesn't plan on going down on water, but they all search for the emerald, and Eggman gets in the way of course. Chris discovers a legend about hidden treasure there also!

    NOTE: I need 100 words for this summary but I'm too lazy to do that, so I'm just going to type letters, don't read the rest of this okay.

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Maddie Blaustein

Maddie Blaustein

Additional Voices

Jason Griffith

Jason Griffith

Sonic The Hedgehog, Shadow the Hedgehog

Ted Lewis (II)

Ted Lewis (II)

Nelson Thorndyke

Lisa Ortiz

Lisa Ortiz

Amy Rose

Rachael Lillis

Rachael Lillis


Jerry Lobozzo

Jerry Lobozzo

Chuck Thorndyke

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